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Sky Kong

Position: Special Education Teacher
School: Middle School of Poplarville
School District: Poplarville School District
City, State: Poplarville, MS

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Sky Kong was nominated by her spouse, Raymond Kong.

"I met my wife well before she was a teacher," said Mr. Kong. "Even then, while attending Pearl River Community College, she was helping others. Sky was helping other students in the student support program by tutoring anyone who needed a little extra help with their academics. Through the years, the one thing that has always been the same is her overwhelming care for her students and her need to help them succeed in life. She is one of the most caring, driven people I have ever known. Even after all these years, she astounds me everyday!"

Comments (23)

D Miller Posted over a year ago teach me how to do math and redos

James Singletary Posted over a year ago

Mrs.Sky has helped me so much put up my grades and helped me what words meant.

MHR Posted over a year ago

Mrs.Sky is funny and she is one of my favorite teachers

Clinton Posted over a year ago has taught me alot.She is a fun and awesome teacher.I will miss her giving me candy everyday!She also helped me get my grades up.

ED Posted over a year ago

She has helped me get my grades up and so many more things she is a great teacher.

ELI S Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Sky is a good teacher she always helps her students and others that are not her students. She is a very good person.

Shailey Peterson Posted over a year ago

I miss having Ms.Sky and I miss seeing her everyday, she is amazing and super funny.

Rusted b Posted over a year ago is so nice and she is awesome. She has taught me so much. She is awesome because she cares as if I am her own kid.

Eldon Buras Posted over a year ago is an awesome person because she gives us motivational speeches in the morning to encourage us each day.

Tyler Mcinnis Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Sky is a good teacher because in the morning she gives me motivational speech and help me every morning.

Brysen Hester Posted over a year ago

Mrs.Sky is a good teacher because she is always looking out for others and she is fun.

D. Hollier Posted over a year ago

Ms sky is so nice it’s nice to have someone to talk to in the cat line

Octavia Martin Posted over a year ago

Mrs sky kong is a very good and nice teacher . She’s very helpful and love to work with students .

Jdt Posted over a year ago

I love she my favorite

ED Posted over a year ago

She has helped me get my grades up and so many more things she is a great teacher.

LFM Posted over a year ago

She is a cool teacher and she give us treats.

SE Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Sky is awesome. She is really helpful as she has helped me with my work. She is a Life Changer because she cares for her students and goes above and beyond.

Kirsten Posted over a year ago

Sky is a blessing to our students and families here. She gives ?? % to everything she does! She provides ears to listen, hugs to heal, and a heart filled with love to our kids and the parents who need it. My son has had a complete change this year because of her help! ThAnkyou from the whole of my heart ??.

Sarah Hebert Posted over a year ago

Sky and I have only been friends a short while, but in that time, she has been the most loving, supportive, and helpful friend. She has given so much of herself to making sure I know how strong and loved I am. She has been a beautiful light in some of my darkest times during the worst year of my life... I can't even express in words how much Sky means to me...

Dr. Angela Bonner Posted over a year ago

As the founder of Right Choice Learning Center, Inc., Sky is the most unselfish goal oriented multi-tasker that I know. Although I have only worked with her for a short time, I have witnessed her unselfish devotion to her students. Sometimes her commitment to her students may seem as if she has stepped in as a second mother. Not only is she devoted to her students, she brings a ray of sunshine to any situation. While this recognition may seem small her impact on her students cannot be measured. She recently adjoined herself to a newly formed non-profit organization whose mission is to offer children from under-served communities affordable educational programming which bridges the gap in academic learning for students in high poverty rural communities. Although the odds are astronomical I feel that she is truly deserving of this small public acknowledgement.

Marie Davis Posted over a year ago

I have worked with Sky for about 7 years. She is a life changer. She goes above and beyond every day for her students. She works tirelessly to make them successful. She understands the students and where they are coming from and does everything she can to enhance their education in every way. She is a phenomenal teacher!

Ashley Gray Posted over a year ago

Sky is someone who was born to be a teacher. She is committed to her students and helping them succeed both inside and outside the classroom. She is always thinking outside of the box to help her students learn new things. I witnessed her walking with a student who needed a few minutes to calm down and while they were "cooling off", she was explaining cause and effect to the student while using real life examples. She is always learning new things to help her grow as a teacher to be able to best help her students.

Miranda Johnson Posted over a year ago

Sky is so good at her job and working with her students! She really puts her whole heart in her job! She really went above and beyond to help my child succeed in school! I can’t think of a more deserving person for this award.