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Dean Williams

Position: Dance Department Chair
School: DeKalb School of the Arts
School District: DeKalb County School District
City, State: Avondale Estates, GA

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Dean Williams was nominated by his colleague, Anna Dunn.

Mr. Williams truly believes that #ArtsWillSaveTheWorld. His students describe him as charismatic, and they love his sense of humor. His silly jokes make technique classes fun! He is great at explaining things in a way that is detailed, clear, and easy to understand. He cultivates a great rapport with students, and the alumni keep in touch and often come back to visit with him. Through the rehearsal and performance process, he emphasizes the importance of communication. He is easy to talk to, and his welcoming presence helps students feel safe and able to confide in him.

He goes out of his way to make sure that everyone feels included and loved. His love for dance extends far beyond his students who major in dance. Dance Appreciation students, with the patience and guidance of Mr. Williams, discover a new love/passion for dance and often go on to take additional dance classes. He boosts their confidence enough to take dance classes with students who have danced their whole life.

Mr. Williams works tirelessly at school for 12+ hours a day to ensure that everything is in excellent condition for production. His students find this very motivating. Even though he and his students are tired by the end of a long rehearsal, his energy is infectious, and it carries everyone through the late hours. He sets high expectations for his students (and himself), and that pushes students to be better. They want to make him proud.

In his 21 years with the school, Mr. Williams has become the director of the Dance department, teaching classes in Ballet, Modern Dance, and Dance Theory. He also teaches Dance Appreciation for non-majors and directs the Dance Repertory Company and several departmental productions each year. In addition to directing the Dance department, Mr. Williams also choreographs for the school's show choirs, drama productions, and musicals. He's the senior class sponsor, and he also serves on the Sunshine Committee to bring joy to his teaching colleagues.

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Laura Marcus Posted over a year ago

Mr Williams has such a love for the arts that it inspires everyone around him. The students learn so much from him and the performances they put on are AMAZING! He is truly inspirational