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Nancy Nelson

Position: Seventh Grade Family and Consumer Sciences Teacher
School: Yukon Middle School
School District: Yukon Public Schools
City, State: Yukon, OK

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Nancy Nelson was nominated by her colleague, Lisa Loeffelholz.

Mrs. Nelson is an amazing person! She is the type of teacher who kids flock to for support, comfort, knowledge, and help. She not only has the ability to reach and teach the kids that want to learn, but those who don't even know they can. Mrs. Nelson would give anything and everything to help a student, their family, and her colleagues. Her students always speak so highly of her and her class. She has a way of making learning how to sew, cook, and take care of children and families an event that makes students keep asking for more. She has the ability to bring struggling kids into the conversation and make them a part of the group without them even realizing she is aiding them in the process.

Mrs. Nelson also helps in so many areas of her school. She is the first to volunteer for a duty that needs to be picked up, the first to help set up for a program, and the first to fill in when someone's unable to do their task.

"As a colleague, I have often told people that I want to be more like Mrs. Nelson," said Loeffelholz. "As a parent of two of her former students, I have told kids that they really need to be in her class because my children said she was so much fun! Nancy is a blessing to all those around her. I know she will continue to give, bless, and teach like no one else can."

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robert whetzel Posted over a year ago


Marci Feddersen Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Nelson is one of the absolute best teachers I have ever met. She is willing to help out whenever and wherever necessary around the school and with students. She is one of the kindest and happiest people to be around, and her influence in our building is always positive and professional.

Chris Jefferies Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Nelson is an outstanding educator and person. She gives 100% when she's at work and does it with a great attitude and always a smile. Mrs. Nelson is one of the first to volunteer and help when needed. I have seen her stay past contract time to help monitor students when buses are late. No one asks her to stay late, she just does it. Her heart is truly for kids and she is a perfect model of a teacher who changes the lives of her students and her colleagues. She is an absolute joy to work with.

Jan Marvin Posted over a year ago

Nancy is one of the most caring people I know. She is always willing to help in any way she can. She's just the best!

Rachel Anderson Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Nelson is one of those people who reminds you that kindness can still be found in great abundance in this world. She is always willing to help anyone who needs a favor and only asks that you return the kindness to someone else. I am always inspired by her loving spirit toward all of our students and by her authenticity which draws people to her and her class. She is most definitely a life-changer!

Sabrina Beasley Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Nelson is very compassionate and understanding while dealing with students. Nancy successfully arouses the curiosity of her students with her hands on learning. She also adapts the lessons to make them even more interesting. She teaches concepts and relates them to life outside of school and gets students thinking. She is willing to help anytime when someone needs it. So much more could be written here if I had the time. I agree with everything Lisa said above! Nancy is the guardian angel of our end of the hall!

Ricki Robertson Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Nelson's presence in our building makes a difference in the lives of students! She is engaging, a smile and happy moment in the day for everyone. What a special servant teacher.

Kimberly Davis Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Nelson is a fantastic educator! She ALWAYS has a smile on her face and a kind word every time I speak to her or pass her in the hallway. Students always talk about loving her class and speak highly of her. She has a heart for kids who struggle or feel left out. She is always willing to go above and beyond for her family, friends, colleagues and students. Awesome lady!

Julie Monroe Posted over a year ago

I am blessed to call Nancy Nelson my partner teacher. I witness daily her positive interaction with students and colleagues. Kids look forward to her class, and leave smiling. She makes learning fun. Her bubbly personality and kindness light up the room. I can honestly say that she is the most generous person I know, and an absolute pleasure to work with. I simply adore her!

Clayton Canon Posted over a year ago

I have been teaching for 12 years and have had the privilege & honor of working with Mrs. Nelson for my entire career. We first worked together at Western Oaks Middle School and later moved to Yukon Middle School the same year. Mrs. Nelson is a "momma" to all of her students and a "sister" to all of her colleagues. She is the first person to volunteer to help out; she is always on the lookout to see where she can be of assistance. I have seen her invite students in to eat lunch in her classroom because they had no money, no food at home, and she is a Family & Consumer Sciences teacher who, often, had extra food in her fridge. Nancy works and fights to help her students and coworkers feel embraced, valued, and like they have a home with her. She is a sponsor of our school's FACS club. Nancy is giving, often donating her own money to student programs and needs. Mrs. Nelson is a teacher whose class I want to be in. There is no one more deserving of this honor.

LAURIE FINKENBINDER Posted over a year ago

As a new employee, Mrs. Nelson was very welcoming, helpful and supportive. She is always approachable - I never felt like a burden. I can only imagine her students feeling the same way. Thank you Mrs. Nelson for all you do - you are A M A Z I N G! In the short time I know you, I'm impressed. You have my vote - Mrs. Laurie Finkenbinder