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Brandee Lee

Position: Special Education Paraprofessional
School: Hiawatha Elementary School
School District: Hiawatha Schools USD 415
City, State: Hiawatha , KS

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Brandee Lee was nominated by Kimberly Krauter, the parent of a student.

"Every day, Brandee shows up to be the best she can be for my daughter. She loves my daughter like her own child and pushes her to be her best," said Krauter. "Paras never get the recognition they deserve, and Brandee is truly one of the best.  She isn't afraid to voice her opinions when she feels Mady isn't getting what she needs and deserves.  She communicates with me daily by sending videos to show me Mady's progress and things she is doing throughout the day.  This means a lot to me, since Mady is non-verbal and can't tell me about her days.  I have never heard Brandee complain once about all the extra duties she has, and she always does them with a smile.  It is the best feeling in the world to know that you are sending your child to be with someone who sees their potential and challenges them each and every day.  Being able to trust that Mady is in the best hands when she isn't with me is a feeling I can't describe.  Brandee goes over and beyond her job to make sure Mady is safe and is getting the best education possible.  She is amazing!"

Comments (5)

Shayla Mohr Posted over a year ago

Thank you Brandee for loving Mady, teaching her. and helping her achieve. It is wonderful to know that she has someone like you that loves her as much as we do! I enjoy the videos Kim shares as well. Mady will do great things with great people like you in her corner!

Linda Bodenhausen Posted over a year ago

Well deserved nomination Brandee! You are a positive, thoughtful, caring & organized person. I’m privileged to get to work with you & I appreciate all you do for the students.

Leah McPeak Posted over a year ago

Love this!!!!

Hollie Williams Posted over a year ago

We feel the exact same way! Brandee is also a para everyday for our daughter Tenley who is 8 with epilepsy. She has taken the initiative to learn about Tenley’s epilepsy...her VNS and come in extra days to train with her service dog. She sends pictures and is always involved with her needs. She challenges her when she needs challenged and loves her when she needs loved. Tenley doesn’t eat well and the two paras will get Chinese noodles just so she’ll eat lunch!! We are so lucky!!!

Lisa Snyder Posted over a year ago

Brandee is my 1st born... she absolutely loves children and loves helping kids become the best they can... she loves the kids she is a para for as her own.