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June Debouse

Position: Sociology / AP Government Teacher
School: Midwest City High School
School District: Mid-Del School District
City, State: Midwest City , OK

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June Debouse was nominated by an anonymous student.

Ms. Debouse is an empowering, insightful leader of her community. She has been teaching for 25 years, and she has dedicated all of those years to Midwest City High School. She teaches Sociology, Advanced Placement Government, and Critical Contemporary Issues, while also serving as the director of the S.A.F.E. club for MCHS.

Ms. Debouse is always ready for a challenge. She always has the best advice and morals that help her students learn how to be successful and politically active in the community. 

Ms. Debouse organizes events at Midwest City High School so that students and colleagues can be aware of certain issues and important aspects through time and history. For example, she creates activities for Black History Month such as the Black History Month Symposium to help others learn about historical African-American Icons while also giving them a fun, interesting look at how far they have come. She helps decorate the school so that the students and staff members can feel like they are witnessing the victory and success of the African-American Community for themselves. She also allows the students of the school to participate in trivia games to further enhance their knowledge of the events going on in the modern world. Due to her inspiring, intriguing character and teaching methods, many students are wanting to or currently majoring in the Political Science field. Midwest City High School wouldn't be a politically correct facility without Ms. Debouse.

"June Debouse is just simply outstanding," said the nominator. "She never lets anything get the best of her, and she never backs down from a challenge. She is always prepared to help students become prepared for the future. Words cannot express how benevolent and amazing Ms. Debouse is. She simply cannot be beat."