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Gloria Menifield

Position: Third Grade Language Arts/Social Studies Teacher
School: Southaven Intermediate School
School District: Desoto County School District
City, State: Southaven , MS

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Gloria Menifield was nominated by her sister, Linda Jackson.

"Growing up, I had a strong desire to be a teacher. I can't really think of anything else I wanted to do with my life," said Jackson. "I often 'played school' with my siblings, where, of course, I was the teacher. I loved numbers and facts and instructing others. But I didn't grow up and become a teacher. My sister, Gloria, did. I realized there was something I lacked that Gloria had: creativity, charisma, and a carefree spirit."

"Gloria never asked to be the teacher when we played school," said Jackson. "When she went to college, she majored in social work because she wanted to help other children the way we had been helped as children growing up with assistance from the social work system. So it surprised me that after a few years of working in that field, Gloria left her full time job and returned to college to study elementary education. She told me she wanted to be a teacher. She wanted to have a bigger impact and reach more children on a daily basis."

"While I was excited for and very proud of my sister, I had no idea what a huge difference she would make in the lives of so many children, beginning with our own nieces and nephews in the Mississippi Delta where we grew up," said Jackson. "Gloria went back home to teach because she wanted to make a difference in a place where she saw one of the greatest needs, a place where few people, if given a choice, even want to live, let alone begin a career. Some fifteen years after Ms. Menifield taught in the Mississippi Delta, some of her former students still talk about the impact she had on their lives."

Since then, Ms. Menifield has brought her creativity, charisma, and carefree spirit to any school where there is a great need. She has worked in other Title One schools in Jackson, Mississippi, Canton, Mississippi, Memphis, Tennessee, and now, Southaven, Mississippi.

"Having been a volunteer at the school where Ms. Menifield now teaches, I can tell that fifteen years from now, there will be former students raving about the year that Ms. Menifield was their teacher, just like those students from her hometown," said Jackson. "She knows how to use her creativity and charisma to make a difference. It's her carefree spirit that helps to change lives."

Comments (18)

Angie Porter Posted over a year ago

Gloria Menifield is absolutely the best teacher! She loves her students and it shows! Very dedicated lady to her school and kids!

James Foster Posted over a year ago

Gloria is and always have been a good friend. She is willing to listen and to help others. I can't think of anyone else to be nominated and chosen for this award.

Malcolm Brown Posted over a year ago

As a principal myself, I have never been Gloria’s supervisor, but I have known her my entire life. I have never seen a teacher like Gloria in my 15 years of being a principal, Gloria is caring, genuine, compassionate, dedicated, and committed to her students and to helping school leaders become successful instructional leaders. Principals cannot become successful without teachers like Gloria. I rank Gloria at the top of my list of teachers who I know. Gloria is an excellent leader of children but also of adults when she serves on committees and academic instructional teams within the school. Gloria s love for helping people and positively influencing the lives of kids goes far beyond the classroom. She touches the lives of kids and adults nationwide because she is also a published author. She has established her legacy as an effective educator in the classroom, in the community, and throughout the entire country. Gloria is one of a kind.

Tiwari McLain Posted over a year ago

You are one of the sweetest people I've ever known. Regardless of what's going on, you figure out how to keep smiling and moving. I love you and I appreciate all you've done throughout the years to help us all be better. Congratulations on the nomination.

Dayna L Wilson Posted over a year ago

Gloria, you were an amazing student/cheerleader/council member and you winning will only add to your goodness and those around you... CONGRATULATIONS on your nomination!!!!!!

Bridgette Brown Posted over a year ago

Gloria Menifield and I are Classmates, she is one amazing woman. She really shows the love and compassion of helping others. Once you meet her, she will leave an everlasting impression.

Tina Phillips McGee Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Gloria keep up the great great great work

Charkerria Robb Posted over a year ago

I am so honored to know someone as amazing as Ms.Menifield. We crossed paths about 15 years ago and I’ve considered her to be a second mother to me since. All through school she was so motivating and even today as a now adult, she’s still so supportive. She’s given her all to education for years and does a great job at it! She’s one of the sweetest people I know. And she deserves the world!

Angie Porter Posted over a year ago

Gloria Menifield is absolutely the best teacher! She loves her students and it shows! Very dedicated lady to her school and kids!

Ricky Wade Posted over a year ago

My name is Ricky Wade. I'm one of Gloria's classmates. Gloria has been a teacher long before now, she use to help me with my school lessons. She talk about being a teacher. Even til now, she keep inform on her class.. She calls her students her children. Teaching is her calling cause she enjoys what she's doing. She committed to cause, a sence of direction. She talk of wanting the parents to know of great pride she takes in teaching their kids to aim high and enjoy learning. She's definitely not in it for the money; the love of teaching our kids.

Mary Wright Posted over a year ago

Congratulations, Sis!!!!????????????

Congratulations to Mrs.Menifield my TT???? Posted over a year ago

Congratulations ??

Gloria Menifield Posted over a year ago

This is so exciting! I am truly honored.

Tiffney Moss Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Menifield is such an inspiration to everyone she meets. She has such an impact on her students and colleagues. She will help anybody and give her last! Mrs. Menifield has a grandchild who requires extra attention. The way she takes care of him is very notable. Sometimes, it brings me to tears because she is so phenomenal, a woman of great patience, and amazing wisdom. I'm so glad that God allowed Gloria Menifield to cross paths with me. She is truly amazing and deserves every blessing that comes her way.

Leetonia Williams Posted over a year ago

Gloria would always see good in everyone and always put her students and people needs above her own. She is the person who never met a stranger. She is a very loving teacher, friend and mom. She is above all a very special human being. She loves her job.

Celena Hardin Posted over a year ago

I am not surprised that Gloria would be nominated for Lifechanger of the year because she has always bee one of the most most kind hearted person I know. I have know her since middle school and she has always been that person who was always will to help and do anything for anyone. I have seen her interact with her grandkids and my kids and she is the type of person whom you would want your kids around and teaching them. She deserves this nomination and more because she has truly made a great impact on so many kids lives and I am sure many more to come. Congratulations Gloria

Willie Emerson Jr Posted over a year ago

Gloria Menifield is an amazing individual. She cares so much about the people around her and especially her kids. She always puts them first and is a selfless individual. She truly is a life changer.

Stasha Williams Posted over a year ago

Aunt Rabbit I am so proud of you for receiving this nomination. I just want to take the time to thank you for being a pivotal piece in my life! I recall many moments of sitting on the edge of the bed with a book that you were reading to Tiffany and I. You were always excited, animated and willing to stop and ask us questions about what we comprehended from the pictures and words. I love you so much for instilling the importance of learning and dreaming beyond what was physically in front of me. I pray the kids you are teaching today recognize that as well. My the good Lord bless you and keep you! I love you always!