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Lydia Lane

Position: First Grade Teacher
School: Beaumont Magnet Academy
School District: Knox County Schools
City, State: Knoxville, TN

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Lydia Lane was nominated by her colleague, Natalie Choate.

Mrs. Lane is known at her school for her trauma-informed approach to managing her classroom. She creates an environment that is welcoming, nurturing, and supportive of students, regardless of their background or what kind of emotional state they are in. You can constantly find her checking in privately with students to see how they are doing and reminding students to utilize various coping skills if they become dis-regulated. So many students who have come to her with major behavior concerns have moved on to the next grade at the end of the year with the skills they need to do well academically and socially. She really pours into her students, and the benefits of this are obvious to everyone who works with her.

Mrs. Lane is also a leader in her school. She has lead the PBIS team and coordinated student Check-in/Check-out systems. She is also a member of the Trauma-Informed Schools team and has provided trainings to the rest of the staff on how to create a supportive classroom and school environment for students.

"Lydia's not only an amazing teacher and leader in the school, but she is also a delight to have as a coworker," said Choate. "She is friendly, helpful, and thoughtful to everyone. For all of these reasons and more, I think Lydia is definitely a LifeChanger and deserves recognition."

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Melanie Williamson Posted over a year ago

Lydia is absolutely amazing! She cares deeply for her students and goes above and beyond to help each student reach their full potential.