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Marlean Wilson-Bridges

Position: Second Grade Teacher
School: Woods Lake Elementary School
School District: Kalamazoo Public Schools
City, State: Kalamazoo, MI

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Every day, Mrs. Wilson-Bridges dedicates her time to students and their learning. She strives to gain new knowledge as a teacher and also provides learning opportunities for her students.  She creates new ways to reach her students and motivates them to do their personal best!  Students who would have difficulties in other classrooms experience success in Mrs. Wilson-Bridges' classroom because she treats them in a way where they feel valued!  She follows her students throughout their educational career, celebrating each success that they experience.  Her former students are proud to share their achievements, as they know and believe that she would be proud, too. Mrs. Wilson-Bridges is a LifeChanger!

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Jace Posted over a year ago

Hi Mrs. Willson-Bridges This is Jace Cooper from 2nd grade I really Miss you and The class.