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Stephanie Taylor

Position: Paraeducator / Learning Coach
School: Omak School District
School District: Omak School District
City, State: Olympia, WA

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Stephanie Taylor's nominator would like to remain anonymous.

Ms. Taylor is a para-educator and learning coach who works with international students through Education First, as well as local students. She goes above and beyond to provide outreach services to her students through weekend Zoom meetings and socially-distanced learning workshops for those who need hands-on learning.

Ms. Taylor has really stepped up during the pandemic to make sure no student feels left behind. She hosts "Talk Time" with international students to help them improve their English-speaking skills. Talk time is when American individuals have causal conversations with international students to help them build their vocabulary and become familiar with the words that they've already learned.

Ms. Taylor is an amazing leader who often demonstrated her leadership skills through giving campus tours and presentations regarding the programs being offered at the schools she would work within. She creates a nurturing atmosphere for all students by encouraging them to be themselves and making sure they feel welcomed through one-on-one workshops with the other students. She's honest and trustworthy, which allows students to confide in her regarding personal matters in their homes. This helps Ms. Taylor address her students' needs. During summer vacation, Ms. Taylor offers outreach services to low income students by taking them to go on hikes, as well as socially distanced events of no more than 10 people.

"I have never met someone so dedicated. She makes sure the saying, 'It takes a village to raise a child,' is more than just a saying," said her nominator.

Comments (5)

Lacey Greene Posted over a year ago

Stephanie has been an exceptional resource to the communities she’s engaged in. She is an active knowledge seeker and always seeks to keep connections between varying demographics of people open!

Steven Mccraney Posted over a year ago

Stephanie is such an amazing person who dedicates her time and efforts to helps those who are really in need. In her free time she provides disadvantaged youth with life skills, and opportunities to apply critical thinking within their everyday lives. Stephanie is the kind of leader that we need more of within communities, that are lacking cultural awareness for the disadvantaged populations.

Erica Cain Posted over a year ago

Stephanie Taylor is very decitacted to helping people and fighting injustice. Stephanie is always willing to lend a ear and give a helping hand. She is active in her community volunteering to help others. She is an inspiration to all fighting for equality.

Deshawn Bradford Posted over a year ago

Stephanie is a strong, determined woman who works hard at everything she does. Helping others is where she truly shines and doesn’t skip a beat when she is needed. She would be a wonderful recipient of the Lifechanger of the Year award.

Sandra P Brown Posted over a year ago

Stephanie Taylor is the most giving person I know, filled with lots of love and laughter but not only just those great traits she is a great Leader and teacher. She does not just help you she guides you and pushes you to be a better version of your self. She goes above just to make sure we as students make it to the top without failing but succeeding in every aspect. This person takes the whole cake and not just the slice because she gives her all, not just half because she wants us to have a better and brighter life that waits ahead of us. If its one person who deserves to be nominated its non other than miss Stephanie Taylor.