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Tricia Abbott

Position: Kindergarten Teacher
School: Hope Valley Elementary School
School District: Chariho Regional School District
City, State: Hope Valley, RI

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Tricia Abbott was nominated by a colleague, Mary Ann Mello.

"Tricia Abbott was born to be a Kindergarten teacher," Mello said. "In the 18 years that I have worked with her, I have seen her give her heart and soul to her students and school. Tricia gives countless hours to make sure that her students receive the nurture they need along with their education. Tricia has gone above and beyond her duties to make "happy" phone calls to parents to ensure that each child's strengths are highlighted. She is able to command control of her classroom in a loving way, and students respond."

"This past Spring, when we all had to move to distance learning, Tricia worked wonders with her kindergarten students," said Mello. "She connected with them and provided them with the social emotional support they needed. Through her dance parties and fun interactive games, Tricia was able to stay connected with the students. Whenever I get to observe her in action, I am in awe of her ability to make teaching a room of 5 and 6 year olds easy."

Ms. Abbott has been a member of the Hope Valley Community for over 20 years and has received recognition for her excellence in teaching at the district level. She is known throughout the community, and requests for her classroom are in high demand. Ms. Abbott is able to find the positive in every student and forms bonds with each and every one of them. Her students leave kindergarten knowing that they are loved, respected and cared for. She's a team player who is willing to help anyone out when she can.

"I am privileged to be her colleague and honored to be her friend," said Mello.

Comments (17)

caiden james abbott Posted over a year ago

thats my mommy i love her!

caiden james abbott Posted over a year ago

thats my mom!

Paula Stone Posted over a year ago

Tricia Was the BEST Teacher for my daughter , Tricia got a daughter to open up, Went we went in Covid lock down. Tricia helped my daughter , But also helped myself. With the computer Programs , Thank You So Much MRS. ABBOTT MISS YOU

Marilyn grant Posted over a year ago

I was in my third year of weekly volunteering in Tricia Abbott’s classroom when schools closed because of COVID. It was such a pleasure to see an amazing, loving, supportive, experienced teacher at work. The dedication to each child is key to her success with her class. She establishes firm control in a fun way and works to get the best out of each student and instills in them respect for themselves and each other. I miss going to HV school so much. Congratulations Ms Abbott! You’ve got this!!

Caleb Grant Posted over a year ago

Mrs Abbott, in a nutshell, is the PERFECT kindergarten teacher, blending her innumerable teaching tools with a balanced mix of silly fun and consistent expectations. I have volunteered and/or assisted many times in her classroom (two of my daughters were her students) and she has an unmatched skill for finding and using each teachable moment; encouraging kids to learn from their mistakes without feeling any shame, celebrate every one of their achievements, and showing them how to be kind to themselves and one another. This social skills piece is an invaluable foundation in life and in school, and far from easy to incorporate while covering all the academics Mrs. Abbott also has to teach. This is why I say she is perfect: she sets up a vibrant environment where there are clear rules, taking the time to teach and explain to each student why those rules exist, and then she uses this environment to propel the students on a super-charged learning path that is fun, exciting, silly, and challenging. She creates a space for her students where they can’t help but feel loved, safe, and valued.

Colleen Lucas Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Abbott has been amazing this year with my daughter Hailey. She manages to spend time with both distance learners as well as the in person kids. Hailey has been distance learning the whole year, and I know that I owe a huge part of her success to Mrs. Abbott. Hailey is excited to get on her zoom calls every day, to sing songs and March around with her teachers and friends. Mrs. Abbott makes it fun for everyone in the class even during these difficult distance learning times. We are very lucky to have Mrs. Abbott for our teacher and couldn’t imagine this Kindergarten year without her!!

Jasmin Roy Posted over a year ago

Mrs Abbott has managed to help my son see that learning can be fun. Zander celebrates the dance party!!! During this time where learning is a challenge, Tricia has eased my mind about DL and shown that her skills of adaptability hasn’t slowed the learning bus down! Yeah Mrs.Abbott!!! Congratulations on your nomination! Best of luck ????

Jennifer Marie Clarke Posted over a year ago

Mrs.Abbott goes above and beyond. My kids both had her and she is still a part of their lives, she still is available for them when they need a virtual hug or someone to talk to. Even over Christmas break she set up a zoom to meet with my son. In the classroom or online she doesn't let the small stuff bother her and teaches the kids the difference between big problems and little problems.

Jasmin Roy Posted over a year ago

Mrs Abbott has managed to help my son see that learning can be fun. Zander celebrates the dance party!!! During this time where learning is a challenge, Tricia has eased my mind about DL and shown that her skills of adaptability hasn’t slowed the learning bus down! Yeah Mrs.Abbott!!! Congratulations on your nomination! Best of luck ????

Michela Champlin Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Abbott is an amazing kindergarten teacher. From inside the classroom to virtual learning, she gives so much thought to the needs of her students. She is kind, encouraging and demonstrates amazing classroom management. She teaches her students to be lovers of learning, good team members, and kind people. I am beyond thankful that my son has the honor of having Mrs. Abbott as his teacher for his first year of his school career.

Giuseppe Gencarelli Posted over a year ago

It is with great pleasure to leave a comment for such a dedicated and passionate educator. As principal of Hope Valley School, I can unequivocally state that Tricia goes above and beyond EVERY SINGLE DAY. She is a role model that has impacted every single one of her students over the 20+ years of teaching Kindergarten. You need a special skill to even teach K but you have to have that special touch to be able to educate 5 year olds who always WANT to come to school. If you ask the hundreds of students she has taught, I can guarantee that every one of them would tell you how much they loved going to school. What more can a teacher ask for.

Alison Ward Posted over a year ago

I have known Tricia for most of my life. Ironically, my dad happened to be one of her favorite teachers as she will show you in her childhood memory book and now, I'm fortunate to get to work alongside her everyday at Hope Valley Elementary as the teacher librarian. To say she is good at what she does with five year-olds is an understatement. She is perfectly suited for this role. She is enthusiastic and authentic and tells her students how much she loves them. Tricia is able to connect with each student who enters her classroom and to witness this is an honor. Her students are so lucky to be so loved in her classroom and have such a special place to learn and grown in the student's first year of school.

Fran Smith Posted over a year ago

Some people were born to educators:Tricia Abbott is one of those people. Her passion for teaching is obvious to anyone who has observed her classroom in progress. I have had the pleasure of working with Tricia in her classroom as a Paraprofessional on and off for the past 23 years and have witnessed first hand how she makes learning fun and attainable for all. At risk children are often placed in her classroom because of her caring and positive approach to their social emotional and educational needs.Tricia is passionate about her role and has often laughed and shared "happy tears" with her students because of their progress. Life lessons are intertwined within the educational school day for her students on a daily basis. Interesting fact about Mrs. Abbott is that tacos are her favorite meal! Taco Tuesday every week is a special day in her classroom where at 3:00 you will find her ...complete with her taco hat,taco shirt and pants dancing to Raining Tacos with her students at their dance party. I am amazed at the progress of all her students throughout the school year. Tricia is truly a life changer and I have been just as fortunate as her students to be in her presence. Congratulations my friend.

Pat Moore Posted over a year ago

Trish Abbott loves her kids and they know it! She knows how to draw out the shy, reserved child, and encourage ALL the kiddos to respect and affirm each other. Her class is a safe and loving place where children can both grow in their confidence--and be challenged (while having fun!). Along with ABCs and 123s, she teaches life lessons and community values in a way that really sticks with these littles. I love working alongside her in the classroom because I learn so much from her every single time I'm in there. She is a supportive and caring professional. She loves serving her kiddos and they bloom in her care!

Becky Champlin Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Abbott is truly amazing. She makes parents at ease with putting their children in her capable and caring hands and she embraces every child with the comfort and support needed for their own success. My son Austin loved every moment in Mrs Abbott’s class and can’t wait to talk to her when he sees her in town or at the baseball field. One of the most memorable moments was when his little sister Alexis found out she too would have Mrs. Abbott; he was so excited that she was going to have “the best teacher and best year ever!” Both of our children had such an amazing experience transitioning into school thanks to Mrs. Abbott. I hope the community has many more years of watching her end of the school year play and listening to her read Mrs. Spitzer’s Garden. She is the personification of this book as she nurtures and cultivates her students to all be writers, readers, mathematicians and scientists at the end of kindergarten. We absolutely adore Mrs. Abbott.

Jeanine Mankoff Posted over a year ago

Tricia is such an inspiring teacher and mom! She is often seen at the hockey rink completing work from school while supporting her 4 children. Tricia has an infectious energy that makes you want to join in the fun. Her children quickly feel they are loved and safe in her care. She inspires children to believe in themselves to rise to the highest learning expectations. Congratulations, Tricia, on a wonderful career! We are so blessed to work with you and learn from you!

Tom Meade Posted over a year ago

Toward the end of the school year, Mrs. Abbott's morning at home and in the car hadn't gone well. In the classroom, she gathered her kindergarten students around her reading chair. She said she was feeling both sad and angry, and asked the little ones if they had any suggestions to help. One student suggested she close her eyes and breathe deeply. Another offered to get her a glass of water. A third child thought that talking to other adults -- her friends -- might help. Another suggested that she think happy (positive) thoughts. I will remember that moment always. One by one, the 5-year-olds spoke of kindness and strategies for life change.