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Kyle Lackey

Position: Principal
School: Tipton Academy
School District: Tipton Academy
City, State: Garden City , MI

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Dr. Kyle Lackey was nominated by his colleague, Vanessa Valla.

"Dr. Lackey is a great leader for our school. He encompasses what it means to be a well-rounded leader," said Valla. "I haven't been with Tipton long, but I know that he makes a difference in our school. He took me under his wing immediately and has been there for me as more than just a boss. He makes sure to take the time to make me feel heard. Dr. Lackey eases any worries I have and is always going the extra mile to make sure I'm doing well. I appreciate who he is as a person and boss. He cares for his staff, students, and families. He handles all situations that come up on a daily basis and is always working behind the scenes. Dr. Lackey is professional, personable, and an overall great person and leader. I know that he is the reason I am a better educator. I don't know what Tipton would be without him."