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Jodi Rueschhoff

Position: Enrollment Secretary
School: Parmalee Elementary
School District: Jefferson County Public Schools
City, State: Indian Hills, CO

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Jodi Rueschhoff was nominated by an anonymous colleague. Ms. Rueschhoff is an amazing LifeChanger and secretary!

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Jenna Rowland Posted over a year ago

Jodi is most certainly that bright and shiny star in this world. She acknowledges everyone that she encounters and greets everyone with the biggest smile. She looks you straight in the eye when she speaks and you know she is genuine and cares about you, your children and family. She is one of those people where you leave the conversation with a smile on your face striving to be a better person. Congratulations Jodi, very well deserved!

Beverley Harper Tinsley Posted over a year ago

In a hectic, busy chaotic environment, it is a surprise when the person managing the potential chaos really listens to you. That is Jodi Rueschoff. Her attentive, caring, good natured, contagious joy makes each and every person she encounters feel unique and fully acknowledged. To my family, she is the heart of the school, so warm. She knows everybody, and their story, literally. She makes my daughter feel like the most special person in the world. She organizes, solves problems, gets things done, and has the magical ability to remain calm and make it all look easy. Whether I'm there to help out at the school or to address a challenge, I always leave the office feeling happier than when I entered. Her compassion and sincerity resonate throughout the building and the community. My entire family admires and adores her, and it is our good fortune to have her in our school.

Joshua Burger Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Jodi! You are a tremendous asset to our school and the community. Your positive attitude and encouraging ways make a difference every day. Thank you!!

Molly Bachrodt Posted over a year ago

Jodi is the welcoming face of our school, but she is so much more than a friendly face. She works tirelessly to ensure that all students, families, and staff feel accepted and supported, no matter their needs. Jodi goes above and beyond in helping students and families by searching for solutions to problems that are impacting our students' ability to learn, be it academic, social/emotional, or familial. I cannot think of another person who cares more deeply and works more diligently for the members of our school community!

Alexandra Robson Posted over a year ago

Jodi always has such a positive energy anytime you walk in the school and she truly goes above and beyond for all of the students, every day! Thank you Jodi! The Robsons

Pamela Meiselman Posted over a year ago

Jodi is a truly amazing person. She takes the time to make sure that every person that walks thru Parmalee's doors is made to feel welcome and special. Her excitement and zeal for life is contagious. As I am writing this, my kids see Jodi's picture and ask, "Is that Jodi? Is she famous?" Yes, she is famous to the children and parents of Parmalee!

Joe Kerper Posted over a year ago

Just this morning my daughter was talking about the possibility of Jodi being recognized as the "Lifechanger of the Year." She obviously wants Ms. Rueschhoff to win, for all of the reasons that many have already noted in their comments, and because "Ms. Rueschhoff is ALWAYS ready to help us." I told her that while I cannot imagine anyone being more deserving of this recognition than Jodi...what a wonderful problem for your organization to have to review the positive contributions of so many educators. For whatever it's worth, I've never seen Jodi back away from a challenge or give less than her all. Jodi makes so many positive contributions to my daughter's school each and every day, she shares so many smiles and sets such a great example. After every conversation I've had with her, after every concern I have expressed to her, I have felt listened to and I know absolutely that she will do what is best for everyone involved. Our community is so very fortunate to have Jodi supporting us. I don't envy your task, but know that you will have a hard time finding a more positive and helpful person who never shies away from giving 110% to our community.

Kirsten Fischer Posted over a year ago

Jodi is an expert at making kids and parents comfortable, while getting everything done. Parmalee is a school that takes pride in their welcoming environment, which is especially important to Gifted and Talented kids who need to feel safe in order to learn. Many transfer to Parmalee, and are scared to change schools. Jodi identifies the personality of the kids and makes them feel comfortable. Parents can tell that she has the happiness of the kids at the center of her day. She is an amazing organizer and gets her job done, while still doing all of these extras to make the school a comfortable, happy place to be.

Jerry Federico Posted over a year ago

I am privileged to have Jodi Rueschhoff as an important part of my life. I believe we all have true goodness within us, but to freely give of oneself for the benefit of others does not come naturally to most. For Jodi, it does. She treats everyone she encounters each day with great love and compassion, and this is truly a gift. Jodi is a positive life changer for everyone who is lucky enough to meet her!

Christie Foster Posted over a year ago

So excited this amazing person is being recognized! Jodi has such a big heart, a welcoming smile, and warmth that emanates. She is also one of the funniest people I know. As a coworker, she is the ultimate supporter and cheerleader- always providing humor, encouragement, wisdom and guidance to everyone on our team. The office can be like Grand Central Station and Jodi has a unique ability to juggle many things at one time, while giving you all her attention. To students, she is the one they visit to lighten up their day- always a caring listener and a source of love and laughter.

Shelley Fleet Posted over a year ago

First and foremost, I know Jodi as a mom, and one of the most organized, dedicated, high-energy PTA Presidents ever! Her gusto stood out in that role, and I am thankful that her caring, supportive, delightful personality greets both parents and kids alike every day at Parmalee. Never have I met another person who is so positive, welcoming, and compassionate with every child who walks through the door. She knows every student (and which classroom) and every parent at Parmalee, which makes all of us feel a part of this special community. (And her sense of humor is second to none!). She is the most genuine person I know, and my family is privileged to call her a friend. Jodi is a life changer to all those she encounters!

Carol Fabbri Posted over a year ago

Jodi's welcoming smile brings joy to Parmalee Elementary every day. She knows every student (and most parents) personally, remembers more about them than most relatives and genuinely cares for every one of us. She knows how to get things done and can either solve problems or direct you to someone else who can. Jodi is a gem that highlights our wonderful little mountain school. Congratulations Jodi!

Katie Henry Posted over a year ago

I cannot say enough wonderful things about this amazing woman!! Jodi is the go-to person for any and every question involving the school, students, and staff. She ALWAYS has a smile on her face and day after day goes above and beyond for our school. Jodi is always warm, accommodating, and so very helpful, and she is an absolutely ESSENTIAL part of the Parmalee family. Everyone loves her!!

Valerie Hartford Posted over a year ago

We are so HAPPY and EXCITED for Jodi aka Mrs. Reuschhoff for being nominated for this award. From the moment we met her we loved her. She has a positive energy and welcoming heart that rubs off on all she meets. My two kids adore her and her kind spirit. She is such a hard worker, puts up with us parents, goes above and beyond, is upbeat, and ALWAYS has a smile on her face. One day, I came into the office to get a copy and she was there... it was her DAY OFF and she came in to grab something and still answered parent's questions and welcomed every child by name. Her dedication to the staff, families and children go above and beyond. Congrats on your nomination Jodi! We're so blessed to have such a genuine, loving and hard working person such as yourself at our school! ~ The Hartford's

Nadia Kerns Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Rueschhoff was the first person we met at Parmalee. She gave us a tour of the school with our son who would be going to Kindergarten there. She made us feel at home and so welcome. We left the tour feeling so excited about the school because she left such an amazing impression. She spoke to our son so kindly and made him feel welcome. Whenever I go to the office and I get to interact with her she always is warm, welcoming, and a joy to talk to. What a gem at the school. We are so lucky to have her at our school.

Robin List Posted over a year ago

What an amazing person--so welcoming and provides consistent, real time attention to everyone who comes to the school. She is incredibly organized, hard-working and an absolutely essential member of our elementary school community. Her ability to interact with genuine caring and kindness spans all age groups. Her diligence is remarkable and her ability to provide concise communication is so valued--Thanks!

Veena Mathad Posted over a year ago

Jodi is an amazing asset to our school and community. She always greets you with a smile and a warm hello. She goes above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that things get done at our school. She makes it a point to get to know everyone by their first name. She really cares about all the students at Parmalee. During testing, she spends her weekends getting the school prepped and ready for a very hectic few weeks. Our school would not be the same without her!

Mary White Posted over a year ago

Jodi is a favorite of ours. She makes my children feel loved and genuinely heard. Her kind, energetic spirit is contagious and she sets the tone for the entire school. I enjoy coming in to the school and love that her smiling face is the first I get to see. Kuddo's to her for being one of the many people who make Parmalee a special place to be.

Valerie Hartford Posted over a year ago

We are so HAPPY and EXCITED for Jodi aka Mrs. Reuschhoff for being nominated for this award. From the moment we met her we loved her. She has a positive energy and welcoming heart that rubs off on all she meets. My two kids adore her and her kind spirit. She is such a hard worker, puts up with us parents, goes above and beyond, is upbeat, and ALWAYS has a smile on her face. One day, I came into the office to get a copy and she was there... it was her DAY OFF and she came in to grab something and still answered parent's questions and welcomed every child by name. Her dedication to the staff, families and children go above and beyond. Congrats on your nomination Jodi! We're so blessed to have such a genuine, loving and hard working person such as yourself at our school! ~ The Hartford's

Katrina Padron Posted over a year ago

We were just talking about how amazing Jodi is and then this nomination form came through. You're a burst of sunshine Jodi. THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts.

Logan Killough Posted over a year ago

Mrs.. Reuschhoff is truly fantastic! I have been at Parmalee for 6 years, and she has been extremely kind to me every single step of the way. At the beginning of the day when I am going to orchestra, she answers the door and as soon as I step into the school I am greeted by her warm smile. In the middle of the day, she will sometimes be out at recess. Finally, at the end of the day she helps me and my sister get into our car, and says goodbye with such kindness that I know I can't wait for the cycle to happen again. When I first heard about this award, I thought, " Mrs. Rueschhoff is perfect for this award." There is nobody out there that deserves this more than her. -Logan Killough, 5th grade

Angie Killough Posted over a year ago

Jodi is AMAZING. She is a wonderful person in every aspect. Jodi always has a smile on her face and will greet you with positive enthusiasm the moment you walk into the school. No task is too large or too small for Jodi.....she is truly a "jack of all trades". My very favorite thing about Jodi is that she treats every child in the school as if they were her own. She knows every single child in the school and has something positive and sweet to say about each and every one! Jodi truly deserves this award!

Rick Bramer Posted over a year ago

I started a new Watch D.O.G.S. program at Parmalee Elementary in Indian Hills 2 years ago. Jodie has been an enthusiastic supporter of the program from the beginning and, without her support, the program would not have succeeded. Jodi shares her extensive knowledge of the students, parents, and staff at Parmalee to enhance all school programs. Her prior leadership position in the PTA has led her to be the face of Parmalee upon whom the entire school community relies for guidance and perspective. I on't know what I would do without her help every day.

Melissa Nameche Posted over a year ago

Jodi has a way of making everyone feel welcome: the kids, the parents, the community volunteers, the parents that are tyring to figure out the best school for their child. She always takes the time to answer any and all questions (if she doesn't know the answer she'll find out for you). She understands the emotional and psychological issues surrounding trying to find that school that best works for your child and your family. She always has a smile and a wave and I have never seen her ever take out a frustrating day on anyone else. If I didn't know better, I would assume that she never has bad days.... It is not uncommon to find her filling in all over the school with any task needing some additional assistance. Over the years that we have been at the school and Jodi has been at the front desk, she has become the "Face of Parmalee" and has become one of the reasons that our school is such a positive place for our children and families. Jodi has been an amazing LifeChanger to so many, but especially to our family. This award was made just for people like her - a true gem! Congratulations Jodi!

Danielle Kazmer Posted over a year ago

There are many words to use for Jodi, but if I had to pick one it would be amazing. No matter what day or time you call or walk into the school she greets you with such warmth and compassion. You can't help but smile when you see Jodi. You can see her passion for the school and each student and family in everything she does. When my sons started going to Parmalee Jodi wasn't employed there yet, however we would see her daily volunteering, planting flowers, greeting families and just being such a welcoming presence at Parmalee. I can't imagine Parmalee without Jodi and she has for sure changed my life and the life of my three kids.

Angele Tatem Posted over a year ago

Jodi is proof that one person can drive the culture of an organization. She has brought kindness, wisdom, and unending enthusiasm to Parmalee Elementary. In a world that is ever changing Jodi is a mainstay for the students and families here. She welcomes and guides each family individually, addressing their personal concerns and needs with care.

Christi Steinberg Posted over a year ago

We moved to Evergreen, CO 2.5 years ago - Jodi was the first face of Parmalee Elementary for my daughter who was about to start 2nd grade in a new state and a new school. Jodi provided the comfort to my daughter to go to school without the worry a first time student would normally have - I told her "Just go see Mrs. R if you ever get scared or are not sure what to do" - instantly my daughter's face changed and you could tell she had comfort in Mrs. R. This year my daughter was in the nurse's office with a stomach bug. She had felt sick at her stomach and the nurse asked me to come pick her up. When I arrived Mrs. R was there as always to greet me. I collected Peyton and we began to walk outside to our car. About half way to our car my daughter began vomiting outside in the landscaping in the front of the school. Of course I was unprepared for this and the next thing I saw was Mrs. R running out of the school with paper towels so that Peyton could clean her hair and face off. She had watched us on the school camera system to ensure we were okay and when we weren't she immediately ran to our aid. Jodi is one of a kind - we love her with all of our hearts!

Jolene Condit Posted over a year ago

Being back at Parmalee Elem after being gone for 5 years and then coming back with our little one, Miss Jodi is AMAZING asset to this wonderful school and mountain community. She ALWAYS greets all, whether kids, parents, teachers, guests, with such a infectious smile and brightness that we all should stop and enjoy and incorporate into our day. She runs her day with effiency, kindness, professional, and with such grace and always with a smile. Such a role model for kids and adults as well. Simply put... a breathe of fresh air!

Darin Dell Posted over a year ago

My family moved to Colorado from Indiana in the summer of 2017. My biggest concern about our move was how my daughters would handle changing schools and making new friends. I talked with people from numerous schools around the Denver area prior to moving. Jodi was by far the most kind, warm, and reassuring. She demonstrated true compassion for my daughters and our circumstance. Jodi made sure that all of my questions were answered completely. She even sent me friendly reminders and emails just to check in to see how we were doing before we moved. After we moved she invited us for a school tour. We visited during the summer when the school was bustling with activity and projects to prepare for the start of term. Jodi took time out of her day to give the tour herself. It is clear that Jodi loves children and she loves Parmalee. Her dedication and enthusiasm are inspirational.

Stacey Dell Posted over a year ago

We moved to Colorado from Indiana this past summer. The transition was challenging, especially trying to get recognition for our children's gifted status without having to start over from scratch. Jodi was SO helpful! She communicated with regularly to let us know where we were and what we needed, and helped us get everything set up. More than just that, though, any time that I have any question or any need, if I call the office she answers with a smile you can hear through the phone. She goes out of her way to help with anything and everything. With all of the students and parents running through the school, I was astounded that she knew who I was after meeting me only once! Her kindness and compassion is beyond compare, and she is truly a big part of the reason we chose to enroll our daughter in Parmalee Elementary instead of the elementary that's just around the corner from us.

Liz Inman Posted over a year ago

From the moment we even considered Parmalee Elementary for our kids, Jodi was an amazing first impression of what we soon learned is an amazing school. She was so helpful in getting our kids enrolled and really takes the time to get to know the kids. She has boundless energy and kindness when dealing with the young kids and always makes us feel at ease that they are in good hands at school. Jodi is a very big part of making Parmalee a top notch school!

Natalie Cannon Posted over a year ago

I was elated to hear the news that Jodi had been nominated for this LifeChanger award- It really made my day!! Jodi is a positive and dedicated person and we look forward to having to 'ask the front desk' so that we can be around her. No matter how many things she has going on during the busy mornings when I stop in, she makes my kindergartener and I feel welcome and important. When I see Jodi, she makes me feel happier and I always walk away with that feeling that I want to be more like her. She exemplifies being a "Leader with no Title". I am so pleased that my daughter adores Jodi and can be in her presence because all young girls need a role model that will behave the way you want your children to behave. Elementary age is such a impressionable age, they learn from observation and action, and Jodi is a wonderful role model for young children (and adults!). LifeChanger is the perfect title for Jodi!!

Krischa Pilcher Posted over a year ago

Jodi is truly one of the best people out there!! She is kind, friendly and so funny! She welcomed us last year as a new family to the school with open arms. She always calls you by your name. She will ask you how things are going and for updates on past conversations. She will advocate and help in anyway possible. She hugs and interacts with the students and their siblings like they are family. She is a real gem and I'm so glad to know her. We are secured as a Parmalee family because of her and the rest of the amazing staff here!! "Once a Parmalee family, always a Parmalee family!" Congrats Jodi!!

Julie Recker Posted over a year ago

Cannot say enough about how great Jodi is! She offers an always kind, encouraging, knowledgable positive energy to problem solving of the myrid of issues that come at her every day. She really makes a difference to us sometimes stressed-out parents.

Tonje Williams Posted over a year ago

When my son was getting ready to make the change from his old school to Parmalee, he was really unsure if it would be a good fit. Before he even began his first day, Jodi sent him an email wishing him the best of luck at his orchestra concert. We still have the email. It made us all feel welcome and special from the start. Jodi always has a smile and warm greeting and makes you feel like nothing else is as important as you at that moment. My son loves to go to the office to see Jodi, because just a "hello" can brighten your day. Her kindness and strength of character is an amazing role model for all the students and adult in the community. We will miss you when we move on to middle school more than you will know.

Jenifer Martino Posted over a year ago

Our family has been at the school for 5 years and one of the highlights has been meeting Jodi! Not only does she go out of her way to be friendly and helpful, she has a way of remembering everyone who walks through the door. She creates a welcoming environment for parents and kids alike. You can tell that she inspires kids around her to be on their best behavior because she brings out the best in everyone. I don't know how she does it, but she has a gift of being able to make you recognize and appreciate your own strengths. After talking to her you just feel inspired. She is also one of the hardest working people I know and sacrifices her own time and money to improve our little mountain school. She has created and run one of the biggest community building events of the year for our school - to Fall Family Fun Night. She has spent countless hours coming up, organizing, and building STEM projects for our families to do together that evening. She has spent SO much time perfecting it and it shows - kids LOVE it and the projects engage children in learning everything from aerodynamics to circuits. She also is the liaison between the PTA and the school/district. She thinks outside the box to find ways to make the ideas PTA comes up with for the kids work within the structure and rules of the district. She is the go-to person when you have questions or need help since she is so reliable. This school is such a success because of how positive and motivated all the teachers, students, staff, and parents are and it is because Jodi's wonderful personality has rubbed off on all of us. Thanks Jodi!!

Lisa Fiess Posted over a year ago

Every once in awhile, you come across people in life that are truly extrodinary. Jodi Rueschhoff is one of these people. Jodi is sincere in her kindness and her welcoming, warm smile and greeting are always something I look forward to when I walk into Parmalee Elementary. Jodi is a rare gem who radiates positivity and is the essence of a warm spirit. She truly helps when someone needs help, listens when someone needs to be heard, explains when there are questions to be answered and cares when it seems nobody else does. You can count on Jodi for anything and everything! Anyone who has been lucky enough to cross paths with Jodi, realizes she is a LifeChanger and is well deserving of this nomination and award.

Errol Zimmer Posted over a year ago

We recently moved up the hill and the first smiling face we met at Parmalee was Jodi Rueschhoff! She is truly a difference maker and was a big reason why we are at Parmalee! Great job Jodi!

Barry Finck Posted over a year ago

Jodi was our first contact at Parmalee when we enrolled our son in Kindergarten two years ago. She was extremely helpful, excited and professional. Her enthusiasm for the school and it's programs was contagious. Thank you for all that you do!

Danielle Askinazy Posted over a year ago

Jodi is an inspirational positive light who creates a welcoming environment for all of our students and families at Parmalee! Even on Jodi's worst day, her smile makes everyone feel welcome and that they belong at our school! She greets every person that walks into the office, student, parent, and staff members with a greeting that makes you feel like she was there waiting for you. She knows each person and will listen to their needs and concerns. Jodi, She has been able to connect, support and make families feel comfortable no matter if they speak another language, need financial support or have a gifted child. She has a great understanding of education for all students and has often gone the extra mile to support families in need. Beyond her positive auras, she also does an incredible job at every part of her work. She is seamlessly able to organize testing (which is no small feat) for the entire school. Jodi is an incredible resource to our school and makes a positive impact on all she encounters!

Donna Sutherland Posted over a year ago

Jodi inspires me each day to be a better me. Sounds ridiculously corny and cliche, but this is the absolute truth. She is the most positive, warm and friendly person I come in contact with each day. She's also the first person everyone in our community sees and comes in contact with as they enter our building. How amazing is that? That the first person you see and interact with is potentially the most positive person you'll run into all day! To be able to change lives every day, using just your attitude, what a gift we have in Jodi. One person's attitude inspiring each of us to be a better version of ourselves....that is a true life changer. I can't think of a more deserving person to be recognized with this award. Congratulations Jodi, and thank you for changing each one of us every day.

Amy Ryan Posted over a year ago

From the first time we called the school I knew something was different. It was easier, brighter and more nurturing than our previous school experiences. This was because of Jodi. She sets an amazing example that the parents, teachers and kids all want to follow her lead. Jodi is so positive and caring. Her helpfulness is rare. Jodi makes everyone she interacts with feel like they are the most important person as she gives them her full attention. Our school would not be the same with out her. We are sincerely grateful for all she had done and the impact Jodi has on Parmalee families.

Bob Neuman Posted over a year ago

Jodi is a source of inspiration and light. It's rare to find an individual who is so consistently upbeat and uplifting. I'm sure she has her challenges like anyone else, but you'd never know it. Her mission seems to be to make everyone feel welcome and safe above all else. She is engaging, delightful and professional. This is just who she is. We are lucky to have such a fine individual as Jodi at our small mountain school.

Erin Ratke Posted over a year ago

Jodi's positive energy in our community is seen by all. Her ability to connect with every person she interacts with at our school is uplifting. Truly a role model to both children and adults, she is kind and compassionate. Most of all, Jodi is genuine and selfless.

Wendy Neuman Posted over a year ago

Jodi exemplifies all the qualities of a LifeChanger! She is part of the reason we came to Parmalee Elementary - truly! Her warm smile, positive outlook, her knowledge and willingness to help just makes any day so much better! If Jodi doesn't know the answer she will FIND the answer! My daughter got so excited about this news - she said 'Miss R is so great, if I come in late she never asks why I'm late but rather tells me to have a good day - with a smile!' Congratulations Jodi! You deserve this award!

Cat Carris Posted over a year ago

Jodi is the Goddess of the Office at Parmalee Elm! She knows everything that is happening, all the time, manages school chaos like professional symphonic conductor and does it all with a bright smile, caring and uplifting attitude. You can tell she truly cares for the Principal, Teachers, Support personnel and especially the students.

Denise Simpson Posted over a year ago

Sitting next to Jodi on a daily basis I witness her dedication to people non-stop. Children flock to her for recognition and hugs. She greets children (and their parents) by name and knows a little something special about each of them. She makes each kid feel recognized, which is evident when they come through the office doors for various reasons. When parents call who have felt shut out from other schools due to struggles their children may be having, she provides and sensitive and knowledgeable ear. Parents hang up the phone feeling hope for their child once again. This is one example that shows that Jodi recognizes each and every child for the unique individual they are, and she knows that each child will journey to their own successes in life. Jodi's impact reaches beyond children including parents, staff and community members. She is a strong advocate that the community and school should work together. It's impossible to put all of Jodi's wonderful qualities into a paragraph, but is an absolute honor to work with her and learn from her everyday.

John Oglesby Posted over a year ago

My two sons attend Parmalee where I often volunteer. Every time I enter the office, I’m greeted with Jodi’s friendly smile and warm hello. I see her fill so many roles at the school at a moment’s notice: counselor for a kid who just got in trouble, supervisor for the busy lunchroom, director of the hectic, after-school pick-up, helper of confused parents (me) in filling out the right forms so that my sons are enrolled in the correct classes and activities, ... The list goes on and on. Jodi is a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to keeping Parmalee Elementary running like a well-oiled machine. Mrs. Rueschhoff is a priceless asset to our school and I give her my highest recommendation for the Life Changer Award!

Dina Arnott Posted over a year ago

Jodi is amazing! She has the incredible skill of recognizing other people's strengths even when they don't recognize it themselves. She builds people up by engaging them, encouraging them and supporting them. There are a lot of people that volunteer at our school. I would bet I'm not the only volunteer that walks away from a conversation with Jodi feeling reenergized and refocused on doing what I do. She is by far the most positive person I know. Her passion for positively impacting our school community is felt in her warm greetings, seen in her late night emails and exhibited by all the volunteering she does for our school. She is definitely a life changer!

Amanda Southard Posted over a year ago

As a parent, I truly feel like Jodi treats every student at Parmalee Elementary School as one of her own. She is the loving mother of the entire building and truly salt of the Earth.

Sarah Davidon Posted over a year ago

I'm a parent of two Parmalee students, and can truly say Jodi has been one of the most valuable staff at Parmalee, and given the incredibly talented and valuable pool of faculty and staff, the bar is high! What a gift Jodi has been to Parmalee, as she greets parents and students with knowledge, cheer, and understanding. She has clearly and consistently been a superb communicator for the school, both internally and externally. When my kids have moved on from Parmalee, Jodi will be a part of a lasting positive impression.

Lauren Weiss Posted over a year ago

Congratulations, Jodi!

Mike Read Posted over a year ago

Jodi is a life changer and has been a great addition to the Parmalee staff. She is always very positive and makes all of the parents feel special when she greets them. She is passionate about her work, the students, the parents and the teachers.

Jen Allbritton Posted over a year ago

This award is spot on for Jodi! Parmalee would not be the same without her smiling face, cheerful spirit and authentic connection to every and all that come into the Parmalee community. She is a true gem.

Roxanne Posted over a year ago

Jodi is so kind and caring to every person who walks in the door of our school. She takes time on the phone with parents who want to choice enroll in our school. She listens to their hearts and encourages the parents to get the best education for their student whether it be at our school or another school that best fit their student's needs. She has a positive attitude all the time and is cheerful with staff, students and parents. She is a gem in our school. There are so many wonderful things that can be complimentary to her. So excited that she was nominated for this award.

Aimee Delnero Posted over a year ago

Jodi is such a light for our school! She always has a smile on her face and is willing to do whatever it takes to make each student, parent and staff member feel cared for. She goes above and beyond in every aspect of her job and truly sees the best in everyone. We are so fortunate to have her as such an integral part of the Parmalee team.

Anne Stylianou Posted over a year ago

Jodi is absolutely a life changer for everyone in our Parmalee community and beyond. She is passionate about our little school, and goes the extra mile to make visitors and longtime families alike feel welcomed and valued. Jodi is a champion of both Parmalee and families. She IS the voice of Parmalee - often the first one someone will talk to and meet. I am always amazed at how well she knows new families and visitors - including names, grades, and interests. Her interest is genuine, and everyone who meets Jodi soon considers her a treasured friend. I am honored to be her friend and grateful colleague.

Kelley Lehman Posted over a year ago

Jodi is perhaps the most positive person I've ever met. She greets everyone as if they were her long lost friend. The word no is not in her vocabulary. She will help anyone, anytime, in anyway she can. If she doesn't have the answer to a question she is asked, she will drop everything she's doing and find it. Jodi is one of the main reasons we have so many students choice enrolled at Parmalee. Her genuine warmth makes families feel welcome and comfortable. She is an amazing woman, who is truly a life changer!

Greg Dorsey Posted over a year ago

Jodi is incredible! She is always there for any need that presents itself in the office. These needs include student needs, teacher needs, administration needs, and district needs. She always has a smile on her face! She is very positive and always bringing out he best in everyone. She makes our school a special place! She is a true life changer!

Lizzie London Posted over a year ago

Jodi is an amazing colleague and friend. As the school's enrollment secretary, she is the face of our school and the reason that children opt to drive to our small mountain school. Jodi takes the time to make a caring and lasting impression on each new family. She sets up school tours and spends countless hours making calls, answering questions from nervous first time parents and returning emails at all hours. She is beyond dedicated to Parmalee. Our school is one of the top performing schools in the state of Colorado and we are fairly small, around 250 students. Since Jodi has started to work here that number has increased by at least 50 new families. I can guarantee that no other enrollment secretary in the district spends as much time with students and their families as Jodi does. I have kids in my class that make up reasons to go to the office just so they can have a visit with Mrs. R. One student even tried to lie and say her mother told her she had to have lunch with Mrs. R everyday. Not only does Jodi take care of the families, but she also takes care of the staff. She spends countless hours organizing our testing materials and makes sure each child has the correct accommodations. When there weren't enough functioning headphones, Jodi spent her own money to purchase them for the students. Jodi also has worked to change our Fall Family Fun Night from a traditional pot luck dinner into a Makers Fair. Each Fall for the past three years, Jodi has created a night for families that you wouldn't believe. Projects for the fair include making and launching paper rockets with air compressors, designing scribble bots, elaborate marble runs, light up paper helicopters, and many other amazing STEM activities for the kids and their families. She spends her own time and money each summer traveling to nearby counties to investigate their Science Maker Fairs and the bring the latest projects to our mountain community. Jodi is the epitome of a life changer. She not only makes you feel special, but she also goes the extra mile to make sure each child has the opportunity to explore their world. She is definitely a lot more than just an enrollment secretary. We wouldn't be the school and community we are without her.

Denise Canonaco Posted over a year ago

Jodi is a Life Changer AND a Life Saver! Jodi welcomes children, parents, families, and staff with a smile, positive attitude and humor every single day. She truly cares about all the people that she meets and expresses her appreciation in a way that makes people feel accepted, valued and loved! Jodi is always willing to drop what she's doing to help others; whether it's looking up records, providing an address or phone number or helping a child find a classroom. She accomplishes her duties with exceptional care and strives for perfection in all that she does. Jodi shares her amazing talents with everyone and inspires us all to be the best people that we can be! Thank you, Jodi, for your friendship, dedication, and commitment to Parmalee!!

Ingrid Mielke Posted over a year ago

Jodi is a life changer for children, parents and staff. Jodi is the enrollment secretary at Parmalee Elementary school. Parmalee is designated as the gifted center for both the Conifer and Evergreen communities. Each year, parents inquire about not only Parmalee's Gifted Center program, but also enrollment options in our traditional classrooms. Jodi offers personal tours for any family interested in our school, she follows up with personal emails, and will spend countless hours on the phone answering questions for parents as they make the difficult decision to either stay at their home school or enroll their children at Parmalee. She takes her role seriously because she believes with all her heart that for some children who have never found their place or peer group in other schools that Parmalee is where they need to be. For many of our gifted students, Parmalee does offer the academic and social/emotional support that they were missing at their other schools. Jodi is such a friendly voice on the phone that when parents do enter our school for the first time, we often hear them saying that they already feel like they know us. Jodi is an advocate for all children and families. She is relentless in finding resources to support students whose families have come upon difficult times connecting them to community and district resources to get them over the "tough parts" and to help ease their journey a bit. Jodi sends weekly Monday Messenger to the community on behalf of the school and PTA, she always presents Parmalee in a positive light wanting to ensure that our school puts its' best foot forward. Her enthusiasm for her work, the children, staff and community is infectious. Parmalee is a school known not only for providing an rigorous academic program, but also for our welcoming and caring environment and Jodi is a critical person who ensures that this is maintained throughout the year. Jodi has changed the lives of countless children by reaching out to parents, encouraging them to visit, and helping them consider the pros and cons of Parmalee as an schooling option for their family. In almost every case, once parents have made the decision to enroll, they recognize that their children's academic, social and emotional needs are being met and are so grateful for Jodi's personal commitment that every child and family matters. Jodi makes a positive difference in the lives of everyone she touches.