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Nicole Anderson

Position: Resource Room Special Education Teacher
School: Jefferson Lincoln Elementary School
School District: Centralia School District
City, State: Centralia, WA

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Nicole Anderson was nominated by her principal, Kelli DeMonte.

Ms. Anderson has started her first year of teaching this year. She is proving to be an exceptional educator by going above and beyond to meet the academic and social-emotional needs of the students she serves. She has worked incredibly hard to develop schedules and individual student learning plans that best support these students' needs.

This year has been especially challenging due to the impacts of COVID-19. Ms. Anderson has pushed through the challenges with a positive attitude and a high level of determination to do great things for kids. Her positivity has become infectious throughout the building, and other staff are beginning to lean on her for support and ideas.

Ms. Anderson not only works hard to serve the students in her classroom, but she has found ways to reach all students in her school. Almost 75% of her school's students are living in poverty, which can present many challenges and barriers to learning. Ms. Anderson recently created a fundraiser to raise money to purchase 2-3 books for every student in her school as a Christmas gift this holiday season. 

Ms. Anderson is always eager and ready to help when there is a need.  She is the number one volunteer when it comes to getting information and supplies to families (doing multiple home visits), and she helps to plan for student/family events.  She has recently volunteered to join a team of educators who are working to develop stronger inclusionary practices for students receiving special education services and those who have a 504 plan.

"It is humbling to work alongside of an educator as dedicated and passionate as Nicole," said DeMonte.