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Wanda Robinson

Position: School Data Manager
School: Madison Middle School
School District: Madison County Schools
City, State: Marshall, NC

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Wanda Robinson was nominated by her principal, Nicholas Honeycutt.

Wanda has worked at the middle school in several positions and has done great work in all of them. Most recently, she has worked as the front desk receptionist and transitioned this past summer into the data manager's office. In the office, she is great with parents, staff and students.  She does everything with a smile and does it efficiently.  Ms. Robinson has the ability to diffuse frustrated parents. She can relate with everyone and make them feel like their question or issue is of the highest importance. In her position, she is learning new software, managing the finances of the school, and managing PowerSchool, which is the student information system.

"We are all fortunate to work with her.  Everywhere I go in the community, parents are bragging about Wanda," Honeycutt said.

Comments (8)

Beverly Rhodarmer Posted over a year ago

I am pulling for you sweet lady.

Georgina Posted over a year ago

Most deserving!

Deborah Hensley Posted over a year ago

Her smile is the first thing I look for when I enter the front door of the school, she is the sweetest person, she cares so much about all the kids. She certainly has my vote.

Nancy Zupa Posted over a year ago

I just love Miss Wanda!! I miss seeing her since my son Delton moved onto high school. She was always so helpful and encouraging. Congratulations to one of the sweetest ladies I know!

Ryan Foley Posted over a year ago

Wanda Robinson has become a role model and a very close friend. She is a very essential part of Madison Middle School. Words can not describe how awesome she is!

Dana Carter Posted over a year ago

God's gift to us all that know and love her. I am happy to see her recognized for how she gracefully walks her life. Good job Wanda! Lots is LOVE

Gary coates Posted over a year ago

I am her pastor, she is a wonderful church member. She gets my vote.

Joanne Rice Posted over a year ago

No one is more deserving than Wanda Robinson. When my granddaughter was at MMS, it brought such peace of mind knowing that Wanda was there for all the kids as well as their parents. Wish we had a hundred more like her in all our schools!!