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Peggy Uthmann

Position: School Secretary
School: Rice Elementary School
School District: Poudre School District
City, State: Wellington, CO

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JIm Posted over a year ago

I have known Peggy for many years. From the first time we met her when our kids were just starting at Putnam, until now were I get to work with her on a fairly regular basis at Rice. She always has a smile on her face and is always willing to help. She made such an impression on my daughter, that she stills visits with her at Rice and also gave her a graduation announcement when she graduated from high school. With the years she has worked in the Poudre School District, she has made a positive influence on many lives. Both student and parent. I can not think of a more deserving person to win this award then Peggy.

Kevin Huffman (and crew!) Posted over a year ago

There isn't an "un-favorite" at Rice Elementary, but if the question were to be asked "Who is your favorite?" ... then Mrs. Peggy would win that one!! Who knew when our girls began attending Rice that we would grow to have such a great advocate, nurturing supporter, helper for everything and such a wonderful person that we are blessed to call FRIEND? I really don't know if there is anyone who has stepped foot into Rice Elementary that does not know Mrs. Peggy. She touches all who enter this school and she somehow makes it a family. She has been there when kids get hurt or when parents have a multitude of questions and she deals with all that is thrown at her with grace, wisdom and years of experience. Our kids, like us, could not imagine a Rice Elementary without Mrs. Peggy - she truly is the BEST!!!

Kelly Suto Posted over a year ago

I am blessed to know Peggy Uthmann. I am amazed at the number of connections she has within the Fort Collins community, yet each one of those connections is a result of Peggy's remarkable ability to find some common ground with each interaction. Peggy has a way of making those she encounters feel valued and that she genuinely cares. She is a loving mother, grandmother, friend, and coworker. Peggy has dedicated decades to supporting kids and families in each school environment fortunate enough to have her as an integral member of the office staff or assisting in the classroom. Peggy is very deserving of this honor!

Kristy Lavelle Posted over a year ago

I have the unique privilege of being both a parent of students at Rice, as well as a substitute in the school. Peggy's dedication to the Rice community is beyond measure. While she is highly efficient and professional in her work, she also provides a wealth of knowledge to both parents and staff. Peggy's huge heart for the kids at Rice is evident through a hug, a smile, a bandage or pack of ice that she gives so thoughtfully. She is such a treasure!

Eric Jungen Posted over a year ago

I have noticed that Peggy has been a steadfast anchor for the school and parents since our first child started at Rice 8 years ago and this continues as our third child is in 3rd grade this year. The kids and parents love her, she makes the effort to know every kid, She never ceases to amaze me in how she pulls the kids, teachers and staff together. Always friendly and ready to help when you call and need something. She proactively lets you know how your child is doing and if she sees any issues or is worried in any way, her care for the kids is genuine and it shows. I personally adore her and look forward to my visits so I get to see her.

Kevin Uthmann Posted over a year ago

My mother has dedicated her career in the school system for the sake of helping kids. She's always active in the community. She's always got a friendly hello with a smile for every parent and child. She quick and efficient with any task presented to her. She's been a great role model as a mom, and a PSD employee.

lisa steketee Posted over a year ago

Peggy is all of the best aspects of social media in human form. She knows all of our school families, who they are connected to, and how they are doing. I am constantly amazed at how many bits of information she gathers, synthesizes, and shares when needed. Like the matriarch of an elephant herd, Peggy guides us all through the ebb and flow of our school year sharing her wisdom, and caring for the young ones. She understands when a child just needs a walk to the nurse to have a little break and will take a temperature when it is not really needed. She also knows when a child needs some consoling, or a call home for a parent to come get them. The kids love her and so do I. She is such an assert to our school.

Gretchen Lenzner Posted over a year ago

I cannot even start writing about Peggy without smiling and getting teary eyed! Our school is so lucky to have this amazing person taking care of us and supporting each of us through so much. I absolutely adore Peggy because of her kind heart and all the many ways she takes care of our school. Staff and students both rely and go to Peggy for everything. She is the backbone of our school because of her wealth of knowledge and energy to keep everything flowing so smoothly. Peggy can handle whatever situation or conversation is put in front of her and is the best first impression for newcomers to meet when visiting Rice Elementary. Not only is Peggy amazing at what she does for our school, families, and staff but she is also a very loving and sweet lady. Peggy is a dear friend of mine and I feel so lucky to get to work with her every day.

Leeann Ekanger Posted over a year ago

Peggy is THE backbone of Rice Elementary. She is such a hard worker. We can tell she cares about all the kids and families. She always has a smile even when it gets busy. Her determination and efficiency when it comes to her work is amazing. I truly hope every school has a Peggy!

Natalia Ferreira Posted over a year ago

Ms. Peggy is the person you go to when everything is going right, she will be ready with a laugh, high five, and one of the best smiles! She is also the person you can turn to when things aren't going the best, Peggy will support, listen and help in any way she can. Peggy is the first person you see when walking into Rice, her smile brightens everyone's day!

Mandy Benedict Posted over a year ago

I cherish our Pegs. She is my coworker, friend, and smiling face when I need a laugh. Her calm demeanor and the way she interacts with children, parents and teachers is absolutely priceless and she is an example to us all. No matter how hectic, crazy or out of the ordinary things get she handles it in a professional way. The children LOVE Miss Peggy and the positive energy she brings to our building is appreciated! There are many amazing people on our staff, but Peggy stands out and goes above and beyond to create a warm and positive environment in the midst of what can be a stressful job! Thank you for being you Peggy!!!!

Kim Lang Posted over a year ago

I feel blessed to work side by side with Peggy everyday! She is an amazing person who greets everyone with a smiling face and open arms. She is always looking out for the best interest of our students, and makes a positive impact on anyone she sees each day!

Lyn Karnes Posted over a year ago

You have helped Kon, Kasi and their crazy mom grow in so many ways. We love our Ms. Peggy! You make me smile DAILY. Thank you for the balance you bring to our school.

Brian Hannen Posted over a year ago

A great human being and a sweet and kind individual. Peggy fills my cup immediately every time I see her and she always has a smile on her face. She drops everything to assure others are comfortable and safe. Peggy is the face of our school and the heart of humanity.

Kristin Cox Posted over a year ago

Ms. Peggy, aka Grammy, but most importantly MY Mom... I am so proud of the professional that my Mom is. She is professional, caring, and dedicated to her job. When I use the word "job", it is so much more than that. She has worked in school offices for my entire life. She has taught me how to be a good employee. I have grown up always seeing her truly care about her coworkers and the kids that she cares for. She looses sleep over situations that bother her, calls parents on her own time to check on their child that was injured at school. She took on a mother-like/nurse to a patient with severe diabetes and went out of her way to assure that her disease control didn't lapse when she was at school allowing that child to have a very normal school experience. She is the face of the school, the icing that holds the gingerbread house together. She has created a fun atmosphere, with a sincere and genuine caring for the people she interacts with daily. If you ask anybody in the Rice Elementary community, they all have been touched by her somehow. Whether that is her loving on their children, communicating with the child from the parents, or just her smile and knowing their name when they walk in the front door. She is the WOMAN, and so incredibly proud to call her my MOM!