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Tiffani Allwardt

Position: Transition Teacher
School: Meadowview School
School District: Eaton Regional Education Service Agency
City, State: Eaton Rapids, MI

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Tiffani Allwardt was nominated by her colleague, Karen Stults.

"Tiffani is a LifeChanger for our students. I have never worked with a teacher who has as much enthusiasm for her students as she does," said Stults. "Even if she is having a bad day, you would never know because she never lets it affect her work.  We started out this school year in a hybrid learning environment, and she goes above and beyond and spends hours and hours of her own time to have in-person lesson plans ready for our students. She also plans virtual lessons, which is twice the work."

"We have now returned to all-virtual learning, and I know she's exhausted trying to find things for the students to do. Every single morning when we have our meeting with our students, however, she greets every one of them and finds out how their day was and what they did the night before," said Stults. "She also spends a lot of her own money to buy teacher resources online so that we can have the best resources available."

Comments (11)

Art & Ella Allwardt Posted over a year ago

We are Tiffani's Uncle Art & Aunt Ella... Tiffani lives to be a LifeChanger! Her Person-Centered approach with each student is individualized, and provides a positive impact for not only the student's life, but also impacts the student's family and friends. Tiffani becomes an important part of the students community, supporting each student's life-goals

Allison Wonch Posted over a year ago

Congrats Tiffani! You teach with genuine joy and enthusiasm! I'm so glad to work with you you!

Alyssa Vanfossen Posted over a year ago

You are an amazing and creative teacher! You always have a positive attitude and are great to work with!

Roger Nix Posted over a year ago

Tiff is greatest and latest!...Vote for Tiff

Jessica Posted over a year ago

One of my favorite people. So passionate about what she does. Can’t think of anyone more deserving.

Sarah Posted over a year ago

Tiffani has such a positive energy that surrounds her and she deserves the best.

dani luebbert Posted over a year ago

Tiffani is the sweetest, most genuine person!

Jennelle Lauer Posted over a year ago

You are truly inspiring how deeply you care for your students and I’m lucky to have you as a friend??

Jennifer Spray Posted over a year ago

Tiffani is one off the most hardworking individuals I’ve met. The amount of passion and dedication that I witnessed while she was working toward her teaching degree would hard to be matched by anyone. I know that she is a fantastic teacher now and she will only grow to be an even better version of herself, because she’s never going to quit or give up.

Timothy Allwardt Posted over a year ago

I cannot say enough of how much our daughter has put forth in her short career already as a special education teacher. Her passion and enthusiasm is spectacular.

Cindy Allwardt Posted over a year ago

I might be partial because Tiffani is my daughter but I know that she works really hard . She always shows me things that she's going to do for her students and the stuff that she comes up with is very cool.Tiffani goes way and beyond to make the students and their parents know how much she cares about them. I love you Tiffani and I'm so glad you got nominated you deserve it.