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Christine Harris

Position: Kindergarten Teacher
School: Epperly Heights Elementary School
School District: Mid-Del School District
City, State: Del City, OK

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Christine Harris' nominator would like to remain anonymous.

Mrs. Harris is the definition of a unicorn teacher. She is glitter, sparkles, rainbows, and love. Her very personality is sunshine.  She spends her day ensuring that no student feels unappreciated, whether they're in her class or not. She does everything she can to ensure her kids know love, kindness, and joy.  Her class is magical and full of wonder and knowledge. She cries, laughs, and plays with her students. She wants them to feel welcome in the classroom and to be excited to learn. Mrs. Harris wants students to feel encouraged to be who they are and to be the very best they can be, regardless of skill level, background, and means. Each and every student is equal, receiving the very best she can give. She reaches them in ways that mean something to each individual student. She does not teach every student the same way, but finds a way to teach and reach each student how they need to be reached. From laying on the carpet to read a story, to a wiggle seat, to a unicorn chair, to hopping up and down, it doesn't matter. If it reaches a child, she will do it. 

Mrs. Harris gives her whole self to her class every day.  She ensures that her students know their worth and value to her and to the world.  She teaches her students self-regulation and mindfulness so that they are able to adapt to the changes and struggles they are facing.  Mrs. Harris says, "I love you, I see you and I hear you." Her students know she will be there no matter what happens, not only while they are in her class, but as they grow and move on.  She is helping them grow and become little people.  Each of her students are her babies, and she wants them to know that they can do anything. She does not quit.  She does not give up.  Every student is reachable to her. She will find a way. 

Mrs. Harris provides for her kids. Whether it's snacks, clothes, lunch, or goals, whatever it is, she gives it freely, not only in her class, but in the school community.  There is nothing she wouldn't give if she was able to provide for her kids, school, and community.  She freely gives her time, self, and resources.  She is committed to building a community of students and families that work together for success, both inside and outside the classroom. Mrs. Harris connects with families and participates in their events outside of school so that they feel supported in all they do. She spends her time on what she considers most valuable: the little people she is helping to grow. 

Mrs. Harris takes every opportunity to teach and help other teachers in the district and community through trainings on self-regulation and mindfulness.  She reaches out to support others, not only within her own school and program, but district-wide, as well. She is willing to lend a hand to teachers in need of training, guidance, supplies, or even just a kind ear to hear their needs. Mrs. Harris participates in several school and district committees, and she also serves as the Kindergarten team lead. She works to maintain her professional certificate and takes time to grow her knowledge through trainings and classes that make her better and stronger as an educator. It's her personal goal to be the very best she can be. She does not back down from a challenge, but embraces it and takes the time to let it make her better. She has won several awards within her school and has been nominated for several national awards for greatness in education. Mrs. Harris works hard to make sure that she never stops growing as an educator. 

"Christine is the definition of what a teacher should be," said her nominator. "She always says that someday, her students will move on. It's her goal that she will have given enough of herself that her students won't need her anymore , but someday, they will remember the unicorn teacher that taught them to love themselves and to love learning.  She loves what she does and pours herself into every part of her classroom, into every student she teaches, and into every part of her job.  Teaching is her calling, and I am so proud to get to be a part of her journey."

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Conner Posted over a year ago

Will said! This would be an honor for Mrs.Harris to receive this award. Very deserving.

Janna Posted over a year ago

Couldn't agree more

Kira Johnson Posted over a year ago

This describes her to a T! She has taught two of my four children, but loves them all equally. She deserves to win!