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Jeanine Mankoff

Position: Preschool Special Education Teacher
School: Hope Valley Elementary School
School District: Chariho Regional School District
City, State: Hope Valley, RI

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Jeanine Mankoff was nominated by her colleague, Loren Ciringione.

Ms. Mankoff always goes above and beyond for her students and their families. She is always so positive with her students and families. She always finds solutions for her students and families to try. Ms. Mankoff never gives up on anyone and will continue to find a way to make things easier for her students. She has the most nurturing way of speaking to both children and families. She is the most requested preschool teacher in her district. Other teachers always come to her for help and solutions. She is the greatest resource for all. She continues to strive to make the biggest difference in every child's life.  Many kids still talk about her, even in high school. She is never forgotten.

Comments (24)

Jill Vachon Posted 3 months ago

Mrs. Mankoff is the best! When we moved here last year, I was so nervous for my youngest to start pre-k with her speech IEP. She and her wonderful coworkers have gone above and beyond to make such a huge difference in our daughter's academic and emotional growth. Her dedication shines brightly in all that she does! Thank you for being such an amazingly caring role model for such an impressionable age group. We are all so lucky to have you!

Melinda Golembeske Posted 3 months ago

I am absolutely in agreement with Mrs. C's nomination for Lifechanger of the Year for Mrs. Mankoff! Mrs. Mankoff is truly a special teacher. After meeting her and speaking to her throughout the year I can see she just loves her students and is so patient, kind and upbeat. Seeing her in action during Distance Learning days confirmed this and that she is a natural at what she does. She doesn't skip a beat or lose her positive attitude and bubbly personality when a child starts to have a moment. She is very fluid and keeps it all going so well. My son loves her and asks me almost on a daily basis if it is a school day. He tells me everything or at least much about his day every day that he goes to school. My husband and I are so lucky and blessed to have her as our son's first teacher. She has made the classroom such a welcoming, fun and safe environment for all the kids. Mrs. Mankoff has chosen the perfect profession for herself as she was born to be a teacher.

Donna Sieczkiewicz Posted 3 months ago

Words cannot adequately convey the thanks and appreciation I have for all that Jeanine Mankoff has done for me and my foster child. She has gone far beyond my expectations of a Preschool Teacher working nights and weekends answering my emails and finding solutions for the obstacles we have encountered. She definitely emulates what Lifechanger of the Year stands for. I could not have taken in three young children with a full-time job if it wasn't for her support, guidance and love. My preschooler absolutely loves going to school and has learned so much in the short time they have returned to the classroom. I know we will always be grateful to her for helping us get through a difficult year with the many changes that have taken place on a daily basis, not only in my preschooler's personal life but with the pandemic as well. It is evident that Jeanine Mankoff loves what she does by the many lives she has touched.

Jane Kelly Posted 4 months ago

Jeanine is a fantastic coworker and friend. She always has time to help, listen and celebrate. Even though we may not teach in the same school, I know I can reach out and ask for assistance and Jeanine will be the first to answer. Plus Jeanine is just plain old fun! Children and adults can sense that she is a safe person in this sometimes crazy world. She is a life changer!

Patricia Ciullo Posted 4 months ago

What a well deserved nomination for Jeanine!! I have worked with her for 20 years and she has always been willing to share ideas, collaborate and especially provide a warm and nurturing environment for her preschoolers! She is always positive each day and gives so much joy to her classroom!! I am truly lucky to continue to be part of this journey in teaching our youngest children in the District!

Mary Ann Mello Posted 6 months ago

Jeanine is exactly what you would want a teacher to be. She is warm, caring and dedicated. Teaching preschool is more than a job to Jeanine, it is truly a calling. Watching Jeanine interact with her students on a daily basis is a joy. It is a joy because you can see the care and love she has for each and every one of her students in everything she does. Jeanine is a patient and passionate educator would truly goes above and beyond for her students. It is an honor to call her a colleague.

Kimberly Gill Posted 6 months ago

Mrs Mankoff is a true treasure to our family and Hope Valley Preschool. She will forever hold a special place in our hearts. Life Changer is a wonderful title for her because that’s exactly what she does! She has truly changed the lives of both my children. My daughter who is now in 1st grade still asks to go back to her preschool class to visit with Mrs Mankoff. During my daughter’s preschool year she started to experience separation anxiety from Mom. Mrs Mankoff handled my daughter’s feelings with such gentle care and compassion. She not only was able to redirect her feelings in a very short time but she helped a nervous and emotional Momma as well! She didn’t have to do that but she naturally has such a love for her students and their families. She goes above and beyond to help. That moment of kindness will forever stay in my heart. My son is now a student in her class. With the threat of COVID 19 I was so fearful he would not get the Mrs Mankoff experience. She sets a firm foundation for her students with a love of learning. I am happy to say we’re a few months in to in person learning. She has once again made a difficult situation into a positive one! Mrs Mankoff and her team have gone out of their way to make preschool as normal and safe as possible. I could never thank her enough! My son looks at the calendar every day asking to go to school. I drop him off with a big smile and I pick him up with an even bigger smile! Mrs Mankoff is simply the best! She more than deserves the title of Life Changer of the year. Mrs Mankoff the Gill family has so much love for you! Thank you for everything you do!

Jessica Witham Posted 6 months ago

Mrs. Mankoff is not only an extraordinary teacher, she is an amazing person. My son Thomas was in Mrs. Mankoff's preschool class for two years and he still talks about her! Although he loves all his teachers, she by far his favorite, even now, and he is in 2nd grade. Mrs. Mankoff taught Thomas the building blocks of how to be a good friend and a kind citizen. She was always so warm, kind and encouraging even when Thomas was having a rough day. She put a smile on his face and put my mind at ease. He left preschool a completely different child, having overcome several learning and social obstacles. Mrs. Mankoff is one of a kind, a true gem! Every child that has her as a teacher is so truly lucky. Congratulations!

Justin Healy Posted 6 months ago

Way to go Jeanine! Absolutely wonderful!

Fran Smith Posted 6 months ago

Jeanine is not ordinary: she is extraordinary. Her dedication to her Preschool students and their family's for a smooth transition into "school life" is commendable. Jeanine's patients and gentle manner is a comfort to her students on a daily basis. Upon entering her classroom you get an immediate sense of calmness which is crucial to the learning environment of her students. Once in a great while I get the honor of working in her classroom. On those rare occasions I am fortunate to witness Jeanine in action and my heart smiles as a watch her interact with her students. In those short periods of time that I'm there... I always walk away with a bit more than I had when I walked in. Congratulations Jeanine!

ashley marsh Posted 6 months ago

To know someone like Jeanine is a privilege. Before receiving my position in our schools special ed preschool program, I often worked as a sub in Jeanine's classroom. At the time, her room was primarily just children with autism spectrum. To watch her with these special children was so impacting. I learned more from her in the short time subbing in her class, yes many skills, and tools for the job, but the biggest tool that I watched her evoke, was love. I am now on my 6th year in the preschool wing of our school. My classroom adjoins to Jeanine. I am in constant awe of the level of compassion, empathy and humanism that Jeanine possesses towards her students. Jeanine is always there to help if you are struggling. She always has a tool or trick up her sleeve. Last year was an extremely rough year in Jeanine's class but also, it shook all of our worlds. We lost one of our beloved preschoolers to a battle with cancer. I watched Jeanine everyday, hold it together for this little boy. He came into school daily as sick as he was. His favorite thing to do was to be at school and learn. To be with friends, and most of all his teacher Jeanine who became his family. She made the setting for this little boy so comfortable that he was sad if he had to miss a single day, which happened sometimes with his treatments and sickness. To put your own pain aside, and still find the strength to teach and show love during a difficult time is a high task.. But daily I watched Jeanine wipe away her tears and put a smile on for our little special guy. In my eyes, after witnessing this, Jeanine I can 100% say, changed and impacted that little boys time here on earth. For that, his family was blessed, he was blessed, and she is deserving of such a high honor.

Brooke Bishop Posted 7 months ago

If you looked up LifeChanger in the dictionary, I am pretty sure you would see Jeanine's picture next to it. You can see by all the other wonderful comments, what an amazing human and teacher Jeanine is. But the personal impact she has had on our family, is truly life changing. Both of our children, Libby & Miles have had the wonderful opportunity of having Jeanine as a teacher, for more than one year. Our daughter Libby has special needs, and had such a fantastic start with Jeanine's teaching style, warmth, & kindness. Our son Miles, although developmentally delayed, came out of his shell with her teaching. Miles had the added complexity of having cancer while in Jeanine's classroom, and she found a way, even on the hardest days to make school something he always looked forward to. She organized a SuperMiles day across the district, in honor of him, and truly left a permanent mark on his and our hearts forever. Miles sadly lost his battle while in Jeanine's classroom, but the impact on his life that she made was and is profound, she spoke at his services, and we keep in touch regularly as a result of the life changing addition she made to our families life. I am not sure if there is anyone that is more suited to receive this honor. She is certainly our district's daily Life Changer.

Patricia Moore Posted 7 months ago

Jeanine is just the warmest and kindest soul you could ever want to be around. Her students and co-workers love her for good reason. Her smile lights up a room, and you never get a sense that she is stressed or that things are not going well in her classroom. Some people are truly called--and blessed--to do what they do. Without a doubt, Jeanine is one of these.

Michela Champlin Posted 7 months ago

Our family is beyond blessed to be lucky enough to call Jeanine our children’s teacher. She is wonderful and kind and caring. She takes time to get to know her students and families. I could not ask for a better start to our children’s education.

Bob Posted 7 months ago

Wow! Could not be prouder of you! Always realized you were special and now everyone knows!

Rita Healy Posted 7 months ago

I am so proud to call Jeanine my sister and so happy she's receiving this well deserved recognition. I have learned so much from her as I raise my own child. Jeanine has incredible patience, kindness, and understanding, not just with her students but with everyone in her life. Her perspective and advice are invaluable to me and so many others. I always remember my sister wanting to be a teacher - she was born to do it! She's an absolute natural, while also continuing to learn herself about child development, different teaching methods, and so much more and the continual learning is what, to me, makes the best teacher.

Sally Andreozzi Posted 7 months ago

I have had the privilege to work with Jeanine Healy Mankoff for the past 15 years, so that means I have been in awe of her for that long. Jeanine isn't just a remarkable educator but an amazing person. Over the years I've been able to truly understand what a dedicated teacher is by watching and working with Jeanine. Every child that enters her room is her biggest priority and they're success is her sole goal. Jeanine spends the majority of her day not just teaching but getting to know her students and ways to best engage them with strategies that will help them develop a sense of security and confidence in the classroom. It's as if Jeanine coined the phrase "no child left behind" because that is how she operates and educates. She is equally committed to the parents of her students. She creates a working relationship based on compassion, empathy, intelligence and a true sense that she is as committed and invested in their child's success as they are. To me Jeanine isn't just an exemplary teacher but one of my most treasured friends. I'm so fortunate to have been able to share my work day with the kindest, funniest, talented and brightest women, who has had such a positive impact on my life. I'm so lucky that as I leave Chariho after 25 years, I got to spend most of it working with the Marvelous Mrs. Mankoff!

Kate English Posted 7 months ago

Not only is Jeanine an incredibly dedicated and caring teacher to her students, but she's also raising three fantastic children of her own. An educator inside and outside the classroom, Jeanine is always on, finding a teaching opportunity in the smallest moments of life, but in a fun way that the kids don't even realize they are learning! Beyond the school district she works in, she also gives back as an active member of the PTO in her children's district.

Giuseppe Gencarelli Posted 7 months ago

I am so honored that Jeanine Healy Mankoff has been nominated for such a touching award. I cannot think of another educator worthy of such distinction. She has positively touched the lives of EVERY SINGLE student and family that she has ever encountered. Yes, every single one! Amazing doesn’t even capture how wonderful Jeanine is. You would have to just observe her uncanny ways to reach each student at such varying abilities in an integrated pre-school classroom. Often times people refer to superstar athletes like Michael Jordan and Joe Montana as having a God given talent, but Jeanine also has a God given talent as being a superstar educator. Jeanine is compassionate, transparent, and all-around a wonderful human being.

Gabriella Richardson Posted 7 months ago

Jeanine is so deserving of this title! She made my son’s first two years of school so fun and memorable! She is a great teacher with a kind heart. Her students are so lucky to have a teacher like her!

Donna McLaughlin Posted 7 months ago

Ms. Mankoff came to us about 20 or so years ago with such enthusiasm and a sparkle in her eyes that has never left! She is a wonderful teacher and I won’t forget her.

Erica Giorno Posted 7 months ago

Jeanine has been a dear friend to me for almost 10 years. However, our relationship does not end at being friends, because she is truly more like family. The joy that she takes in being an educator is clear evidence of her passion for children, their successful growth, health and well being. She has love for each and every child that sets foot in her classroom, and their needs are always top priority. She is one of the first people I come to when I am concerned for children's educational and mental health needs. She is knowledgeable, creative, compassionate, patient and determined to make the very best of any situation, even when faced with adversity. The love that Jeanine has for her husband and family is immeasurable. Her three children are loved to the core, and undoubtedly will grow to be responsible, respectful contributing members of society because of the love and guidance they receive from their Mother. There is no one more deserving of this beautiful award.

Kimberly StClair Posted 7 months ago

Jeannine is an amazing teacher! She works with the youngest of students giving them the most positive of learning experiences.

Debra McBride Posted 7 months ago

Jeanine also goes above and beyond to assist other preschool teachers! She is busy with her own classroom, and with her family at home, yet she never hesitates to make time to meet with me to offer guidance, and helpful suggestions when I have contacted her. She is a fabulous resource, and she truly cares about all children & families in the Chariho area, not just the children in her own classroom.