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Tierra Mims

Position: Crosswalk / Playground Monitor
School: Lakeview Intermediate School
School District: Yukon Public Schools
City, State: Yukon, OK

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Tierra Mims was nominated by Ashley Mendenhall, the parent of a student.

"Every day, as I'm driving by school, I see Tierra with a smile on her face," said Mendenhall. "She's always very happy to see the kids, interacting with them, dancing, and just being a really joyful person. I think she's a LifeChanger because when I'm in a bad mood and I know I'm driving by the school, I'm always cheerful because her smile brightens my day. My kids love her; they brag about how wonderful she is on the playground, as well as in the lunch room. She is so attentive and loving, and we are so glad to have her to represent Yukon Public Schools!"

Comments (3)

Jason Harris Posted over a year ago

She is freaking awesome person that puts others before herself! I feel very comfortable with my son Derek walking to school with her around. We need more people like her!

Freedom Posted over a year ago

Tierra definitely deserves this honor! She’s such a sweet, caring, an amazing individual and my son absolutely adores her!! My son has anxiety and she’s wonderful my son brags about her. Tierra is a life changer. She radiates positivity and always smiling. If your having a bad day you can drive by Lakeview and she changes your day in an instance. I can’t brag about Tierra enough not only is she a great co worker she’s a great individual! Thank you Tierra for being you!

Nakisha Howard Posted over a year ago

T is an amazing kind soul! When you are not having a good day or feeling down. She always makes you laugh. She does have some good dancing skills. She is a life changer because she is one person that will listen to you and then make things feel better. I’m so proud of her for doing this job and making a difference in a kids life.