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Allyson Bey

Position: Eighth Grade Science Teacher
School: Salem City Middle School
School District: Salem City School District
City, State: Salem, NJ

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Allyson Bey was nominated by her daughter, Messlao Bey.

"I believe that my mother, Allyson Bey, is a LifeChanger because she goes above and beyond as a teacher. She gives her students the care and support that they deserve through her teaching and interaction with them," Messlao said. 

Mrs. Bey provides a safe and fun learning environment for her kids. She helps them find enjoyment in their education so it sticks and carries on with them later on in life. She enhances the learning experience, whether it's by making the class interactive and hands-on to give the students new experiences, or by lightening the mood of the classroom setting so her students can be free to open up and express themselves. By making education something fun and enjoyable, the information and experience sticks, and students truly retain the information they are taught. This is the biggest part of education itself.

Mrs. Bey is a pillar of support for children in need, acting as not only their teacher, but their support system, as well. Her students look up to her as a role model and find comfort in opening up to her about their personal problems and issues where they'd normally be afraid to reach out for help.

"Long after students have moved on and graduated high school, they reach out and thank her for being there when they needed her most," Messlao said. "I've met many of them just by my mother running into them at places such as the grocery store or the mall, and it's always a heart warming experience."

In addition to being a science teacher, Mrs. Bey has also coached the women's basketball team and helped students enter the Odyssey of the Mind creative problem-solving competition. She has given her students a chance to travel outside of their comfort zone and their environment to put their skills to the test, leading to memorable experiences and opportunities they might have never had before.

"Allyson Bey puts her best foot forward in everything that she does, and I believe that the impact that she has on her students' lives makes her a LifeChanger," Messlao said.