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Carolyn Slygh

Position: Retiring Biology Teacher / Department Chair
School: Seminole Ridge Community High School
School District: Palm Beach County School District
City, State: Westlake, FL

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Carolyn Slygh was nominated by her daughter, Lauren McKim.

Ms. Slygh has been a part of Seminole Ridge since before the school even opened. She designed her school's biotech program from scratch. It was the first of its kind in the state of Florida, and it has always drawn her school's strongest academic students. Students stay in the program because they love it so much.

"Lyn has long been one of the most respected science teachers in Palm Beach County," said Dr. James Campbell, Seminole Ridge principal. "I still remember attending a workshop one Saturday at Lake Worth High School when I was a young biology teacher. Lyn taught us about how she had her students performing DNA extractions. Today's students don't see it as a big deal, but it was unheard of 20 years ago. She was ahead of the curve as a teacher and remained that way throughout her entire career. In my 11 years on this campus as an administrator, I have never heard a single student or parent complaint about Lyn."

"We have all heard the quote about standing on the shoulders of giants. Lyn Slygh is truly someone I consider a giant in education," said Dr. Campbell. "I have enjoyed watching her in the classroom and will miss being able to call on her to provide sound advice that I could always trust to be in the best interest of students."

"My mother has been a LifeChanger with students and teachers alike, including myself," said McKim. "My mother is the reason I went into teaching as a career and am now working towards a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership. She has always loved her job and students. She had a true passion for her work. Watching this passion in her is what inspired me to continue my journey in education."

Comments (3)

Kari Forrest Posted over a year ago

I am Lyn Slygh’s oldest daughter, Kari. I have been so lucky, as the oldest, to have watched our mother’s career in education from start to finish. I have watched her change the lives of so many people with her passion for teaching. I remember the beginning when she taught ESOL classes and coached volleyball, tennis, swim team and I’m sure other’s I am forgetting. She has always been so genuinely invested in her students and every one she ever coached or even work with and she has never lost that. Their wins have been her wins and their losses her losses. I can remember watching her begin to ignite with interest in science and biology and then biotechnology. I remember her budgeting the biotech program with a smile on her face and a vibe of absolute excitement in the air on a road trip with the family to the Florida Keys when I was barely a teenager. She won the Dwyer award and made all so proud of her. Our Mom has also been a volunteer mounted police officer in addition to dedicating her career to education. She has always taught us to be community minded and accountable on all fronts. She has taught us through example that if you love what you do for a living you will never feel like you worked a day in your life and it’s certainly changed my life to have such an amazing mom. To know her is to love her and anyone who knows her can tell you that. It's been amazing to watch her affect so many others with her genuine love of science and her students. Bravo to job well done Mom, you make us so proud!

Jennifer Davis Posted over a year ago

I have worked with Lyn on science fair now for nearly 10 years. Her biotech program consistently produces students who are winners with their projects at the state and international level. She is a phenomenal mentor to young scientists and to other educators. She is definitely a life changer. Many of her students have gone on to successful careers in the sciences. Many of them remain in touch with her. I am sorry to see her go, but I wish her all the best in retirement.

Carn Aldoretta Posted over a year ago

It says a great deal about a teacher when her students loved her class even in the retirement year. No burn out in sight ... she continued my son’s love of science through her Biotech program. My son doesn’t say much about school and sometimes can even come off as aloof but he ALWAYS had wonderful things to say about Mrs. Slygh. He enjoyed everything about her class. I am thankful he was able to have her for at least one year!! Thank you!! A teacher like this should be a paid consultant for future teachers!!