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Sunta Harris

Position: Social Studies Teacher
School: Dr. Henry A. Wise Jr. High School
School District: Prince George's County Public Schools
City, State: Upper Marlboro , MD

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Sunta Harris was nominated by an anonymous student.

Mrs. Harris exhibits professionalism and has a vast knowledge of the subjects she teaches. She looks for new, innovative ways to motivate her students on a continuous basis. Mrs. Harris goes the extra mile to encourage her students to take interest in their studies and to understand the impact it will have on their futures. She gives special attention to students who are in need of more help, but she never loses focuses on her other pupils.

Mrs. Harris continues to show enthusiasm while teaching her skills and showing her love for her students. She often encourages her students to strive for more in their oral dissertation and informal writing. She wants them to stretch their imaginations and examine, investigate, analyze, and scrutinize their writing techniques.

Mrs. Harris provides tutoring for her students during lunch. She works on Saturdays preparing the students for upcoming tests that will impact their quest for higher education. Mrs. Harris also chairs various after-school programs, including, but not limited to, Parent Teacher Association, Cheerleading, and Muse Machine.

"Mrs. Harris is a LifeChanger, and we should feel fortunate to have her teaching our children," said her nominator.

Comments (2)

Matt Egan Posted over a year ago

I am writing to endorse and fully recommend Sunta Dawson Harris as a powerful educator, mediator, and peer-mentor. A true Life-Changer! I had the fortune of collaborating with and learning from, Sunta as a lead Middle School teacher for six years as she helped create, teach, and lead our Horizons Greater Washington Middle School academic summer program. Her unwavering commitment to our students and their learning experiences was a driving force behind six successful, joy-filled years. Sunta tirelessly worked to support her students and empower them as change-agents in the community. Her classroom was filled with multiple self-reflective and community-building activities, simultaneously working to build writing and presenting skills. Sunta led student-centered curriculum and protocol planning sessions that nurtured collaboration across our middle school team which incorporated lead teachers like me, elective-course teachers, assistant-teachers, and administration. As a result of these meetings, the entire staff had a clear plan on how to support and challenge our students all summer. Sunta engaged our students and encouraged student-leadership in all aspects of our camp. This was abundantly clear in her classroom, as students worked to identify issues in the community and wrote letters and emails to various community-leaders and agencies with proposals. Her students were especially proud of their work writing and delivering speeches at a community event. Community, respect, and love are the basis for Sunta’s powerful reflections and restorative practices. She consistently approached scholars with these tenets, creating powerful relationships with her students, while helping them build relationships with themselves and their community. This deliberate community-based culture made her classroom a powerful learning environment and helped impact our weekly townhall meetings as students frequently shared their reflections and gave appreciation to others. Former students would frequently return and excitedly share their recent challenges and success. With confidence, I highly recommend Sunta Dawson Harris as a Life-Changer!

Justin Harris Posted over a year ago

Great teacher! Cares about all her students.