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Virginia Thomas

Position: Fourth Grade ELA Teacher
School: Cleveland Elementary School
School District: District of Columbia Public Schools
City, State: Northwest , DC

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Virginia Thomas was nominated by her colleague, Brianna Nargiso.

Ms. Thomas is dedicated to doing her part to end education inequity. She devotes everything she has to ensuring all of her students get the personal attention, care, and academic support they need.

"I have worked with Virginia for three years, and she has inspired me to pursue education policy in order to make the sufficient changes I wanted to see in school districts across the country," said Nargiso. "While working with her, she also encouraged me to continue after-school extracurricular programs I started. She always made sure I had adequate resources for my students, and if I needed any guidance, she would happily advise."

Now that education has switched to being via computer, Ms. Thomas has been in action mode more than ever! She has been keeping her students engaged and leading the afterschool staff to start a YouTube channel to facilitate learning and fun activities students can do at home. She is an all-star with a huge heart. Ms. Thomas empowers students by teaching them to embrace their individuality and never silence their voice. 

Ms. Thomas is a born leader who makes things happen. She is flexible, kind, and courageous, and she adheres to the ethical standards set for educators. She surpasses all expectations and continues to amaze her students and colleagues with her creativity and energy! Ms. Thomas loves her students and building community and family relationships.

"Virginia is a mentor, role model and a true Life Changer," said Nargiso.

Comments (5)

Lisa Tatiana Lee Posted over a year ago

I've had the privilege of Ms. Thomas in my life since she was a toddler. She was a loving, sweet, and determined child. I've watched her practice her violin with great discipline and pleasure under the watchful eye of her mother, who is also a teacher. Her mother was my teacher growing up and when I tell you that Ms. Thomas comes from greatness, I can say it with pride due to the fact that three generations of women in her family have either run some type of business or became successful in their own rite. She has always been a curious child so learning came natural to her. She enjoys sharing her gifts with others to help them to also become successful and to live their lives with purpose. With that said, she is truly, unequivocally, and very deserving of the Life Changer award.

Celestine T Jenkins Posted over a year ago

Congratulations on your well-deserved success!

Victoria M. Selby Posted over a year ago

I have known .Ms.Thomas since she was in preschool. She was always the student who was the teacher. Her dream has always been to become a teacher. Her personality of compassion and empathy, her dedication and leadership and her commitment to making sure her students receive a rigorious academic experience is her mission. When in a conversation with Ms. Thomas, her message is always geared towards her students well-being not only cognitively, but socially and emotionally as well.She is well deserving of this award.

Robin Keys Posted over a year ago

Virginia is an awesome teacher, who is passionate and dedicated individual. She is an awesome educator who is well loved by her students ,staff, and parents. She rocks

Carolyn Barnhardt Posted over a year ago

Virginia and I worked together for seven years. I am a retired Pre-K teacher and she was my assistant. We worked well together. The students loved Ms. Thomas. She had such a good rapport with them as well as with the parents. I could always count on her to take charge wherever and whenever it was needed. She was always included in the planning and did an amazing job with executing some of the plans. She was a loving, caring, and energetic assistant and the students always looked forward seeing and working with her. Virginia Thomas, most assuredly, should be the next Life Changer of the Year!!