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Esmeralda Martin-Singh

Position: Kindergarten Dual Immersion Teacher
School: Stewart Elementary School
School District: West Contra Costa Unified School District
City, State: Pinole, CA

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Esmeralda Martin-Singh was nominated by her husband, Sunny Singh.

Mrs. Singh has dedicated her life to always creating spaces for students to thrive. She has worked tirelessly throughout the past ten years in different roles in education. Mrs. Singh went back to get her Master's degree while working full-time as a community school director in Redwood City because she wanted her students to have more teachers that looked like them and came from where they came from. Representation matters. 

Currently, Mrs. Singh teaches kindergarten in a virtual, Dual Immersion setting. She creates a positive school atmosphere in many ways. She recently organized a car parade so teachers could drive safely through the neighborhood and connect with students and families. Another way she has stepped up is by being a part of the School Climate team in hopes of finding ways to engage students and celebrate their successes. In October, she secured free pumpkin donations for each of her students from Trader Joe's and created a socially distanced pumpkin patch so her students could have another special memory.

Last year, she coordinated a field trip to Levi's Stadium for the entire Dual Immersion strand, from kindergarten to third grade. The students toured the 49ers field and participated in STEAM activities with other students. She has taken the lead on holding school-wide Zoom assemblies before her own homeroom to provide spaces to celebrate diversity for her students and others. She has always been someone who does more than what is expected and keeps students and equity at the heart of her work.

"Esmeralda has truly fostered an environment of belonging, love,, and safety for her kids," said Mr. Singh. "She shares so much of herself with her students while still making sure we have dinner on the table for myself and our 2-year old daughter, Esperanza. I would love for her to be celebrated, and to see her get the recognition she truly deserves for everything she does for others. She is truly an inspiring educator who fights for equity and gives herself completely to her students."

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Delica Tao Posted over a year ago

I am a student who has been in the classroom with Miss Esme. She definitely deserves to be the life changer of the year because: she is inspiring, kind, smart and can explain things in the classroom well. As well, she has an encouraging soul to have all her students never give up and to persist.

Julie Tao Posted over a year ago

Maestra Esme is a true gem in our educational world. We were fortunate to witness first hand her passion, creativity, and love for teaching. Each and every one of her students felt appreciated, valued, and heard on a daily basis. She has a natural ability to create a love of learning among young students. She is dedicated to connecting with children and ensuring each child sees their potential all while beaming light among them. Maestra Esme more than deserves to be recognized as a life changer.

Donald Dias Posted over a year ago

If you want positivity and for that positivity to be shared to others, especially her students, then Ms. Martin-Singh is your Teacher. Advocating for equality in all aspects of Students lives has been her natural daily routine and many have benefitted from that. I fully support Esmeralda in every endeavor she undertakes because her character is exemplary and she is, truly, a Life Changer.

Abby J. Lynch Posted over a year ago

Esmeralda Martin-Singh is not only inspirational, she is motivational as well. I worked with Esmeralda at Taft and was amazed at how magnetic and vibrant her personality was. She walked through the school with the joy and love of life you rarely get to see. She became a great friend as well as my co-worker. She created events that brought community together and made you jump to participate just by her enthusiasm. When she decided to become a teacher, I knew that children would enrich their lives and souls with her teaching. I had the honor of going in to her classroom to read to her class and watched her work her magic. I moved away and have missed that bright light she brought daily whether at the gym, school or anywhere. It is truly a gift to call her a friend and I know that she is an amazing, fabulous, caring and amazing teacher.

Evelyn Cordon Posted over a year ago

"A good teacher is like a candle- It consumes itself to light the way for others" -MKA Mrs. Martin-Singh is defiantly a candle! Her ability to be thorough, personable and patient during the transitioning to home schooling is unmatched. Beyond being extremely valuable to parents, more importantly, is her way with the kids! Her genuine nature eludes positivity and kindness making for comfortable, up beat learning experiences. She recognizes students learn at different paces and is able to foster a love for learning by making lessons fun. A teacher's ability to celebrate every milestone the kids reach and motivate them with such positive, contagious energy should be commended. Great teachers applaud mistakes and embrace them as moments of growth and have an ability to make students feel special. Mrs. Martin- Singh exabits these and many other traits, making apparent, she absolutely loves her work. The West Contra Costa School district is lucky to have her and luckily so are our kids. :)

Lorena Moreno Posted over a year ago

Maestra Martin- Signh is amazing and one of a kind. You can feel her good energy even if it's virtually her energy is awesome and brings a smile to my child's face daily as of for other children as well I can see the whole classroom exited to see what Maestra will have them do next . She is very talented and you can see she loves her work she is so dedicated organized , loving and super fun. She is also understanding and very supportive to us as parents I can always reach her with any concerns and she is always there to help. Maestra Esmeralda Martin-Signh is definitely deserves to be awarded she pours her heart as a teacher she is amazing.

Jules Schenone Posted over a year ago

Esme is one of a kind. Since the day I met her, as I prepared to teach in a classroom for the first time, she has inspired me to be my best self, and to also, wholeheartedly, believe in myself as a teacher. I was luckily enough to cross paths with Esme at time of huge transition in my life, and I could have not asked for a more creative, supportive, loving and dedicated mentor/co-teacher. Esme dreams big, and follows through with the action it takes to manifest those dreams into experiences that positively impact everyone around her. As her co-teacher, I saw the magic she created in the classroom for her students, whether it was a typical day of instruction or one of the many special events she planned for us. Every day made memories, and at the heart of her work was the intention to ensure all students had the environment to thrive. Esme is so deserving of being awarded Life-Changer of the Year.

Maria L. Martin Posted over a year ago

Im the proud Mother of Maestra Esmeralda. She truly deserves this award because she gives 100% to her students and parents. She not only cares about her students academically but she cares so much about her students' well being in these difficult times. All I can say she is a truly a great teacher because anybody can hold a Teacher certificate but not all of them can be a truly Teacher by Heart and Soul and Esmeralda is a Teacher by Heart and Soul. Soy la orgullosa Made de Maestra Esmeralda. Ella realmente merece este premio porque da el 100% a sus estudiantes y padres. Ella no solo se preocupa for sus estudiantes academicamente, sino que se preocupa tanto por el bienestar de sus estudiantes en estos tiempos dificiles. Todo lo que puedo decir que es una verdadera gran maestra porque cualquiera puede tener un certificado de Maestra, peno no todos pueden ser verdaderamente Maestros de Corazon y Alma y Esmeralda es una Maesta de Corazon y Alma

Adri Artola Posted over a year ago

I worked with Esmeralda when she was at Taft Elementary School. I remember my first day working with her because she had the biggest smile on her face as she gave me a tour of the school. It was immediately obvious how much care and love she brought with her to work everyday. Over the course of the year that I worked with her, I saw her go above and beyond to support the school’s community. She always made the effort to connect with students and families and always strived to ensure students had what they needed to thrive. I have no doubt she is doing the same at her current school. I believe Esmeralda is the ideal candidate for this award!

Sadaf Malik Posted over a year ago

I’ve known Esmeralda as a passionate teacher that I had the pleasure of helping her bring Indian dance and culture to the classroom. I saw how dedicated Esmeralda is to exposing her students to cultures all around the world in a creative and engaging way. She helps create memories for the children that they will remember for a lifetime. I sincerely hope she receives this award for all her efforts in making sure the next generation of students are more culturally aware and open minded to all that the world has to offer.

Emily Posted over a year ago

Teacher Esme has always been my favorite teacher! I admire her so much ! I like how she’s funny, patient, she’s kind and caring. She has always taught us to be like a family United and helpful, respectful and loving to one another. I miss you teacher Esme. I wish there were more teachers like you. I’m glad you are being nominated because you are such a great teacher! ?? Emily Argueta

Mayra Posted over a year ago

“Teacher Esme” as we fondly remember you by, we are eternally grateful for all your super ambitious work for our children. We have been waiting and always longing for special teachers like you. You rise above the rest and we celebrate all your successes and joy you have brought to our lives! A great big hug to you Mrs. Singh we are very proud of you! ??Mayra Argueta

Jean Cripps Posted over a year ago

Esmeralda, or Maestra Esme as we know her, was my daughter’s first grade teacher and she truly had a positive impact on my child’s growth and development. She helped my daughter grow in confidence, encouraged her creativity and interests, and also became an additional trusted adult in my daughter’s life. Although we are no longer in the same school district, my daughter (now in 3rd grade) has wanted to keep in touch with Maestra Esme by sending her letters and artwork, and Esme has welcomed and continued the relationship even though she is surely busy with a new community of students! Esme has helped instill a love of learning in my daughter and it would be awesome to see her honored with this award!

Sadaf Malik Posted over a year ago

I’ve known Esmeralda as a passionate teacher that I had the pleasure of helping her bring Indian dance and culture to the classroom. I saw how dedicated Esmeralda is to exposing her students to cultures all around the world in a creative and engaging way. She helps create memories for the children that they will remember for a lifetime. I sincerely hope she receives this award for all her efforts in making sure the next generation of students are more culturally aware and open minded to all that the world has to offer.

Robyn Miller Posted over a year ago

I have known Esmeralda for many years and we worked together for 3 years when I was the principal of the school where we both worked. . She is very deserving of this award. The name it Life Changer embodies what Esmeralda holds dear. She wants to make a difference in students lives, by also helping adults see children through a different lens. She works tirelessly and is innovative, as well as inspiring with her ideas and dedication to helping students and families feel included and welcome. She has a special gift with seeing through projects and situations with an equity and justice viewpoint. I would recommend her highly for this award.

Arlin Hernández Posted over a year ago

I also want to say that Esme was one of my life changing teachers that made me who I am today, a positive, committed and confident person. All those features is what I saw in her and I looked up in that energy and I’ll live to see her succeed to reach her dreams. Ms.Esme i hope your reading this but this is Arlin the little crazy lots of energy kid that usually was with frida and came in your office to get some candy or just to be there with you !!

Arlin Hernández Posted over a year ago


Kimberly Hernandez Posted over a year ago

Ms.Esemeralda deserves this position not only because she a loving and awesome person but because she takes her time to always ensure her students are doing great and are feeling happy! I am also a former student of hers from Taft and she is one of the best persons I could have ever met. I wish you luck Ms.Esme and this position is going to be yours!

Monse Posted over a year ago

Good luck Ms.Esme I hope you get this position!!! Much Love ??

Alexis Espinosa Posted over a year ago

Hey Ms Esmeralda I don’t know if your remember me but I went to Taft, class or 2014 i believe I’m currently a senior at sequoia high school and I am going marine core. I freaked out when I stumbled across this post because it brings back so many good memories of when I was a younger kid. I would like to end of with telling you that your such a heartwarming person and you have always done what’s best for your students to succeed thanks for everything hope to see you some time in the future

edward effisimo Posted over a year ago

miss you forever and always <3

Frida Ortega Posted over a year ago

Ms. Esmeralda truly deserves this award. She’s very charismatic and caring. I am a former student from 7 years ago and she’s impacted my life so much and still counties to do so by being the strong amazing woman she is. My mother can agree with me as well. Ms Esme did the most to ensure her students were okay in and outside of school and to me that’s going above and beyond.

Diana Rivera Posted over a year ago

I had the absolute pleasure and blessing to have worked with Esme at Taft Elementary and wow, just wow! She was going to school to become a tecaher at the time and I just knew by the way she would put a smile on these kids faces, thats what she was destined to be... she is always so positive, loving and supportive to the children. She didnt care to put on a Dolphin costume to fill the kiddos day with joy!!! She is a superhuman Rockstar and a great humble friend! You deserve all the good in life amiga! Keep being you!

Jose Gonzalez Posted over a year ago

I am absolutely in awe by the strong relationships she's built with students virtually and how they are performing academically at high-levels! Esme does not lose sight of students as humans first and ensures students feel a sense of belonging, feel important, and feel successful. Esme has a vision of excellence for all students in our community. Her vision has inspired so many students, parents, partners, and fellow teachers to combat the status quo! So proud of you, Esme!!!