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Margot Shaver

Position: Retiring First Grade Teacher
School: Laurel Elementary School
School District: Prince George's County Public Schools
City, State: Laurel, MD

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Margot Shaver was nominated by her colleague, Angela Tart.

Ms. Shaver is a trendsetter. She has managed to raised two children while going through a divorce and going to school full-time. She started in the school system as a nurse before deciding she wanted to go to school for teaching because of her love of children. Ms. Shaver also wanted to show her children that she may have been down from the divorce, but she would not stay down. Her ability to handle full-time school and being a mother to two children showed her tenacity in pursuing her dreams while showing her girls what a strong woman can do.

Ms. Shaver has worked in the same school for over 14 years. While she is scheduled to retire this June, she has already contacted personnel to become a substitute teacher. She loves her students and always manages to get involved with them outside of school. Many of her old students come back and want to hug her for the way she cared for them and genuinely poured into their lives. Many of her students have gone on to be productive citizens in society, and thus, they felt the need to come back and thank her.

"Every year, it's fascinating to watch Margot get the students to trust and rely on her for their learning, from the very challenging student, to the meek, shy student," said Tart.

Ms. Shaver has volunteered on many after-school activities, such as the school dance, rollerskating night, science fair, book fair, talent show, plays, and a plethora of activities hosted after hours. She is a team player who works well with everyone, from interns to the principal. In addition to her stellar verbal and written communication skills, she is an active listener who accepts feedback well. 

"Margot will leave Prince George's County Schools this year with the satisfaction that she has poured into several students who have become productive citizens," said Tart. "For that, our school system will lose an employee who was gracious, nurturing and loving!"

Comments (10)

Taniesa Tart Posted over a year ago

Oh Ms. Shaver! So so so many things I can say about her! She is the most sweetest, kind- hearted person I have ever met! She is definitely the voice of the children and strives and loves what she does! Ever since I met her she has been nothing but kind and so invested in the well being of my sister and I. Literally Prince Georges County is so lucky that she was employed and putting her touch on each and every child and adult she has came in contact! Thank You Ms. Shaver for everything you have instilled in me and the special and unique conversations we had. I will FOREVER cherish them

Nicole Parks Posted over a year ago

Margot is a compassionate educator that has dedicate her time and talent to educating the students at Laurel Elementary School. As a educator she has planted many of change. Her students adore her and are excited to come to school everyday. Her students show promising growth throughout the year through her gentleness and caring. She is definitely an excellent nominee for the LifeChanger award.

Katie Posted over a year ago

Mom, I know how hard you have worked for this. No one ever sees the grading, planning, constant struggle of a teacher and you have given your heart to your students-a gift that can never be paid back. Continue shining your light in your new Chapter and know how deeply you are loved. You deserve this!

Patricia Walker Posted over a year ago

Ms. Shaver's enthusiasm for reading is infectious. She put on plays and chorale readings with her students that allowed even the lowest students in her room to participate. This gave them courage and confidence in and out of the classroom. She truly built students up to allow them to grow. Her sunny disposition helped them see that there is at least one adult who cared about them and loved them unconditionally. Every child should have a person like Ms. Shaver in their corner.

Yvette Posted over a year ago

Margot Congratulations on your retirement. We have know each other for many years. You are a great mom and a great educator! Enjoy every mintue of your new journey! ?Yvette Custis

Jenifer McLaughlin Posted over a year ago

There are very few people that can walk into a room and radiate a warmth that is felt just by their presence. Margot, You are one of those few. You make others wants to do better, to be better. The world needs more people like you. I feel beyond blessed to call you my angel sister. ??

Jenn Yermal Posted over a year ago

So well written and a wonderful tribute to one of the best coworkers in our school! You will be sorely missed. I have always appreciated your smile, your positivity, your welcoming personality. Everyone was important to you and all were certainly welcome in your classroom. I have appreciated your kindness through the years. Congratulations on your retirement!!!?

Angela Posted over a year ago

I love Margot and her ability to nurture all kids coming through her classroom

Sara Posted over a year ago

Mrs.Shaver is a quite simply the most compassionate teacher I've ever met. She loves her students with a fierce passion and always strives to make an impact in their lives. She will certainly be missed!

Natalie Ziegler Posted over a year ago

Margot is a wonderful choice -she gives her heart and soul to her job.