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James Stringer

Position: High School Social Studies Teacher
School: Highlander Charter School
School District: Highlander Charter School
City, State: Warren , RI

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James Stringer was nominated by an anonymous student.

"Mr. Stringer is only in his third year of teaching, but he has already drastically changed the lives of his students and school," said his nominator. "He needs to be recognized for all the hard work he’s done for the school community, and I am lucky enough to experience some of the wonderful things he’s done."

"His help and guidance doesn’t end with the school day, either," said his nominator. "There were times when I asked him for advice and I received a message after midnight and/or on weekends. His advice seems to never run out. He's not only managing students' needs, but the needs of his first child."

"In his first year, Mr. Stringer was just a stranger who became a great mentor to me," said the nominator. "He’s the one who started pushing me in my personal and academic life. He gave me the tools I never had to accomplish great things in my present and future life.

"Mr. Stringer not only brought change into my life, but the life of the school," said the nominator. "He brought forth new opportunities for students, such as a course called Global Service Learning (GSL). This course gave students the amazing opportunity of traveling to Belfast, Northern Ireland. I was lucky enough to attend that trip. Like most people, I had never been on a plane before this trip. He helped me fight through my struggles, and there I was, standing in Ireland after a six hour flight."

"He gave the students of the school a new way of presenting," said the nominator. "He did this by bringing ScreenCastify to light. ScreenCastify is an extension for Chrome that allows someone to record a presentation using both the webcam and desktop display. This is a great tool that people should know of, especially those who struggle with public speaking."

"Mr. Stringer's work doesn’t end there. He not only brought this new academic opportunity to the school, but he also came with new activities to try, such as disc golf," said the nominator. "This sport brought a diverse group of people together and made them closer to one another as a whole. He, along with other teachers, took a day out of their weekend to bring a group to a disc golf course."

"I've always just said thank you to those who help me, but I don't think a simple thank you is adequate anymore, so I'm nominating Mr. Stringer for all the good he has done," said the nominator.

Comments (8)

Roseleny Posted over a year ago

I’ve known Mr. Stringer for quite a few years now. Throughout those years he has helped me so much. He believed in me when I didn’t even believe in myself. He was always a person I can count on if I was ever going through something, or needed advice. Overall, he’s a great teacher, friend, and role model all in one. He’s one of my favorite teachers, and I appreciate him so much!! Thank you for everything, and for never giving up on your students.

Patrick Nigro Posted over a year ago

In just three years, James has transformed not just the social studies instruction here at Highlander, but the overall way that we instruct & grade students into something much more positive for student development. He's helped us much better achieve our vision to teach with competencies and culturally-responsive curricula rather than with grading procedures and curricula that are out of touch with the skills students need & the world we share with them. He is a great colleague, friend, and I am so glad to have him in my corner professionally & personally.

Anthonellis Morel Posted over a year ago

This is my first year having Mr Stringer as a teacher yet I already have many great things to say about him. I begin with the fact that he is not only a great academic teacher but he is a great mentor, role model, and person in general. He sacrifices his time with students whenever they need help and does his best to make our assignments as interesting as possible. He gives good help and good advice and always strives for students to do as best as THEY can which I find important because not all students have the same capacities and there is sometimes a lack of feeling the need to try with students nowadays. All in all, he deserves this award and every student who has him would probably advocate the same.

Amanda Iacampo Posted over a year ago

Stringer is the jack of all trades and succeeds in trying to be the master of all. He puts his best foot forward every day at work and seeks to overcome any challenges that may arise for himself and his students. Stringer is innovative, dependable, and real. He is a family man, role model, and great co-worker and friend—my big brother at Highlander. He brings joy into the classroom and changes the lives of his students every day. As a teacher myself, I can count on one hand the people who have inspired me and taught me to rediscover the joy of being an educator, even when I was ready to give up, and Stringer is one of them. From working with him these last few years, I have learned so much about my own teaching. He never gives up and inspires me to do so, and challenges his Highlander family to do better! Thank you, Stringer, for being a real rad dude.

Sabdiel Posted over a year ago

Great teacher. Would recommend. 10/10 -IGN

luis perez Posted over a year ago

Mr. stringer is a very fun teacher. He has helped a lot of students while also keeping them entertained. I haven't had him has a history teacher but everyone loves and he deserves this

Jessica Blanco-Busam Posted over a year ago

Mr. Stringer is a force to be reckoned with! He has brought a renewed sense of purpose to the team at Highlander. He works tirelessly to support the students while also helping to build the Highlander program, as well as the capacity of teachers in using various online programs and apps. He challenges everyone to be better, and he presents himself and information in such a way that you want to rise to the challenge. We are lucky to have him in our lives!

Paola Posted over a year ago

Thank you for being an amazing teacher and friend and role model and for believing in me in times I didn’t believe in myself .