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Patrick Weber

Position: Principal
School: Immaculate Heart of Mary School
School District: Immaculate Heart of Mary School
City, State: Lansing, MI

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Patrick Weber was nominated by his colleague, Mary Margaret Utess.

Mr. Weber arrived at Immaculate Heart of Mary as a new principal in March of 2019. He had some experience in administration, but had not been the one in charge. He was faced with a school that had not had clear leadership in several months, and he had to make some quick changes while steering the school on a course that had already been set. In the process, he has made a positive difference in the lives of students, buoyed a troubled staff through the rocky waters of the pandemic, and been a model of moral and virtuous standards. 

Mr. Weber basically started his position in the fourth quarter. Routines had been set, but with a previous rocky situation, he had to quickly calm the waters. Students were becoming a bit edgy with the rules, and Mr. Weber was able to set clear guidelines with them. He was able to establish relationships with them. Soon, students were asking to see him, even if they didn't have a problem. They liked him! This was particularly evidenced when one of the students asked him to be his Confirmation sponsor. Mr. Weber is warmly, but distantly, embraced by his students. 

Mr. Weber has added positivity and hope to a troubled school family and staff. After being leader-less for a number of months, the school is now negotiating the COVID-19 pandemic. Teachers have retired or otherwise left their positions. Mr. Weber worked tirelessly to put trusted people in place for all students. He has remained positive throughout this process and encouraged teachers to remain positive, too. He is constantly encouraging and offering help whenever he can. Mr. Weber has offered to take a class or otherwise relieve teachers so they can take a break during these challenging times. Teachers are appreciative of his words and actions of support. 

Mr. Weber is a rock of virtue and prayer. He begins and ends every meeting with prayer. He encourages his staff to take that leadership role, but also steps in to model it for them. Mr Weber chooses a different virtue each month and uses that virtue in spoken and written word. He reminds his staff of how important it is to live the virtues. Additionally, he chose a scripture focus for this year (Matthew 5:16, "Let your light shine before people so that they will see the good things that you do and praise your Father in heaven."). He encourages parents, students, and staff to be the light. This scripture is in every communication he sends out and is prominently displayed on a bulletin board outside of the office. In fact, parents have written prayers for their children which surround the reminder to be the light. 

"Patrick is indeed a LifeChanger. He has been a positive influence on our students," said Utess. "He has established and developed a positive attitude in our school, especially among the staff, as we navigate the restless and inconsistent waters of the pandemic. Finally, he has authenticated his work through the cross of Jesus Christ. He has consistently promoted prayer and virtue among the students, staff and parents. God bless Patrick as he continues through his ministry at Immaculate Heart of Mary School."

Comments (14)

Barb Michelutti Posted over a year ago

All of this doesn’t surprise me in regards to Pat Weber. I was fortunate to work alongside him in Williamston Community Schools. He is a kind, intelligent, giving educator and a really good person. He inspires others students and teachers and always does so by example not just words. I commend Pat and congratulate him on this honor. And to the staff and students at Immaculate Heart of Mary school, you are lucky. God Bless!

Pam Easterling Posted over a year ago

I met Pat when he was with Teach for America in Marks Ms and he was assigned to stay at my house while looking for somewhere to live we immediately hit if off and became very close friends. I am so proud of him but not surprised. He has a heart of gold and is still like a son to me!!!! Keep up the good work??????

Cindy Shaffer Posted over a year ago

Pat, Congratulations on this nomination. I got tears in my eyes as a read of your leadership and faith, though I am not surprised. God bless you,

Donna Hildebrand Posted over a year ago

I'm so proud to have taught Patrick as a middle school student. He certainly brightened the entire classroom with his intelligence and humor. I'm not surprised that he has had such success in his role as principle. Keep up the good work, Pat!

Sr. Kathy Avery Posted over a year ago

I am thrilled with your nomination. What a beautiful tribute to you. I know you have worked hard. God bless you. Love you too.

Kristin McDowell Posted over a year ago

Very Inspiring! The world and our children need leaders like Patrick Weber.

Barb Smith Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Patrick! You have always been an inspiration and light in our family. So proud of you! May God Bless you and grant you a long career!

Julia Posted over a year ago

One of the only teachers I've ever liked from Williamston. Even if I had a bad attitude you never took it to heart, I remember your classroom as a positive place to be and recall you asking another teacher to leave when she started being negative towards another student in our class about assignments. You've always been a supporter and never a dull moment with conversation. Best teacher ever

Bobby D Posted over a year ago

Patrick Weber is indeed an honorable young man. I first met him 29 years ago, & in that time I have never seen him be anything other than positive & supportive to the folks around him. In fact, as i’ve said about Patrick many times, and it bears repeating here, That kid was a FIND! .... Bobby DePew, Perry MI.

Clare Shubert Posted over a year ago

Pat! We are so proud of you and lucky to call you family. Great job!

Morgan Sullivan Posted over a year ago

Pat is a light for us all. He is inspiring, thoughtful, and positive. He is constantly conscious of those around and how he can help each individual. He models an ethical and moral role for us all. Considering Pat a friend is an honor as he had made me a better person through knowing him.

Lori A Doyle Posted over a year ago

Pat, I am planning on retiring at the end of this year from WCS, if you need a parapro sub let me know!! You are greatly missed at WHS! God bless!

Steve Berg Posted over a year ago

Super happy for Pat, his family, and all those he leads. Keep pressing on!

Lisa E Painter Posted over a year ago

This is an amazing nomination and Mr. Weber touched our family when he was at Williamston. May God continue to bless him and your students, families and staff with his leadership.