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Dale Zastrow

Position: Custodian
School: West Elementary School
School District: School District of Jefferson
City, State: Jefferson, WI

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Comments (5)

Jamie G. Posted over a year ago

During spring break "lockdown" we happened to cross paths. He remembered my kids names and said to say Hi from him. When I told my kids, the smile they had said more than word can say! You're an amazing person!!!

Chelsea Posted over a year ago

Dale is an outstanding and critical part of our school community. His energy and joy are infections. He is a remarkable human and I'm so lucky to call him a colleague and friend.

Jessica Posted over a year ago

Dale has a smile and kind word for everyone, every single day. He is a great role model of positivity and optimism.

Lynda Murphy Posted over a year ago

Dale, you are such a pleasure to work with. I love coming to school each morning to be greeted by your smiling face and positive attitude! You make the world a better place, Dale.

Jenny Posted over a year ago

Dale is such a great coworker and his positive energy is contagious ??