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Rick Cobb

Position: Superintendent
School: Mid-Del Public Schools
School District: Mid-Del Public Schools
City, State: Midwest City , OK

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Music that Describes Rick

Dr. Rick Cobb was nominated by an anonymous student.

A few words that describe Dr. Cobb are intelligent, creative, hilarious, caring, and selfless, among many others. During his six years of serving as superintendent, Dr. Cobb has worked very hard with his administration team to make sure Mid-Del Schools is the best district it can be. He is what makes being a part of the district so enriching and rewarding. 

Dr. Cobb is the kind of person who was born to lead. During the COVID-19 pandemic, he has created countless plans and procedures to make sure that each and every one of his students and staff members are staying healthy, clean, and safe. Every time he comes to visit the elementary, middle, and high schools, the rooms light up knowing that the students and staff members have Dr. Cobb to look up to. 

Along with his other leadership roles, Dr. Cobb also directs an advisory board known as the Superintendent's Student Advisory Board. In this program, select sophomore students from Midwest City High School, Del City High School, and Carl Albert High School are chosen to work with Dr. Cobb and his administration team during their junior and senior years.

"I have to say that Dr. Cobb has done an excellent job leading me and other students into great futures," said the nominator. "He knows exactly what to do and say to make anyone's day. I am truly grateful for getting to know Dr. Cobb for the past three years. He has made my time at Midwest City High School so much better."