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Lindsay Judd

Position: Third Grade Teacher
School: Westfall Elementary School
School District: Choctaw-Nicoma Park Schools
City, State: Choctaw, OK

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Lindsay Judd was nominated by a friend, Landon Thomas.

Mrs. Judd truly is an angel on Earth. She can make anyone's day just by being herself. She's very polite, intelligent, creative, supportive, positive, hilarious, and so much more.

Before she became a third grade teacher at Westfall Elementary, Mrs. Judd worked as a second grade teacher at Pleasant Hill Elementary. She had a certain kind of optimism and confidence that made her an instant classic with her students and colleagues. Her class was jungle-themed, with the name being, "Mrs. Judd's Jungle Cats." She would often create and direct fun, interactive lessons for her students. For instance, in order to help her students review their class skills, Mrs. Judd would lead an activity known as "The Morning Work Game Show", where she would dress up as a game show host and her students would participate as contestants on her show. For the "Tornado Unit", her students would create news reports and pretend to be meteorologists, where they also learned about maps, cardinal directions, and water ways. Because of her creative spirit, many students in her class have wanted to become teachers just like her. 

In addition to be a second grade teacher, Mrs. Judd also served as the head Botball Coach for Pleasant Hill Elementary. She encouraged and enriched the students selected for the team, leading them to want to further their knowledge of Botball all the way through college.

"I served as an assistant coach for the team, and I have to say that Lindsay never missed a beat with those kids. They look up to her, and so do I," said Thomas. "Lindsay has taken her teaching talents to Westfall Elementary, and she is continuing to enlighten students with her fun, creative skills and spirit. I know that each and every person at Westfall loves having her as a new colleague and teacher."

Comments (14)

Shannon Shay Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Judd is a breath of fresh air! She has opened her arms and heart to the students, faculty and families of LW Westfall. She strives to make learning fun and the classroom a safe harbor in a world that is ever changing. We are blessed to have Mrs. Judd at LW Westfall and it has been a joy to watch her plant her roots in our school community.

Macy Judd Posted over a year ago

My mom, Lindsay, is the best teacher I know. She has helped me become a better person with all the knowledge she has given me. She loves her kids with a passion and helps them all individually at their pace. She always has fun things to do in her class and comes up with new ideas all the time.

Megan McMillian Posted over a year ago

I have never met anyone more passionate and perfectly made to teach. Lindsay gives the best of herself to her students and their families. I have personally worked with her prior to her teaching and can honestly say she is one of the sunniest and most influential people I have ever had the privilege of knowing. My children are not yet old enough to have Lindsay as their teacher, but I am already looking forward to the day when they walk into her classroom and she becomes the teacher they talk about so fondly even after they are grown. She is truly the definition of a life changer and I’m honored to know her.

Kimberley Leehan Posted over a year ago

As you grow up, you can only dream to find the job you are called to do. Lindsay is called to be a teacher. She teaches with love, grace, patience, and kindness. She makes a difference in every child's life. She has truly taken pride in every aspect of her teaching career and is making waves in the community and her school.

Amy Groves Posted over a year ago

I love hearing about all the creative ways she gets kids to love school and she is someone my daughter can look up to when she becomes a kindergarten teacher next year!!!!

Carol Judd Posted over a year ago

Lindsay is the TRUE example of "above and beyond". She has a PASSION for children and teaching. The time and effort she provides to help her students excel is like no other. She creates ways of learning that make her students look forward to the task. I am aware of her MAKING a paper tornado for science class, secretly putting signs in her student's yards acknowledging them for being good readers, and dressing up as a game show host for test reviews to excite her students to really learn - just to name a few. She looks out for every aspect of each student - academically, socially and physically. She truly IS a Life Changer!!

Chrissy Posted over a year ago

Lindsay is an amazing teacher and leader. She has always been a very selfless person. I've known her my entire life, she was meant to be a teacher.

Ella Lee Stewart Posted over a year ago

She is all that and more She loves her kids.

Jennifer Moore Posted over a year ago

I got the pleasure of being Mrs. Judd’s teacher assistant while she was at Pleasant Hill. To witness Morning Work Game Show was a game changer for me! I had never seen kids get so excited to be the “next contestant” to work out a math problem on the board in front of their entire class. She is passionate about her classroom and lives to go to work every single day. She wants excellence for every student academically but her ultimate goal is to make every child feel successful, loved and worthy in life. I am honored to say that Mrs. Judd is my coworker and my best friend! She is definitely changing lives one student at a time.

Jana Neisent Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Judd is a creative, fun, and engaging educator. She creates an environment where students want to learn. As a fellow educator, I love that she thinks outside the box. Mrs. Judd is constantly working to building relationships inside and outside the classroom. I’m honored to call her my friend. She definitely deserves this award.

Laura Hulbert Posted over a year ago

I support Lindsay Judd

Luke Shinkle Posted over a year ago

My family loves Lindsay! She has helped my boys love to read. Can’t say enough about her! She is truly one of the most genuine and caring person you will ever meet!

Tiffany Shinkle Posted over a year ago

How can I sum up into words the impact she has made on me, my children and the students she has been entrusted with. Teaching isn’t just a job to Lindsay, but a calling. Her optimism sees the best in her students. Her creativity fills them with a love of learning. Her encouragement carves a path for students to succeed. Lindsay doesn’t just inspire those around her, but creates learning experiences that empower learners. You’re an incredible teacher Lindsay!

Beverly Willis Posted over a year ago

No truer words were ever spoken