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Pamela Streich

Position: Retiring District Administrator
School: Lake Mills Area School District
School District: Lake Mills Area School District
City, State: Lake Mills, WI

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Pam Streich was nominated by a parent, Zak Buth.

"Pam has proven herself time and again that making a positive difference in the lives all of students has been her number one priority," said Buth. "When my family and I moved to Lake Mills nearly 15 years ago, we first met Mrs. Streich as the principal of Lake Mills Elementary School. We moved to Lake Mills with 3 children - a son in fourth grade, a daughter in second grade, and a daughter in 4K. Our fourth child was born in Lake Mills shortly after we arrived in town. For us, taking our children from their current school was the biggest concern and worry about moving. Mrs. Streich played a big part in making a very comfortable, seamless transition for our family."

After a few years, Mrs. Streich became the principal of Lake Mills High School before serving as district administrator. She held the same level of care for students in each position. In Lake Mills, every student is equal and has the right to an education from a dedicated staff. Mrs Steich didn't just teach or preach this to the staff, students and parents. She lived it, and that spoke volumes.

In the various leadership positions she held, she exemplified how a leader should look and sound to every member of the community. The accolades for high standards of education at LMASD and the record achievements each year from its dedicated students can be traced back to her leadership and compassion. 

There is an old adage that no question is a dumb question. Mrs. Streich lived this principle and value by providing a nurturing experience where all students, regardless of race, ethnicity, religious belief, or background, were encouraged and allowed to ask questions. Students and parents' active participation in education, in partnership with the teachers and staff, was the only way to truly succeed in unity and harmony, which provided tremendous opportunity for growth for each student. Her adherence to a high moral and ethical code of conduct was greatly appreciated by every member of the community.

During the 2019-20 school year, Mrs. Streich has found herself in the middle of a bomb threat to her schools and COVID-19. She has handled in a way that could only be done by someone with a true care for students and a pure motive to see that they become our future.

"There is a saying in LMASD that 'It's a great day to be an L-Cat.' It gives homage to our school mascot while celebrating something good that has happened in our community, whether it be academic, athletic, service oriented or otherwise," said Buth. "This saying is shared by Mrs. Striech almost as frequently as a simple hello is offered, and it means so much more to us. It means we all are one, and we all represent one another."

"No one embodies what it is to be an L-Cat better than Mrs. Streich," said Buth. "She is our fearless, compassionate, dedicated district administrator and friend. As she heads off into the sunset to celebrate her retirement, she will leave a hole that will almost certainly have to be filled by all of us."

Comments (3)

Jenny McAdow Posted over a year ago

Zak nailed it! Ditto to everything he said! She is a wonderful advocate and ambassador for our students, public school system, and our community. Very compassionate and caring, yet mindful and very respected (and respectful) Best wishes to Pam in her retirement. Maybe she should run for president!

Natalie Raupp Posted over a year ago

We will miss you greatly. Thank you for caring for our district and children so well. I remember books and blankets at Prospect elementary when Luke was in 1st & 2nd grade (2013ish) and you read the book. You are wonderful! You have handled this crazy year with grace and calm. Thank you for making our kids feel safe.

Traci Eveland Posted over a year ago

We moved to Lake Mills in July of 2019. Prior to moving here we scheduled tours of the Lake Mills Highschool and Lakeside. During our visit we met several very nice and knowledgeable and helpful people. One of them was Pam she made me and my son Eddy feel so welcomed and that we would be well taken care of here in Lake Mills. After we walked out of the highschool Eddy my son said, “ Mom we do not have to go to the other tour. I want to go to school right here.” Everyone including Pam made his decision so easy. As we got adjusted to our new town and school you could clearly see this school had top notch leadership and the kids meant the world to her. She was at everything from sporting events multiple on the same day at times, horse shows, musicals, concerts you name Pam was there. Pam is going to be missed by the everyone in this community. In the short time we have been here she has made an impact on our family. We wish her the best in her retirement!