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Carla Smith

Position: Principal
School: Skyview Elementary School
School District: Yukon Public Schools
City, State: Yukon, OK

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Carla Smith was nominated by her colleague, Timothy Puckett.

"Carla is my LifeChanger because of the aura of goodwill that surrounds her at each school where she has been principal," said Puckett. "I was first exposed to this when I went to work at Surrey Hills Elementary nearly 15 years ago. Right away, I noticed how caring the environment was, and how each employee was invested in education. It did not take long to see who created this rare workplace."

Ms. Smith assembles a team of dedicated professionals at the schools she is tasked with. She does not micromanage her team, but discovers their strengths and trusts them to put their talents to use. She supports them in a multitude of creative ways, but most importantly, she shows real empathy for adults and children alike.

Eventually, Ms. Smith went to Skyview, and Mr. Puckett remained at Surrey Hills for several years.

"When the chance appeared to join the team at Skyview, I jumped on board and once again found that same collective bond; that all-in attitude that I knew so well before," said Puckett. "Common cause is so rare in this self-serving world that it must be recognized and celebrated. The workplace that Carla Smith creates is so beneficial to students. It solidifies the workforce because no one wants to leave!"

Comments (4)

Sandy Adams Posted over a year ago

I’ve known Carla Pryor since she was in high school. She is a very caring and dedicated professional. She lives her life the same way in everyday circumstances. She is definitely a life changer for others.

Julia puckett Posted over a year ago

No words can say what you do for everyone. Tim says it beautifully. The cement that holds and binds school/ family together.

Valorie Branstool Posted over a year ago

Well written & much deserved. You, too are a life-changer!

Janet Lee Posted over a year ago

Well said, Mr. Puckett! Carla Smith is definitely a positive influence and values all. Congratulations, Carla Smith, you are definitely a life changer for many!