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Heather Voss

Position: Math Teacher/Coach
School: Francis Tuttle Technology Center
School District: Francis Tuttle Technology Center
City, State: Oklahoma City, OK

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Heather Voss' nominator would like to remain anonymous.

"Heather is the most engaging secondary math teacher I know," said her nominator. "Her class is engaging and fascinating.  She is always thinking outside the box to find ways to get her students to engage with learning.  She creates escape rooms, scavenger hunts, and math games that are practical and engaging.  Her class is never boring.  Even her bitmojo classroom has something for each and every student.  She has found ways, even virtually, to keep her students excited about lessons and curriculum.  Even from afar, she is drawing students in! She is teaching students to love math and to use it everyday."

Ms. Voss takes time to involve herself in community activities with her students and to be involved in their school lives outside of her classroom. She assists by teaching other classes as necessary, even outside of her own field of expertise. In the process, she's learning how to support her students and other staff members. She takes constructive criticism to grow herself professionally, and she's constantly seeking out ways to become better through classes and trainings.  She is National Board certified and is a mentor and guide for other teachers seeking National Board certification. Ms. Voss is trying to better the teaching community from the inside out and strives to hold herself to the highest standard of teaching and professionalism. 

Ms. Voss takes time to reach out to students and their families.  She engages with parents and helps them better support their child's learning and growth.  Parent input is important, and Ms. Voss actively seeks parents to hep students achieve goals within her program. She takes time to teach, reteach, tutor, and correct.

"Heather Voss is the best math teacher I have ever known," said her nominator.

Comments (2)

Linda Farrand Posted over a year ago

Way to go Heather. I know you are very creative When it comes to helping your students and others to understand and use calculus and other forms of math. Whether it’s your student, a relative from across the country or a friends child in another town. I know you are always willing to help anyone that need help with math. Congratulations on your nomination and best of luck.

Karen Ortiz Posted over a year ago

Couldn't be prouder of my bestie!