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Audrey Smith-Dibble

Position: Enrollment Director
School: Kingsbury Country Day School
School District: Kingsbury Country Day School
City, State: Oxford, MI

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Audrey Smith-Dibble was nominated by her colleague, Andrea Bristol.

Mrs. Dibble is synonymous with the Kingsbury Way of Kindness! She is the smiling face of her school, the first person families meet when they enroll in her school, and the heart of her school. She gives all of herself to her school.

Mrs. Dibble is the perfect picture of dedication. All families and staff know if they have a question, concern, or just want a listening ear, she is the one to go to. She has made it her life's work to create a nurturing atmosphere at school. She always finds the positive in people and situations, finds ways to help others, and finds ways to build a foundation of love and kindness at her school.

Mrs. Dibble is a leader at Kingsbury in many ways. She is a valuable member of the school leadership team and acts as a mentor to new teachers as they learn the "ropes" of Kingsbury. She also helps families with whatever they need (big or small) to ensure that every student has the best educational experience they can get. If the Kingsbury community was asked to form a line if Mrs. Dibble has helped them in some way or another, it would wrap around the building numerous times!

"Audrey truly is a LifeChanger," said Bristol. "From helping a struggling student with social anxiety find ways to be comfortable in a classroom, to helping settle 'girl drama' between pre-teens, to supporting parents as their students transition into the different phases of their education, Audrey does it all. Kingsbury would not be the same without Audrey. We are so very thankful to have her as a leader in our school. She inspires me to be the best administrator I can be!"

Comments (19)

Kristina Diederich Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Mrs. Dibble! You are so deserving of this nomination! We couldn’t think of a better “Life Changer” than you! Your patience, dedication, and real concern for the Kingsbury students doesn’t go unnoticed. Thank you for your unending support! We love you! ?? Kristina Diederich & family

Kara Posted over a year ago

Audrey is Kingsbury! When my highly active son was going into Kindergarten, many years ago, we toured several schools. One school made me feel like my son would be just a number, at another school after seeing my son for 5 minutes we were told that he is not wanted at that school. When Audrey met him, she got down to his level and told him how much fun learning he will have at Kingsbury and all the outdoor time they will have, once school starts. I knew we found a special school with a very special friend in the office. Audrey is like this with all the children, parents, and adults at the school. She makes everyone feel like they are special. All the kids know they have a friend who they can talk to about anything in Mrs. Dibble!

Lisa Halushka Posted over a year ago

To say that Audrey is the "Enrollment Director" (while, correctly her title) doesn't describe all that she means to Kingsbury Country Day School. What everyone else here will say is certainly true: she is passionate and dedicated to the school, she is warm-hearted and kind, she is loved by the students. All of this is true. But Audrey possesses that extra something that leaves a lasting impact on everyone she comes into contact with. When you interact with Audrey you are not just having a dialogue, you have entered her orbit, and will leave each conversation changed for the better. She seems to know instinctively what each person needs at a particular moment, and automatically provides it, as naturally as she takes a breath. You never witness her stress, anxieties or worries, because her interaction with the world is based upon the simple pretense that she is here to make everyone else's life better. She is the gravitational pull to Kingsbury for so many of our families (I know she was for mine). There is simple no double for her, the award was appropriately named in her honor and therefore should be bestowed.

Dayna Elenis Posted over a year ago

We love Mrs Dibble, I don’t think there is a person who doesn’t! She made my family feel so welcomed when we started at KCDS.

Sandra L Bouckley Posted over a year ago

I've known Audrey in her role as the Admissions Director of Kingsbury, as a parent of a student in my daughter's class and again as the Admissions Director for my granddaughter. Audrey is a very warm and caring person and that reads through on all of her dealings whether with students, educators, parents or the community. She is always looking for win:win solutions to any challenge and strives to make everyone in her orbit feet special. She has plenty of energy and is the best cheerleader KCDS has ever know. She inspires me. She changed the lives of everyone in our family when she welcomed us into the Kingsbury community and then welcomed our granddaughter and all of us back. She is absolutely deserving of this award.

Janice Posted over a year ago

Couldn't agree more! What really amazed me recently was she was able to identify our kids, despite being in masks and not seeing them for several months (thanks, Covid-19). This is not just a job to her. It's a way of life. We love Audrey!

Drita Prenkocaj Posted over a year ago

There are not enough words to say how kind and loving Audrey Dibbles is and has been to all at Kingsbury. There's no one that's more deserving for the Lifechanger award then Audrey Dibbles. She is the heart of Kingsbury.

Andrea Bricknell Posted over a year ago

Audrey Dibble is a truly amazing person. There is not a single person who meets her, that does not instantly feel her genuine kindness. Kids and adults both would agree, a conversation with Audrey leaves you feeling truly cared about & listened to. She most certainly changes lives daily just being the truly wonderful human being that she is. We ? you Mrs. Dibble.

Jaclyn Wolf Posted over a year ago

Congrats! Well deserved :)

Ellen Witz Posted over a year ago

Audrey Smith-Dibble is everything Andrea Bristol mentioned in her nomination and more. She is a genuinely kind person who listens to parents, children and coworkers and seems to be able to fix it all! She definitely deserves this award.

Katy and Anastasia McDonald Posted over a year ago

Audrey Smith-Dibble creates a most nurturing atmosphere at school. My mom, my daughter and I loved our afternoon with Audrey as she presented the wonderful environment and education that Kingsbury offered. We immediately knew it was the school where our precious then kindergartener would attend. We appreciate every welcoming hello in the morning, thoughtful words or kind hug Audrey gave to our child over the last four and a half years. She is a wonderful example to the children and faculty of Kingsbury. I am sure hundreds of families share my feelings. It was be so wonderful for Audrey to receive the recognition and honor this award would give.

Laurie Posted over a year ago

Congratulations on your nomination for the Lifechanger award! I couldn't think of anyone more deserving of this award. You’ve always been so helpful in every way. You love each child at Kingsbury as if they were your own. Thank you for all you do! We’re so blessed to have you in our children’s lives.

Julie Westley Posted over a year ago

Everything and more is true of what Mrs. Bristol has stated of Audrey. She is the heart of Kingsbury and definitely deserves this life changer award.

Renee Schuett Posted over a year ago

From our first visit with Mrs Dibble we knew Kingsbury was the best choice for our family. She spent time showing us all of the campus and teacher. We were planning on moving the following school year. She allowed our girls to try out a half day before spring break. They were sold and didn’t even want to go on vacation. However during our years at Kingsbury Mrs Dibble has gone above and beyond to make sure any issues or questions were handled. She is simply an amazing piece of the Kingsbury organization. I’m thankful for her in many ways.

Carmen Lombardo Posted over a year ago

Thank you for all you do for our kids and community!

Pat Griz Posted over a year ago

Audrey is not just Kingsbury’s Administrator, but the “Heart Beat” of the school. She is the first person that comes to mind if we have a question or need help with something because she listens. She is truly committed to making learning at Kingsbury Country Day School a great experience and is deserving of winning the Life Change of the Year Award!

Jillian Kozlowski Posted over a year ago

Audrey Dibble is one of those people that leave a mark on your heart. Kindness seems to be a fundamental part of who she is. She is compassionate and thoughtful. Always seeking to help anyone who needs it, whether it’s a student that needs a listening ear or a parent that needs a shoulder to lean on. She is synonymous with The Kingsbury Way and has a deep and profound effect on every life that passes through those halls.

Abbie Barrie Posted over a year ago

I love that you always have something positive to say about my children :) it’s truly great having you at kingsbury!!!

Nicole Jackson Posted over a year ago

Audrey is the heart and soul of Kingsbury. Her love for the school and for the students shines though her, and she truly makes you feel comfortable; like family. She is the absolute gem of the school! Please consider her! ??