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Cindy Hoops

Position: Guidance Secretary
School: Davidson Fine Arts Magnet School
School District: Richmond County School System
City, State: Augusta, GA

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Cindy Hoops was nominated by her principal, Renee Kelly.

Mrs. Hoops is involved in every aspect of her school. She is not just a guidance secretary - she is a champion for the school. She tries to help students, parents, and faculty in any way she can. Mrs. Hoops comes in early, stays late, and even works on the weekends to make sure everything is ready for the students and staff. If the guidance counselor is not in, Mrs. Hoops makes sure that students are taken care of. Students call her over the summer to help them with college research. She even prints additional transcripts for them and opens the school to get them what they need. She is a mother, nurse, snack supplier, hug giver, and general cheerleader for all. 

Students from all over the country audition to get accepted into her school. Mrs. Hoops has taken on a leadership role for auditions and handles parent communication, answering calls and providing information. Parents often bring her gifts for being so helpful, coupled with a big giant hug.

"We had a family of four who said that Mrs. Hoops made everything easy, and that she was always there to answer questions and help them through the process," Kelly said.

Mrs. Hoops stays involved with the students outside of school. She is the middle school golf coach and is also on the leadership team, school council, and PTO Board. She has also handled all construction issues at her school, as she has expertise in that area. Mrs. Hoops coordinates the Governor's Honors Program for the school and makes sure teachers are submitting their nominations. She double checks everything; she does not want a child to miss an opportunity because of someone not meeting a deadline. 

"Personally, I tease Mrs. Hoops about always being out of her lane," Kelly said. "Seriously, thank goodness she has such a big heart. She is a behind the scenes person and does not do anything for the glory. She is definitely a LifeChanger and a school enthusiast!"