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Allison Wonch

Position: Adapted Physical Education Teacher
School: Meadowview School
School District: Eaton Regional Education Service Agency
City, State: Charlotte, MI

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Allison Wonch was nominated by her principal, Michel McDonald.

Mrs. Wonch has only been with Meadowview School for a short time, but her presence has certainly been felt by the students and staff she works with. This has been especially true during these trying times that we are currently facing. As her school has switched back and forth between a hybrid and virtual model, Mrs. Wonch has gone above and beyond to make sure all of the students get access to physical education.

During hybrid instruction, Mrs. Wonch was the only teacher to be in face-to-face classes on a daily basis.  This was not a mandate from the administration, but a request from her.  Her reasoning was simple: all students should have a chance to do something fun and healthy during this difficult period.

Mrs. Wonch has always strived to go the extra mile for students, many of whom are in wheelchairs or have severe cognitive/emotional needs. This could be setting up frisbee golf in the community for students because they were unable to access the gym during restrictions, or helping students compete in the virtual Special Olympics.  Mrs. Wonch always puts students before herself, and it's obvious from the student attendance data alone that they enjoy working with her and know she cares about each of them.

Although her job title is physical education teacher, Mrs. Wonch is so much more than that. Her colleagues can always count on her to help out and go the extra mile for students. Whether it's covering class for another teacher, adding physical education classes for students at offsite locations, or developing an activity backpack for a specific student with behavioral difficulties, Mrs. Wonch is always looking for ways to do even more than she already does. 

"I really feel that Allison has been a great addition to our team. Her positivity has created a much needed boost to our school's morale," said McDonald. "Mrs. Wonch is someone we can count on to set the bar high for herself and her students. She is a role model for us to keep working on creative ways to keep students engaged in learning and important social connection, especially throughout this COVID-19 crisis."

Comments (33)

Denise Tietze Posted over a year ago

My niece Allison is an amazing wife, mother of three, and a loving and caring teacher. She is more than qualified for any award. What a heart she has!

Denise Genereaux Posted over a year ago

Not one bit surprised that you have been nominated for this award. Teaching during this past year has been difficult for all teacher. Those who are willing to go above and beyond are a true asset to their family, school, and community. Your students are blessed to have you to depend on. Thank you for caring for them.

Kathy Bock Posted over a year ago

Allison is a dedicated teacher! She always found a way to include all her students!

Kimberly Lockwitz Posted over a year ago

Your amazing!!!

Shawna Posted over a year ago

Allison has a heart of gold! It is no surprise that she is a beacon of light in her school. Allison truly cares for all people and lives life working for the betterment of others.

Alyssa Vanfossen Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Alison has made such a huge impact on our school and students! Her positive attitude, team work, and ability to connect with students is amazing! She is loved by all!

Annie Stoelker Posted over a year ago

Allison is truly one of the most caring people I’ve ever met. She really goes above and beyond in caring for the emotional needs of kids her own personal life. She is a gentle soul who really understands how to effectively communicate with kids. She always has a positive attitude and loves to see the kids having fun. I absolutely agree with her nomination for life changer of the year!

Jeff Wonch Sr. Posted over a year ago

This is no surprise to me. I have been wondering how to nominate her for some achievement like this. Well deserving of this award.??????

Kelly Posted over a year ago

I know Allison personally and as a fellow APE teacher I look Up to her so much. As a teacher and as a person Allison blows me away on a daily basis. I miss her on out teaching team but I am glad hear she is touching the hearts and minds of students In another area. We miss you Allison ! Congratulations you deserve this.

Bridget Gonyeau Posted over a year ago

No one is more deserving of this award. Allison is ardently kind, compassionate, and hardworking. It’s clear she puts her student’s well being above all else.

Kathie Gonyeau Posted over a year ago

Allison comes from a large family of giving people. I am not surprised in the least that she puts herself out there, and puts her students first. She is a caring, hard working, and creative individual!

Rachel Posted over a year ago

Allison is an incredible person and I know she is just as amazing in her profession of teaching. She has always had a heart for others and consistently puts everyone’s needs before her own without a second thought! I am confident she has changed many lives in her teaching and will continue to do so!

Carol Morris Posted over a year ago

Alison is so deserving of this honor! She is amazing! Her love of teaching and love for her students, is very evident.

Krista Eramo Posted over a year ago

Way to go Allison!!

Verónica Posted over a year ago

Allison Wonch is such an inspiring and hard working educator. Her creativity, commitment to our students and positive attitude are such a breath of fresh air to the community she serves. Very happy to see she has been nominated for this recognition. She deserves it!

Jessica Sarcona Posted over a year ago

Way to go girl!!! All these words are so true. You are one of a kind and they are so lucky to have you! As a former coworker I can contest how awesome you are.

Tyler Hursey Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Allison! Well deserved recognition, keep up the good work!

Ruth Stanskl Posted over a year ago

I’m not surprised! You always were a wonderful person and went the extra mile!

Randy Field Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Allison. Well deserved. All the best.

Matt Dickerman Posted over a year ago

Congrats Al! I can’t think of anyone more deserving! You are awesome!!

Anne Goudie Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Allison. No on e deserves this more than you. Your hard work, creative ideas,and dedication to your students is amazing. Well deservwd.

Kayla Dennings Posted over a year ago

I was a student under Allison during my high school career and she is AWESOME. I absolutely loved being a navigator and she was such a pleasure to work with. I always looked forward to her class and will never forget how much I learned from her!

Jessica Mozurkewich Posted over a year ago

Way to go Allison! Any person who is lucky enough to have contact with you will forever be changed. You have the biggest heart and we always knew when you moved on from the rock you were going to to amazing things just like you did when you were with us. This nomination is well- deserved!

Mary Jestila Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Wonch (Ms Allison) is the most deserving person for a special recognition! She is not only there everyday for each student, but an amazing co-worker and friend. Her creativity and flexibility to always go above and beyond leave us all in awe. She is more than a valuable team member, she is irreplaceable and one of a kind! Thank you die everything you do!!!

Annie Luoma Posted over a year ago

I’ve known Allison for twenty years now (wow) - from the moment I met her at an orientation session at MSU, we connected immediately. After years of friendship, including being roommates, I’ve seen how committed she is to her family, friends, and to her studies and work. It’s always evident how much she truly cares about people - especially children; she has a gift with them. And she has a gift for education - she’s smart, patient and kind. I am not surprised to hear how she has risen above during this pandemic - sounds exactly like Allison to me!! I’m so proud to hear of this nomination for her - she has a positive, wonderful spirit that is contagious (in a good way ??) and I think she is very deserving! We need more people like Allison in this world. I’m proud to call her a close friend, who is really more like family to me. Annie Luoma 517-819-5013

Linda Lamerato Posted over a year ago

I worked with Allison several years ago at Rockwell Middel School and found her to be enthusiastic and tireless. She is wonderful with students and it is evident that she cares deeply for them. As a paraprofessional I looked forward to bringing our students to physical education class. This can be stressful for many students but Allison’s combination of great lessons, meticulous planning had students learning

Jody Hayward Posted over a year ago

I had the pleasure of working with Allison in her previous school district. She has been called for this position. She has a way of adapting everything for each child. She engaged with each student during the course of our physical education time. She went way above and beyond for our students. She is amazing.

Meredith Moran Posted over a year ago

Love you buddy! Students always hit the jackpot when they have you as a teacher! Well deserved nomination!

Sarah Kapral Posted over a year ago

Way to go! So proud of you cousin!

Jeff Wonch Posted over a year ago

This is Awesome!! She is so deserving! She makes a tremendous impact with every student! She is the definition of a Life Changer!

Chris Kinney Posted over a year ago

She is am amazing person. She has a light and energy that people just want to follow.

Tara Posted over a year ago

Allison is a terrific teacher and colleague. She is also a wonderful pe professional who supports other pe teachers with her time, advice and talents. Way to go Allison. Such a deserving recipient.

Patti Gonyeau Posted over a year ago

I am so proud of the amazing teacher and woman that you are! Your love and compassion for children fuel your creative spirit to ensure ALL children can reach for the stars! You may be petite in stature but your heart ?? for people is GIGANTIC! Thank you Allison for everything you are and do!