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David Morales

Position: ENLACE Teacher
School: Mayfield High School
School District: Las Cruces Public Schools
City, State: Las Cruces, NM

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David Morales was nominated by a colleague, Christopher Adams.

Mr. Morales is a LifeChanger because he creates a safe, caring, and engaging learning environment for his students. He gets to know his students and their families, listens to them, and goes to great lengths to find out what makes them tick. Students feel safe to be themselves in his classroom, where he works to create a family environment.

"He holds high expectations for all of his students. He inspires students to demand excellence of themselves, to become leaders, to serve others, and to make a difference in their schools and communities," Adams said. "David is a LifeChanger because he leads by example, and he walks the talk."

Teachers and students regularly drop by his classroom just to talk, to seek his advice because they know he will listen, and because he cares.

"David deserves this award because primarily, he does not do it for recognition or for 'awards,' but because he loves to teach, he loves his students, and wants more than anything to see his students successful, secure, and happy," Adams said.

Comments (88)

Peggy Raymond-Rubio Posted over a year ago

David is an inspiration to work with. He has true drive to be the best that he can be and gives his students and colleagues his best. He is a positive, dedicated professional who strives to bring innovation and vision to our school. He has a great sense of humor and leads the social studies department in such a way to include everyone like family. He is our go-to-guy!

Trinity Brown Posted over a year ago

Mr Morales is hands down one of the best teachers my daughter had. He was/is to this day there for his current and past students all they have to do is call and he will answer and be there to listen no matter what

Gloria Ortega Posted over a year ago

I've known Mr. Morales for many years. He has grown not only as a person but as a professional. He has helped so many kids by believing in them. He has been a great influence for many of them. I am so proud is him and proud to call him my friend.

Kelsei Brown Posted over a year ago

I had the privilege to be in just one of the many classes he taught, and I’d have to say it’s still one of my favorites. Going through my schooling career I always had a dream on what I wanted to do, but Morales pushed me to become the best possible student/person/ woman I could be. As I go through finishing up my nursing degree I always hear his voice in the back of my head “ Get knocked down 7 times but get back up 8. I always feared I wasn’t smart enough but with a little inspiration and the positive attitude he gives is indescribable. I’m so proud to have learned from this man.

Esmeralda Ibarra Posted over a year ago

This man is the best man that I have ever met. He helped me deal with hardships throughout my time of trying to figure out who I was. Without him I honestly don’t know what I would’ve done. He helped me see the world in a different way and made me realize that I always need to appreciate everything in life. “ It could be worse” is something he always told me and his hugs were so heart warming. This man truly is a life changer.

Karen Trujillo Posted over a year ago

David is an inspiration to many. He tells his story as a student who barely graduated from high school and went to work. When his wife returned to school, he was inspired to fornthe same and graduated at the top of his class. He chose to teach and coach. He is a lifeline to students who were just like him. He gives them vision, shows them options and speaks their truth. As THE 2016 NM Teacher of the Year, he spoke to future teachers, he travelled the world, he influenced policy. He took his message outside of his classroom and outside of NM. But in the end it is the 1000s of students he has touched directly. When I asked my son which teachers really cared about him and knew him as a person, Mr. Morales was the one he mentioned. So yes, he is a lifechanger.

Celeste Cardon Posted over a year ago

I came into high school freshmen year with D’s and F’s. Didn’t really care either. Until I met Mr. Morales. I graduated high school with straight A’s. He opened my eyes to how important education was, how far it will get me, and that it is the only thing that’s going to help me reach my goals. He was home away from home and opened my eyes to what was really important. And for that, I will always be thankful!

Lucia Carmona Posted over a year ago

This amazing teacher changed my son’s life forever. He walks his life and finishing his career weth pride of who he is. Thank you Maestro. We are grateful for that.

McKenna Keeley Posted over a year ago

I had the privilege to play soccer for Mr. Morales my freshman year of high school. No doubt, one of the best descisions I have ever made. I have heard him say many times how he loves his job as an ENLACE teacher and as a soccer coach and they are some of the most genuine words I have ever heard. He cares about his students and their future and will help them to accomplish their goals in life the best he possibly can. As a coach, he takes time to not only run practices every day, but also to motivate us to work as a unit and stay together as a family. He will never criticize us for making a mistake, but instead correct us so that we can become better at what we do every day. He shows dedication to his students as well, taking time out of his home life to stay at school late in order to help his students and run the soccer practices. I don’t THINK Mr. Morales has changed my life, I KNOW that he has been the absolute best life changer in my life and in others.

Evangeline Posted over a year ago

Morales is such a good person, he changes your mood quick he's a burst of light. He checks up on you not just for grades or making sure you did your school work but he just checks to see if your okay, or even just says something simple and tiny. The littlest things matter most to a lot of people. He's a great teacher and I'm glad I get to be in Enlace and I had him freshmen year for ss. He's helped me get my stuff together and I'm glad he's in my life I am currently half way with junior year. I believe morales should get this award because he changes a lot of students lives, believe it or not. He connects with us we are a family we break bread with each other. One quote from him he awlays says that stuck with me "you have to want it not need it" Thank you for everything you do!

Richard Holguin Posted over a year ago

Mr. Morales. "David" IS a life changer because he has been there. I've known Mr. Morales all of our adult lives. We grew up together. We know what it is to struggle. We know first hand what it takes to come up and be successful. After I retired from active duty, I had the pleasure of visiting one if his classes to speak with his students. The atmosphere in his classroom was preparing his students for success and he was leading by example. Conversations about life, the struggles that come with it helped show that when you set goals, prepare for the future, and set your sights on being successful, everything is possible. The respect the students showed towards him was very evident. He cares for each of his students and has a genuine interest in their lives. He not only impacts the lives of his students now, he has a enduring impact on all those that have had him in their lives, including me. Seeing him in that classroom was awesome. He is an educator, a teacher, a mentor, a friend.

Michael legarreta Posted over a year ago

Everyone that has met this man is always better off afterwards... Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do for me...

Juan Armijo Posted over a year ago

David has quietly changed the lives for the better for so many students and colleagues. He has made Mayfield High School, social studies teachers and his friends and family so proud. He is always there!

Suzanne Koty Posted over a year ago

David's leadership, optimism, and kind heart guide every choice he makes both professionally and personally. I have been honored to be in a cohort of State Teachers of the Year with him, and he has shown us what a caring person he is in so many ways. He has dedicated his life to serving others, and he does so with grace and humility.

Cathy Whitehead Posted over a year ago

David Morales is a LifeChanger because he believes in the power of education to change lives for the better. As soon as you meet David, you know who he is and what he stands for, and I've never met another person who is so joyfully alive and so passionately committed to making the world a better place, one student and one person at a time. I can't think of anyone more deserving of this award than David. He is devoted to his students, committed to his community, and dedicated to a profession that allows him to change lives every single day; he has certainly changed mine!

Catherine Posted over a year ago

Such a great teacher, such a great inspiration to kids. My son had him and was forever inspired by his class and the love for teaching. He showed the kids that they could do anything and became their friends. He's a great soccer coach as well, changing lives all the time with his motivation. You'll be forever changed if you meet him mm

Ecsguin Palacios Posted over a year ago

Let me ask you this who is David Morales? He is one of the few that believed in me when I didn’t even believe in myself. He was one of those who motivated me to be more than just another mexicano working a 9-5 job. Not only in school was he there for me but as a father figure something that meant a lot to me. That is the reason why I still go and visit this wonderful mentor. He has changed many students life’s and I was one of those who can say changed mine!

Logan Okita Posted over a year ago

I’ve never experienced David with his students, but if his passion in the classroom is anything like his passion in a group of educators, then this award describes David perfectly. I’m the last 10 months I’ve come to know him well although thousands of miles separated us most of the time. Through our participation in the NEA Foundation’s Global Learning Fellowship I watched how David instantly made everyone in the group feel respected, valued, and comfortable. Then this group of educators met again in Beijing where David was at a constant level Of positive energy and curiosity. When members were homesick, he cheered them up. When they were hesitant to try a food, he compared it to something delicious at home or tried his best to make us laugh while he sampled it first. David is the kind of teacher that I wish I had in high school.

Jean Russell Posted over a year ago

In our group of 56 State teachers of the year, David is a leader. He inspires, uplifts and organizes us. He cares for us deeply and treats us like family. Although we are spread all over the map, each and every one of us knows that if we find ourselves in New Mexico, we have a place where we are welcome. His enthusiasm and passion for teaching are inspirational, and his love for his students drives everything he does. What a blessing he is to each person that is fortunate enough to know him! With his infectious smile, positive attitude and giant-sized heart, he changes lives just by getting up in the morning. :)

Kelly Roberts Posted over a year ago

Mr. Morales is very unique and one of a kind I've never seen anyone like him and I'm glad he's apart of my life not only as a coach but a teacher and friend. He deserves the award because there's a place in his heart for every person he cares about.

Eina Rincon Posted over a year ago

I met Mr. Morales in 2009 I had New Mexico History with him. As I recall meeting him the first time, right away he knew who I was. Since my brother had just graduted from high school and also had his History and Enlace class. He was the first teacher that helped me to set goals in my life. Since I had a rough time at home during my high school years. I had no one at home to enforce me to go further in life, he sure did lead me in a good path. If it werent for him I would of probably dropped out of high school. I can say that thanks to him I graduated.

Richard Rosivach Posted over a year ago

David had a great impact on me this last summer during our NEA Global Fellowship. Personally, I was inspired by his energy and dedication to live every moment to the fullest. Professionally, his insights about teaching, especially being an advocate for undeserved students helped me be a more effective teacher for my students. Through that work, David changes more lives than he knows.

Christina Posted over a year ago

Anyone who is a part of ENLACE is something special, but not as special as Morales.

Scott Slechta Posted over a year ago

David, you elevate the profession, you inspire your colleagues and students, you personify all the positive qualities of a teacher. I am proud to know you!

Del Hansen Posted over a year ago

David Morales understands what true education and good teaching are all about. It is not about the accumulation of data from corporately created tests. It is all about making connections with students. It is all about the delicate balance between authority figure and positive role model. It is all about being both human and humane to your students. It is all about realizing education is a marathon and not a series of sprints. It is all about having a heart bigger than the number of hours in a day. David Morales is the very definition of a life changer.

Trica Willey Hazelton Posted over a year ago

My name is Trica Willey Hazelton, a retired special education teacher (24 years) from Mayfield High School. If a student on my caseload was placed in Mr. Morales' classroom, I knew that the student's IEP accommodations would be followed, and the student would receive excellent instruction in history/social studies while there. Often, I would visit his classroom to speak with him or my student to see how he/she was progressing in his classroom. I was treated with respect, and my questions answered well. As an inclusion teacher in science, I would encounter several of Mr. Morales' ENLACE students, who spoke of him highly as a mentor and teacher, who kept them in school instead of quitting.

Brianna Amis Posted over a year ago

David Morales has made a tremendous impact on my life not only in the classroom, but as well as the soccer field. I was lucky enough to have David as a coach for some years. I could depend on him to give me the hard criticism I needed to excel, but he also never forgot to remind me how well I was doing and progressing. He knew when I had my bad days, and would take the time to make sure I was okay or if he could help in any way. He genuinely cares about your well being and success. He gets to know you on a whole new level that not even you know existed. David is a leader, a mentor, a bit of a goof, but most importantly, a friend.

Wendy Alberson Posted over a year ago

Mr. Morales is a passionate teacher and patient friend. On the tough days, when the political climate is enough to cause me to consider giving up, David is the one I seek out to bring it all back to perspective. It’s the students. It’s the kids he remembers because regardless of their race, gender, or background, David has a way of seeing them, valuing them, and helping them to see that their future is worth the investment. He’s

Joe Garcia Posted over a year ago

David is truly and inspiration to many, including me. His attitude and sincerity go beyond the classroom. As a friend, teammate and opposing coach, he has inspired meto be the best at what I do. I’ve known David for well over 25 years and he has always been and continues to be someone that people want to be around. He will always be that person that others love to have in their lives. Whether it be in the classroom or on be field, David is a true example of greatness!

Jake Miller Posted over a year ago

David doesn’t just talk the talk, he walks the walk. He’s a life changing teacher because those types of individuals helped him rise up and confront the challenges in his life. As New Mexico’s State Teacher of the Year, he shows how he takes his game of changing kids’ lives to an unparalleled level, but the most important thing to him is and will always be making his students better citizens and people.

Christine Lacaze Posted over a year ago

You see the excitement,respect, and love that David has for his students on a daily basis;it is so honest and genuine! I am honored to be able to work and learn from this man!

Alec Greenwald Posted over a year ago

I’ll never forget coaching against Coach Morales when I coached girls soccer at Gadsden HS, and he coached at Mayfield. I was a new coach coaching a historically struggling team and he was a veteran coach, coaching a district power house. It was always a pleasure to coach against Morales because it was clear that while he wanted to win and wanted to push his girls, he had a profound love and respect for me as a coach,and my girls as student athletes. He was not out to demoralize a less superior team, but instead made intentional efforts to build my girls up through interactions during the heat of the game and afterwards. I’ll never forget one of my star defenders, Virginia Aguirre, breaking her ankle in one of our final games, and Coach was the first person on the field consoling her in Spanish, and checking in on us via text while we were in the emergency room. Coach Morales exemplifies the type of coach and educator that we want working with our kids. #LCOY

Isabel Cruz Posted over a year ago

I first met David a couple of years ago when my oldest daughter Laura joined Enlace. I have been a single parent and her dad is not involved so when she started attending the club it was nice to have a male role model in her life. He has been there pushing her when she needed a push and a warm fatherly hug to comfort her and a hi five to make her fell proud of her work. He was there for her and now I am honored to say that he is there for her sister Elizabeth. Laura is know a sophomore in college thanks to Mr. Morales encouraging her to keep on going and reaching her goals. Elizabeth met Morales on the field. She has played for Mayfield since her freshman year. He has encourage her to keep trying and this season she made captain. Elizabeth is now in Enlace and like for her sister he is there pushing her and I have seen the difference. She is pushing herself and is very proud of both of my girls. Thanks to Mr. Morales being the great teacher, person , human and great role model. Words can't give him justice on how much of an impact that man has made a difference in our lives.

Angelina Holguin-Dotson Posted over a year ago

It has been a pleasure working with and getting to know David Morales. He is the true representation of a Life Changer with everything he does. Specifically with how he works and supports his students and colleagues at school. The minute a student walks into David’s classroom, their life begins to change. He knows the importance of building relationships and connections with his students in order to enlist their trust in him and his teachings. He sets to build that rapport, respect and connection with a “welcome” and a handshake during the first encounter. His enthusiasm for his subject matter creates that “hook” for learning. Active learning and engagement is what happens daily in his classroom. He and his students are on stage at all times exchanging information, agreeing, disagreeing, laughing, and crying. Research says that optimal learning takes place for a student when they have that emotional connection. David creates that emotional connection with al his students and the true Life Changing takes place. David has earned respect from all his colleagues. He is genuine to the core but most of all he also cares for and respects his colleagues. He would do anything to make his colleagues feel good about where they work and what they do for kids daily. His smile and enthusiasm is contagious. His words of encouragement are a huge support for those in need of it. Two years ago he and the DIY committee at Mayfield transformed the upstairs lounge and created a “European cafe” atmosphere. David designed, painted and created a coffee bar that is quite a site. I am truly blessed to have witnessed this Life Changer at work.

Kevin Loranc Posted over a year ago

David is a dedicated teacher who is determined to make an impact in the lives of his students. The lessons he teaches them go beyond the classroom. He strives to help his students become better citizens and people.

Kim OByrne Posted over a year ago

David is a phenomenal teacher and life coach. He has made a positive impact in so many lives. He teaches holistically helping students become productive citizens while challenging them to be critical thinkers. He thinks and works outside of the box with a clear goal in mind. Proud to call him friend!

Sylvia Chavez Posted over a year ago

Awesome example of a teacher dedicated to inspiring and advocating for the youth of Las Cruces.

Clarissa Posted over a year ago

Mr. Morales was always my favorite teacher. He is a teacher and who cares, he doesn’t just give us a paper and hope we learn he actually takes pride in what he does and wants to know we come out of class knowing more than what we walked in knowing! He’s an amazing person inside and out!

SS. Posted over a year ago

Mr. David Morales is a LifeChanger because one day I walked into his class after being kicked out of my house the night before because I had come out as lesbian to my father, and he hugged me and told me, “You are safe here.” I will never ever forget Mr Morales. I have almost completed my first semester of college with a 4.0, and that is not something most kids can say, and I owe it all to Mr Morales. He is more caring, kind, and thoughtful than any single person that I have ever met in this lifetime, and is the true definition of a LifeChanger. Mr Morales is the LifeChanger of the Year.

Keana Triplett Posted over a year ago

David is a phenomenal teacher who builds relationships with students so learning is relevant and rigorous for them. He changes the course of his students’ future by empowering them to work hard so they can achieve more than they ever dreamed. I am a better teacher for knowing him!

Shawn Sheehan Posted over a year ago

You'd be hard-pressed to find an educator who cares more about students, their families, and the community he serves. Mr. Morales' impact goes far beyond the four walls of his classroom and as a fellow educator in the neighboring state of Texas, I can tell you he's one of the best in the country. Mr. Morales brings out the best in his students because he brings his very best classroom instruction each and every day!

Meghan Ables Posted over a year ago

David makes an impact in each person that crosses his path. His outlook on life, his way of building others up, and his unique life story that serves as an inspiration to so many. I admire him and respect him. He is a life changer--every day and every year. I can assure you he will spend the rest of his life changing lives and making the world a better place.

Ashley Preston Posted over a year ago

David is an amazing teacher and I was lucky to get to know him and learn from him!

Andrea Santos Posted over a year ago

David Morales is an accomplished educator who brings the light of knowledge, wisdom, and compassion to the classroom. He realizes that learning will not occur until caring, relationship, and community have been established, and it is his very nature to make that happen every year- in every class. It is his sense of empathy and authentic love for his fellow man and woman which transcends the curriculum and penetrates into the heart marrow of his students and his colleagues. He is a warrior of learning, a guardian of heritage and culture, and an advocate for those whose voices have been hidden or silenced. Mr. Morales is different- but it takes those who are different to make a difference. His difference is armed with the capacity to believe in the impossible and to fight for the right to be heard and recognized. It is his gift to help others discover and see the worth and beauty which lies within them. His attitude of positivity is contagious- he is a LifeChanger! What a blessing to have such an extraordinary teacher and advocate in our world today.

Marilyn Leyva Posted over a year ago

Thank you, Dr. Adams for nominating David Morales, a truly good man. It is so rewarding when someone is recognized for living a good and caring life.

Topher Kandik Posted over a year ago

I wish I would have nominated David Morales for this award. To know David's work is to realize how much impact one person can have on an individual and community. To know David and his story, is to know greatness. I cannot think of a more deserving individual. I cannot endorse an individual with any more confidence. David Morales is the very definition of a lifechanger. He started with himself and hasn't stopped since.

Alondra Sánchez Posted over a year ago

Mr. Morales is a life changer because he treats his students like if they where his own children .He wants each and one of his students to do great in life to go beyond limits to think farther to succeed in life . Not only does he teach his school subjects he also teaches the importance of having a school education and how every struggle through school at the end will have its reward .

Leanna Zubiate Posted over a year ago

Mr. Morales is such an amazing teacher and cares about all of his students and is there when you need him to listen to anything going on in your life. He is my favorite teacher and always will be he made such a big impact on my life and changed me for the better and helped me in many ways with school and pushed me to always do better.

Christine Marsh Posted over a year ago

David makes people feel valued, respected and loved,and in this way, he brings out the best in people. His beautiful influence on people is almost magic.

Kim Thomas Posted over a year ago

David radiates love to everyone!! He puts others first, and is the example of how to make the world a better place!!

Mairi Cooper Posted over a year ago

David is one of the most authentic and caring teachers that I have met. He would put his life on the line for his students. This concern for them is matched only by his knowledge of his content and his constanthoning of the craft of teaching. He changed lives, minds and hearts on a daily basis.

Brianna Valdespino Posted over a year ago

I had the privilege of having Mr. Morales as one of my teachers and I can honestly say he had a large impact on my life. He definitely deserves this award.

Natalie DiFusco-Funk Posted over a year ago

David is the most inclusive, uplifting person I’ve met. He brings people together and inspires those around him!

Leticia Ingram Posted over a year ago

David is an inspiration. He is a passionate teacher that has a huge heart for his students. He is one of my role models.

Susan Koch Posted over a year ago

David let’s his love for learning shine through in all he does. I am thrilled to support this nomination!

Melyssa Ferro Posted over a year ago

This guy is the real deal! Changing student lives every year!!

Karen Calderon Posted over a year ago

Mr.Morales is such a great teacher and he’s always there for all his students. No matter how long ago you were his student once his student always his student and he makes sure of it.

John Tierney Posted over a year ago

I had the pleasure of meeting David Morales as the Teacher of the Year from Nevada in 2016. The first face-to-face we talked kids, and we talked kids and needs a lot. David is one of the most passionate educators and people I have met in 33 years as a professional. His dedication to the needs of his student population is only matched by the size of his heart; huge. It is not so much he believes in himself, he believes in the power of his students to change and he is there to support the change happening. He has gone to the full limit for them and never has he asked for a thank you. His willingness to take on the emphasis on high stakes testing in a public forum is one of the reasons I retired to work full time on this effort in my state. David is a game changer, people changer and a changer for the positive only. Ask his students or me. We would all be willing to describe the postive changes David has made in our lives.

Tracy Lafreniere Posted over a year ago

David is the very definition of a life changer. He brings love, passion, and grace to his profession and to his daily interactions with students. He is more than deserving of this nomination.

Kelly Posted over a year ago

When you are in David's presence, there is never a doubt that he teaches with his whole heart. His passion, kindness, and determination are a source of inspiration for all teachers and students. He is without a doubt a life changer.

Korina Segoviano Posted over a year ago

Well what can I say about this wonderful teacher. Thanks to him I'm alive because he helped me thru my toughest time and same with my sister. My sister and I suffer from mental illness and in our culture that basically does not exist. Thanks to him I decided to pursue a carrier in psychology and educate my family and help others like me. I never thought I had a shot a higher education and I'm the 1st in more than 9 generations to actually go beyond elementry school, I actually got to go to college. This man really helped me reach out to higher limits, That I never knew it existed fpr people like me.

Elizabeth aguallo Posted over a year ago

Mr. Morales merece este reconocimiento a cambiando mi vida, mi forma de ver la vida la de mi hermano y mis amigos. Mas que un maestro al cual se le tiene que ver con respeto por ser autoridad es un amigo, un ejemplo a seguir. Por que? Por que sin interes alguno siempre esta ahi para escucharnos, para ayudarnos y no hablo economicamente sino moralmente lo que muchos maestros no lo pueden hacer ,sentarse preguntar como te va y ofrecer ayuda. El lo ha dado todo por nosotros los estudiantes recuerdo que me decia tienes que termina high school se la primera de tu familia en hacerlo y lo hice gracias a el our hero, puedo decirle Un futuro a mi hijo tienes que terminar high school por que yo lo hice . Siempre positivo , empujandonos hacer mejores personas para un futuro mejor , no veo ningun compañero que sea un fracaso en esta vida y mucho menos que haya escuchado los consejos de ese gran maestro, amigo ser humano , fuera maestro y alumnos el nos enseño a ser una family y la familia se ayuda, se quiere y siempre se esta ahi uno para el otro en los tiempos mas dificiles y los mas comodos y el siempre a estado ahi para cada uno de mis compañeros y hadta en mis tiempos mas dificiles, sin tener alguna necesidad. El sin duda es el mejor maestro, mas maestros deverian unirse a seguir este hermoso ejemplo de ayudarnos a nosotros los alumnos, a darnos la confianza de que nosotros SI PODEMOS ser alguien mejor . Felicidades Mr. Morales es un gran ejemplo a seguir todos estamos bendecidos con su dedicacion a ser un buen maestro y si ese era su sueño ya lo logro

Sandra Hall Posted over a year ago

LOVE-I met David almost two years ago when we were state teachers of the year. His spirit is incredibly uplifting. He teaches because he loves the students and the profession. All his awards are well deserved.

Stephanie Rivera Rodriguez Posted over a year ago

Mr. Morales is a teacher that no one would quite understand when you first encounter him. He laughs and jokes and makes you want to smile even when you think you've had a messed up day. Morales is someone you never want to disappoint because while others don't listen nor care he does both and so much more. When your in his class (any) you feel a connection with your classmates and him like you've never felt before. You feel safe and secure. Your not as worried as you were before walking into the class. You can go to him for everything and he will treat you like a father. He will strive to make sure every student is okay and if they need help, he will help. Honestly without morales in my life I honestly don't know how I would've made it this far. He would check in on me while I was on deployment making sure I didnt lose myself. Morales cares and is more than a teacher. He will do anything for his students. For his family. Because thats what we all are and thats because of morales. He created a safe zone for us all and we are all family. I love you!!!!

Rick Joseph Posted over a year ago

David is a dynamic teacher leader who radiates extraordinary joy and passion. His dedication to people and their potential is what sets him apart as an outstanding educator. David empowers and uplifts people. He sees their true potential. He looks beyond their faults and helps elevate them to their highest and best self. I can think of no finer nominee for the Lifechanger of the Year award.

Anna Morris Posted over a year ago

When I was at my lowest and going through such a hard time, my friend David—with his boundless love and compassion— lifted me up. His advice became a sounding board for me, as it has been to many others. David listens, cares, and inspires. He doesn’t just see the good in the world...he IS the good in the world. Way to shine, David.

Kelly Posted over a year ago

When you are in David's presence, there is never a doubt that he teaches with his whole heart. His passion, kindness, and determination are a source of inspiration for all teachers and students. He is without a doubt a life changer.

Anissa Torres Posted over a year ago

Mr. Morales as I call him or coach, is the most hard working, dedicated, goofy, strong, intelligent, dependable, friendliest person I know. He pushes me to do great in school and on the field. I can always count on him if I need help. He is also a fantastic teacher.

Thalia K. Posted over a year ago

Mr. Morales is the most involved teacher I know! He engages his students and pushes us to be the best we can be. He is always there when we need him and we can count on him for anything! He definitely deserves this award for being a life changer because I know for sure that he changed mine.

Stephanie Tarango Posted over a year ago

Morales holds high expectations & loves ALL his students & wants to see them succeed, he really deserves this award along with many others!

Briana valdez Posted over a year ago

I believe morales deserves this award. Morales changed my life by always being a supporter and getting me ready to take on the world head on. He does this is a caring, firm, safe environment.

Rosario Moctezuma Posted over a year ago

Mr. Morales is more than a teacher to many students. He is like a father to us. In his ENLACE class we were not only friends but we learned to become 1team and that is why we call ourselves FAMILIA. He has helped me in so many ways where not only did he push me to start college but he motivated me to graduated from New Mexico State University. It took me 6long years but I got 3degrees. In those 6years there were many times where all I wanted to do was to give up and drop everything but there was that voice in my head that kept me from dropping out. That voice that kept telling me 'You Can Do It' and yes its true you CAN do it. Thank you so much for teaching us (new/old students) that anything is possible when you set your mind to it. Thank you for planting a special seed in my mind and to this day, 10/11years later, it is still fresh in my mind. Love ya Morales and miss you. I miss being in your class.

Giovana Ruiz Posted over a year ago

I am a current student of Mr. Morales and all I can say is that there is no person more deserving of this award than he is . Mr. Morales encourages his students everyday and supports his students with anything they do . I have never felt more motivated to succeed in school than I do now because of him . My grades have been they’ve ever been and I strive to get so better to get into college. Not only does he make learning enjoyable , he makes his classroom a safe environment for all of his students. I as well as many of my other classmates feel we can go to him for anything because we trust him and we know most importantly that he cares. When I first walked into his Enlace class my sophomore year I didn’t know what I was getting myself into , but now halfway through my junior year I am so glad I stayed because I received so much more than I expected. His class gave me the opportunity to meet all kinds of people who I otherwise wouldn’t have given the time of day to meet. While in Mr.Morales class I gained a greater knowledge of life , a better view on education, new friends , an amazing teacher who loves what he does , and most importantly a FAMILY.

Alondra Sánchez Posted over a year ago

Mr. Morales is a life changer because he treats his students like if they where his own children .He wants each and one of his students to do great in life to go beyond limits to think farther to succeed in life . Not only does he teach his school subjects he also teaches the importance of having a school education and how every struggle through school at the end will have its reward .

Brittney Olivas Posted over a year ago

I was David Morales' student all through high school. I started my freshman year with him in the class NM History and ended my senior year with him as an ENLACERA. Mr. Morales has done so much not for me, but for everyone as a whole. He was not just any teacher, he treated you like his own kid. I still remember those words he told me the first day I was in his class, "Once you walk through that door, you're mine." As time passed I realized that he really meant it. And the more time flew I realized Im not only his kid, Im someone he is changing. Before I was never really a big fan of school. I had good grades and terrific attendance. However, I really did not see the point in that. He changed my whole perspective on that thought. It's not so much that I'm going to use this material, but more like this material will take me a step closer to where I want to be. Now that I am in college I am forever grateful on Mr. Morales changing my perspective. No, I don't use the material I learned in grade school. But, it got me a step closer. And each step I take I will always have his voice in the back of my head, "Once you walk through that door, you're mine." Which comforts me because college is not the easiest thing in the world. However, when things get rough and unbearable, I know where to go to.

Crystal escamilla Posted over a year ago

He really deserves this award, he helps every kid in the school whether they know him or not

Marc venegas Posted over a year ago

Without this man showing me the possibilities and the doors that are open, I wouldn't be looking at my high school diploma right now. I reached a point where nothing mattered to me. Morales was a big part in bringing me back.

Ameris Crespin Posted over a year ago

I believe he deserves this award, he does so much for others. Do you ever get that feeling where you feel a little lost? Well he is like a compass helps you find your way.

Laura Lopez Posted over a year ago

Mr. Morales deserves this award for many reasons! He is the definition of a good teacher. A teacher who will not only mentor you but will always be there for you like if he was part of your family. Go Morales!

Alma Olivas Posted over a year ago

I was in Enlace class with Mr. David Morales for two semesters. I have to say that he was very inspiring and always wanted the best for me and classmates. We were a family, we got to know everyone's name and learned part of their stories. We were thought to help each other and to support each other. He always made us feel welcomed and at peace when we walked in the classroom. There was always something new and interesting to learn. "The Future" was always somthing we talked about, he wanted to hear about our dreams and pushed us to make them come true. Even now that I have been out of school and moved states, I had the chance to see him last year in Portland, Oregon. I had no idea what he was doing work wise, and I drove 1 hour just to see a little part of the family he became to me. He introduced me to all of these important people that I had no idea of who they were and I became part of something so big. I was very inspired when I saw him up on stage talking about how all teachers could help their students to succeed. I was even used as an example of it because I drove all the way just to say hello to him and ended up being part of the journey. David Morales is a great inspiring example to all of the students that had been part of tho Enlace community.

Olyvia Nunez Posted over a year ago

David Morales is a great candidate for this award. He turns his classroom into a family environment for everyone who enters. He takes the time to listen and make you feel as though you matter. He is a father figure and role model for everyone. He would be perfect for this award.

Justin Perez Posted over a year ago

Mr. Morales is an inspiration. He has always been the one you could go to if you needed anything. He is supportive, kind and is the most genuine person I know.

Zoe Posted over a year ago

Congrats on the nomination. I feel that you are a life changer. Your job as a teacher has helped students like me push forward on our journey. You push us to go to college, etc. Overall I feel like you deserve an award like this one. Thank you for being a life changer!

Cesar Mendoza Posted over a year ago

Mr. Morales is an extraordinary person. He's helped me, countless times, hes changed my life whether hes knows it or not. Hes been a great person to me, Im thankful for having him in my life

Lucinda Posted over a year ago

David Morales has been a mentor in my life all 4 of my highschool years. He is an incredible soccer and an even more amazing teacher. He has helped me and talked me through low times in my life and has walked with me through high times. He's a father figure to all students and players and I don't know a man who would deserve this more

Annalysia E. Posted over a year ago

morales is dope as heck and deserves this award more than anyone i know. he accepts all of us no matter how weird we can be and how damaged we are. he is someone i can cry to and not feel ashamed about my problems. he’s someone that realizes that his students have it worse than him and he empathizes with us. he hates awards so i really hope he get this.

Miriam Clark Posted over a year ago

I met this teacher my freshman year after switching to a school where I didn't know anyone. He has helped me and so many others in ways that many people could never accomplish. Morales is the type of person to push you to succeed and help you along the way. He takes care of you and is there for you when you need him. He accepts you. His personality is remarkable and impacts everyone he comes into contact with. I have never met a person who has the ability to changed lives the way he has.

Mcihaela Bradley Posted over a year ago

Mr. Morales has helped shape me into who I am today. He’s shown me how to have good character, and to take the most out of every experience you can endure. That opportunities that I’ve come across wouldn’t have even been a thought if he hadn’t thought me to push myself to get to where I want to be. He’s shown me how to be successful but be happy with what I’m doing at the same time. And I believe that knowledge will help me throughout life.