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Yolonda Davis

Position: Office Manager
School: McCluer North High School
School District: Ferguson Florissant School District
City, State: Florissant , MO

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Yolonda Davis was nominated by her colleague and two-time LifeChanger of the Year nominee, David Arledge.

As the current Support Staff of the Year winner for the Ferguson-Florissant School District, Yolonda Davis is a proven LifeChanger. Mrs. Davis makes a difference in the lives of students on a daily basis, and she does it with a smile, a laugh, and a huge heart. Many of the students who attend McCluer North High School are students who would normally be considered “at risk.” McCluer North High School's population is made up of approximately 1600 students, all who are able to receive free or reduced lunch. Many students come from single parent households where their parent is working multiple jobs in order to make ends meet, and many of them are helping raise younger siblings out of necessity.

Mrs. Davis has the ability to develop quality relationships with students and gets to know kids individually. Each day, she makes a difference because of the time she has committed to making quality relationships. Students go to her, share issues with her, trust her and seek advice. This not only changes the way that the students act, but the way staff react to issues. Mrs. Davis has been a driving force in helping facilitate a change in the school culture. She is a positive light in what might otherwise be a very dim outlook for many students 

The school culture at McCluer North is that of a family. The teachers and staff have a bond, and they try to provide everything that kids need to be successful, both during and after high school. Mr. Arledge said that they call it "MN Strong." Mrs. Davis has been a strong force in changing the way that they do things at McCluer North. As the Office Manager, she is a part of the leadership team, and her input is not only valued, but integral to the strength of the school and the success of the students. Mrs. Davis embraces the utmost professionalism and adheres to the highest moral and ethical standards. She treats everyone with respect, regardless of whether they're a staff member, parent, student or the superintendent. Her mannerisms on the phone with parents are amazing, and she handles difficult situations with ease. One of her favorite quotes is, “Teamwork makes the Dream work,” and she lives this quote daily.

"Mrs. Davis is an amazing colleague and is an amazing member of the team. I would be on this phenomenal woman's team anywhere, anytime," Arledge said. "She makes everyone around her better and I am proud to call her not only a colleague, but a friend."

Comments (6)

Rajshree Musgray Posted over a year ago

My dear sister, Yolonda. You are all that people are saying and so much more. I know first hand of your compassion for those in need. God fearing and obedient to his will. If you could stretch your arms around the Earth to love on those who need it, I know you will. Your heart is pure and your love is boundless.

Ray Robinson Posted over a year ago

I'd my vote were to count, U whole heartedly give it to Mrs.Davis. I know her to be a cimpassionate woman of integrity. Well done my sister.

Sabrena Mayhan Posted over a year ago

I am Yolonda's mother. Many people will describe Yolonda as kind, loving and caring. I will add that she's is also a great wife and mother; daughter and sister. What differentiates Yolonda from my perspective is her obedience to God and sacrifice to her family and friends. After I relocated to VA years ago; Yolonda assisted my sisters and others in our family by assuming a significant role of looking after her ninety+ year old grandmother mother and two uncles with special needs. She also helped with her loving aunt (my sister) who was diagnosed with stage 4 throat cancer. All while working full-time as office manager at a local school. Never missing a beat with her immediate family as wife and mother. Yolonda never complained and always has a warm and beautiful smile (she came into this world with that smile). She warms my heart because she shows me that Faith with Works is what God expects of us. Her willingness to go above and beyond makes me Proud to be Yolonda Davis' mother. Sincerely, Sabrena Mayhan

Kim Harrison Posted over a year ago

I had the privilege of working with Ms. Davis for a year and I can say she is one of the best people in the world. We need more like her! She loves on these kids, counsels them, and help them find an alternative way. She is a bright light and an example of how we all should be.

Jamie Scott Posted over a year ago

Yolonda Davis is a rare and visible example of a 21st century professional woman who is a valued educator, a hands on parent, and an active member of her local, faith and school communities. Her ability to balance her many roles to students, colleagues, neighbors, family and friends is a comfort and inspiration to women all around her. Ms Davis is quick to extend her time, compassion and problem-solving skills to others in need. In the midst of a rapidly changing workplace with diminishing resources, Ms Davis provides leadership and encouragement to get the job done...right...with a smile regardless of the stressors around her. Yolonda Davis is a 4-dimensional "mover and shaker"; her positive impact raises expectations for quality education, widens others' appreciation for the richness of diversity in our school, deepens our bonds as community and shines a light towards our goals. She is a creative, clever, compassionate human being.

Kim Ausmer Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Yolonda!!! You are an amazing person! Glad others recognize the beautiful gift of love you share everyday!