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Madaline Chilcutt

Position: Fourth Grade Teacher
School: Bell View Elementary School
School District: Canyons
City, State: Sandy, UT

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Madaline Chilcutt was nominated by her principal, Chanci Loran.

Ms. Chilcutt is an amazing teacher who inspires her colleagues to be better. She is a highly effective educator who brings high expectations to her classroom and works to create a positive learning environment. She is successful because she aptly pre-corrects students so they know well in advance what her expectations are for them. 

"Students want to do their best while learning in her classroom. Madaline is an exemplary educator to the other teachers in our school and district," Loran said. 

She is a member of her school’s leadership team and regularly models lessons for teachers within her school and across the district. She teaches the core standards using a variety of evidence-based teaching techniques to promote student engagement, learning and communications. Ms. Chilcutt also welcomes feedback from her colleagues and administrators, knowing it will continue to impact her teaching.

She provides her students with meaningful opportunities to engage in higher level thinking and solve applied problems using academic skills such as analyzing, synthesizing and decision making. She designs, adapts, and delivers challenging learning experiences based on her students’ strengths and needs. Ms. Chilcutt makes connections to purposefully engage students. She also uses effective feedback practices to help promote quality student work. 

Ms. Chilcutt actively investigates new ideas to improve her teaching techniques. She independently and collaboratively uses assessment data to document student progress. As a direct result of her teaching, her class scored 79 percent proficient on the state’s end of level math assessments. 

"She is making a difference every day in our school and students’ success!" Loran said.

Comments (9)

Karla Bennett Posted over a year ago

Madeline Chilcutt is a amazing teacher. She puts her students needs in all that she does. My children that had her for a teacher truly became better students because she was vested in their success. She made them belief that they could succeed if they would but try. Our school is lucky to have her on our staff. She truly is a life changer. And she deserves to be recognized for her dedicated service.

glenna wilson Posted over a year ago

You would have my vote to receive this award. You are qualified in every way. You are an outstanding educator and lady!! I miss fourth grade! Good luck.

Kathy Booth Posted over a year ago

I feel very fortunate to learn and work with Madaline Chilcutt. She definitely played a role in changing my life as an educator, which I will always be grateful for. If it wasn’t for Madaline and a couple of others I wouldn’t be the teacher I am. I have had the privilege of working with her for the past 10 years and seen her impact the lives of so many from students to colleagues, friends, and family. Mrs. Chilcutt creates a structured academic, fun, positive learning environment for her students. She is passionate about teaching and continually works to help her students be successful in all that they do. I have seen her change the life’s of her students for the better and help to make our school the best it can be! She is definitely very deserving of this award!

Cathryn Ford Posted over a year ago

I love Mrs. Chilcutt! She is my neighbor and friend. She is always smiling and helpful and kind. I’m glad to see her recognized for her wise, educated, kind and caring work with students.

PJ Giles Posted over a year ago

Ms. Chilcutt is an awesome teacher and I have seen her make a difference in the lives of her students and co-workers. She is compassionate about teaching and keeping her students engaged with learning. She integrates technology into her teaching practices and works hard to earn technology through grants. She shares her ideas openly with other teachers and continually reflects on her teaching and how to improve her practice. She is a giving and caring teacher. She loves her students and does everything she can to help them improve and be successful in their learning.

Jen Buttars Posted over a year ago

Madaline exemplifies great teaching. She is especially skilled at teaching her students how to have structured academic discussions. To spend time in her classroom is like watching a master class.

Jen Bagley Posted over a year ago

Madaline is not only a superior teacher academically, she is a kind, caring, and amazingly fun teacher! She is always the first one to recognize a need that her students may have and she is immediately searching for a solution. She actively participates in all assemblies and runs and dances during our jog a thon which is so fun for the kids to see their teacher in a different dynamic. Her positive attitude is contagious. There is no way to measure the impact she has had on all of the students that have been fortunate to come across her in all her years of teaching, but this award would be a well deserved acknowledgement of that. Madaline Chilcutt is a "life-changer".

Becky Morgna Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Chilcutt is not only an amazing teacher, she is a supportive colleague. She continually seeks to implement new and better teaching methods and inspires others do the same.

Brandie Dyson Posted over a year ago

Madeline is an amazing teacher and is someone that I look up to. There's no question that she is very deserving of this award.