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Maya Comaduran

Position: Principal's Secretary
School: Benson High School
School District: Benson Unified School District
City, State: Benson, AZ

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Maya Comaduran was nominated by her principal, Ben Rodriguez.

Ms. Comaduran has been Rodriguez' assistant for seven years at Benson High School. She carries herself with such a positive demeanor, offers her all with customer service, builds relationships with everyone, effectively manages the office staff, and schedules Rodriguez' calendar six to eight weeks out. Her diligence allows Rodriguez to visit classrooms twice a week to help them improve.

"I consider Maya as a role model of excellence in our school community. I believe her drive to keep us focused and organized as a team has helped us outscore our state and county test scores five years in a row," Rodriguez said.

Relationships are important to Ms. Comaduran. She is a servant leader who always offers her support to kids, families, and staff. In the office, she regularly brings cakes to celebrate her colleagues' birthdays.  She also takes the time to get to know every family and child in the high school. This becomes apparent when she interacts with stakeholders during parent teacher conferences.

"I believe her work has played a big role in the achievements of our school, including the Arizona School Board Association’s highest honor of the Golden Bell First Place Award for the “Stars for Student Connections Program," the "Cochise County Program of the Year,"  "Expect More Arizona’s Judges First Place Pick," and the "AZ Civic Engagement Award" for building relationships of trust that impact school culture and student achievement," Rodriguez said.

For Ms. Comaduran, this isn't simply a job to her - she works to make a difference for students and staff. She takes on an award-winning leadership role that includes monitoring a weekly intervention process called Conference Advisory and Reteach (CAR).  She leads the effort to make sure that all struggling students attend reteach programs in math and English, while the rest of the student population attends a conference advisory period for 45 minutes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This proactive strategy confirms her commitment to excellence. She is a loyal team player, and her efforts have helped the school produce tremendous gains in mathematics scores.

"I am particularly impressed by her growth mindset. She is always willing to reflect on data to get better in her role," Rodriguez said. "Maya's dedication, energy, and knowledge in this role has helped make me a better principal. She has helped me work to stay energized as a leader and has helped keep me close to 40 hours a week where most principals work 60-80 hours."

Rodriguez credits Ms. Comaduran with helping him achieve accolades and gain recognition for his own work, which would have been far more difficult without her.

"Maya is truly deserving of the LifeChanger of the Year Spotlight Award, as we consider her a true champion of education in our school community," Rodriguez said.

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Comments (22)

Megan Moreno Posted over a year ago

Maya is well deserving of this nomination! She keeps us all on track and makes sure that we are well informed of everything going on. It takes a lot to effectively run a high school and I know for certain that ours wouldn't run as smoothly without Maya. On top of her regular job duties, Maya also helps me a tremendous amount as a Co-Adviser for FBLA. As a new Adviser, Maya has graciously worked with me and has shown me the ropes. She is patient with my lack of knowledge and never hesitates to take on tasks to make sure things are done in a timely manner. Whether its scheduling transportation for our officer retreat or making multiple trips to Costco to stock up on muffins for our fundraiser, Maya does it all with a positive attitude. She is a joy to be around and consistently makes me laugh. She calms me when I'm feeling overwhelmed and reminds me that it will all be OK! Her heart is for the education system and she truly cares for our students. She works diligently to provide them with the best experience in and out of the classroom. I am so thankful for her!

Katie Barrera Posted over a year ago

For over 15 years I have had the pleasure of knowing Maya Comaduran. She is smart, a critical thinker, business savvy, personable, and overall a good individual. As my co- adviser for Future Business Leaders of America, Maya eagerly learned the ins and outs of competition and conferences as she diligently helped plan local, state and national conference trips for students. Each trip was infused with Maya's zest for life and learning; others schools were in awe of the planning and coordination that our Chapter had in ensuring that our students had the most in-depth and fulfilling experience. To say Maya is a "life changer" is an understatement, because Maya is not just there for a moment or a singular event or change, Maya is there for the long days, the hard weeks, and the stressful years. As a teacher I knew I could always go talk to Maya and she would listen, contribute, and care. As Maya's friend she is there when I need a laugh, a sounding wall, or the comfort of a trusted confidant. Upon leaving education for private industry, Maya was the one person I trusted to carry the banner for FBLA, which I held so near and dear to my heart. She took on that challenge and deserves the greatest respect for all she does as an Adviser. We think about heroes as those who come in during times of peril and save the day, but with Maya she is there everyday, she has served the school, community, and staff of Benson Schools with unselfish and genuine efforts. Students and teachers alike need role models like Maya, hard workers who care, who challenge, who do not accept defeat. Maya's gracious smile, tremendous work ethic, and heart felt conversation always brings calm to the storm, which anyone in education knows can come at any time on a high school campus. Maya is a life changer, and I am proud to call her my friend and am blessed to have worked with her.

Margaret Faith De Lue Posted over a year ago

Patient, Resourceful, Timely, a true asset to staff & students.

Brenda Kurtz Posted over a year ago

When I first started working here, I was greeted by a warm and friendly face. Maya promotes a culture of positivity and enthusiasm. She is always there to help no matter how much is on her plate. We ask her to do a lot for us: organizing intervention attendance, troubleshooting any issues big or small around campus, communicating events around campus, and just being a support to go to when we need comfort. She does all of this on top of her "regular" job without complaint. She brings a smile to work every day and greets us all as we arrive. She is not only there for the staff, but she also helps our kids with the same caring and diligence. She is truly deserving of the award because she has changed many lives on campus just by being a powerful presence and a kind heart.

Micah Mortensen Posted over a year ago

Maya Comaduran is a winner! She works diligently to ensure everything is running smoothly at Benson High School. Whenever I need a question answered, I ask Maya. Her positive attitude and her diligent work ethic are infectious. Benson High School staff and students are blessed to have Maya.

Darin Giltner Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Comaduran is a LifeChanger and for many a lifesaver, congratulations on being nominated! She is the face and voice of our campus, keeping us all organized each and every day. Her attention to detail is what makes her a LifeChanger. She understands that clear communication and a smile go a long way in setting the tone for our campus. She goes above and beyond her duties to ensure that everyone on our campus feels welcome and informed. She is a willing listener and truly enjoys getting to know the students and families we serve. She understands that the smallest of gestures can make someone's day and knows that the impact she may make on an individuals life could be immediate or years down the line. This is an awesome responsibility that all school employees are entrusted with and she exemplifies this through her daily interactions with all of our stakeholders. We are fortunate to have Maya as part of our excellent staff helping to change all of our students' lives in the most positive of ways.

Carole Irizarry Pierce Posted over a year ago

Maya is definitely deserving of this award. She made the highschool years with my daughter so awesome. I coyld always count on her kind, supportive voice on the other end of the line!!

Tree Snovel Posted over a year ago

Maya has been a smiling face in my life since my oldest child started high school 7 (8?) years ago! Thanks for all you’ve done over the years Maya! You’re support for all of the students at BHS is definitely deserving of the Life Changee award!

Lori Fortner Posted over a year ago

I agree with all Mr Rodriguez stated. My daughter graduated from BHS last year and I can truly say Maya helped us the WHOLE way. I would email Maya even during the summers and she would go above and beyond helping us with needs. At every function she would make a point to talk with everyone. She always made you feel like your child was important to her, which I believe they are. I can say Maya made a huge difference to our family, our community and is DEFINITELY well deserved of this recognition.

Olivia Young Posted over a year ago

Charismatic, dedicated, generous & determined are just a few things of what describe Maya Comaduran. She does so much for the students, staff and community. Not only is she involved with all the student activities, she is also big into vollentrering in the community. Please consider her for the LifeChanger of the year award.

Heather Posted over a year ago

Benson is a special place. And the schools are as well. Maya goes beyond what is asked of her for the kids and staff. She knows families and their needs and goes out of her way to let admin and staff know when a kiddo needs extra help or support. She has the ability to be positive and firm at the same time and sets the tone for the office which in turn sets the tone for the kids and staff as well. I know she has gone through boxes of Kleenex doing her job and never lets go of the goal. Help the kids. Teach the kids. Mentor the kids. Love the kids. Get kids to their ultimate goal of graduation. Which by the way she runs like a well oiled machine. I am proud to have worked with her and entrusted my kids to her. And I still do. Well deserved nomination for sure. Kids first

Katrina Jansson Posted over a year ago

As one of many teachers that run to Maya on a daily basis, I can’t even begin to count how often she goes above and beyond to be wherever she is needed and to do whatever needs to be done. She is the “go to” for 90% of my questions and guides me to the right person for the other 10%. Maya takes it a step further in working to make Benson High School a place where you are not only welcome, but at home.

Stephanie Moller Posted over a year ago

Maya was such an inspiration and a role model. She was in the office while I was in high school. Every time I entered the office she made sure to greet and talk to the students present. Not only she would greet us, she so made sure we were not just another student in the office but cared for is all. I was thankful to be a t.a. my senior year for her.

Rocio Varela Posted over a year ago

I graduated 5 years ago and I cannot tell you the impact this woman has had on my life still to this day. I’ve never met a more cheerful, and uplifting person with such an eager desire to help others. I was involved in a lot of clubs that always landed me running errands in the office and the best and most memorable part of it all was Ms. Maya’s smile- she lights up the entire room with it. There’s something truly beautiful about an individual that’s so involved with the community- especially the youth that leaves such a large and positive impact on so many lives. In a time that can be difficult for any and all teens- just trying to figure out who they are and how they fit in the transition into adulthood and what they’ll contribute to life and the world around them- this woman’s positivity and happiness really goes a long way in finding comfort in that process. If anyone deserves it- it’s Maya.

Emily Rosengarten Posted over a year ago

Maya was a large influence over my time in high school. She persuaded me to get involved in Future Business Leaders of America, an endeavor that changed my life. She was always there to help me whenever I needed it, whether it was with club endeavors, graduation preparation, or overall life advice. I would not be where I am today without Maya helping to guide me in the right direction.

Kara Lehmann Posted over a year ago

Maya is amazing and definitley deserves this award!!! I am a BHS graduate and she was a very significant part of my high school career.

Joy Berryhill Posted over a year ago

Maya is a true inspiration to all of us here at BHS. She works hard and helps with every situation we encounter. She is a supporter of all things Benson. She is a role model for our kids and a true bobcat! I know I speak for more than just myself when I say we are extremely lucky to have Maya as a coworker and especially as a friend.

Kristy Reynolds Posted over a year ago

Maya is a professional secretary at Benson High School. She is welcoming and confident in what she does for us at BHS. Maya is one of our front line key employees and has a trusting relationship with staff and students alike. It is amazing to watch her care for all of us and remain professional at all times. It is not always easy to remain calm with some of what she is greeted with but she does so with grace. Maya is also a supportive staff member for our office. She is one of the first to greet us as we come in the office for the day and seems to always have home baked goods on our birthdays, which is a plus.

Margie farmer Posted over a year ago

Such a happy go lucky soul with a great way with all the kids our school wouldn't be the same without here . she is an amazing person .

Mindy Sherman Posted over a year ago

Maya is an absolute PRO!!! She is so passionate about our students, our school and our community!!! Maya keeps us all running smoothly and always with a smile, kind words and pumpkin treats!!

Susan Barney Posted over a year ago

I hold Maya Comaduran in the highest regard as far as school staff go! She is completely committed to Benson schools during school and outside of school! She always has a smile when you enter the office, she keeps the school records so organized it’s never hard for her to find things and immediately help the students, parents or alumni. Although Maya is one of the finest secretaries I have ever dealt with I’d have to say her personal relationships with staff and especially students is what sets her apart from any other secretary. The students know Maya will listen, assist and give them real words of advice and encouragement. The relationships she establishes with the students have them coming back on college breaks and after marriages to check in and tell her of their life. These types of relationships affect students for years and years to come and Maya makes sure to foster them wholeheartedly. She is a superb secretary and the principal, the district and the students are blessed to have her.

Barbara Comaduran Posted over a year ago

Maya Comaduran is my daughter-in-law. I taught school for thirty-seven years before retiring. I know the importance of a school secretary! I also know that I have personally witnessed Maya’s dedication and involvement not only to the Benson High School Staff and students but to the entire school district. Maya is involved with Future Business Leaders of America and she sponsors the high school book club. Maya also has the ability to encourage others to become involved with the school. Maya is efficient and a superior multitasker. I often hear positive comments about my daughter-in-law from people affiliated with the school and community.