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Jody Chamberlin

Position: Sixth and Seventh Grade Global Studies Teacher
School: Williamstown Middle and High School
School District: Central Vermont Supervisory Union
City, State: Williamstown, VT

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Jody Chamberlin was nominated by her colleague, Renee Badeau.

Ms. Chamberlin is truly passionate about Global Studies. She spends countless hours preparing to provide her students with the best learning opportunities she can provide.  She is innovative and is always seeking new ways to help all students access their education. Ms. Chamberlin attends professional development, is a member of professional learning communities, and engages with community members and other educators.  

Ms. Chamberlin is a professional at all times. She models consistency, relationship development, trust, and personal organization. She has the highest expectations for herself and those she is involved with. Ms. Chamberlin continually encourages staff to grow and develop. She consistently models the way for her colleagues through her daily practice and as a leader on the Leadership Team, the Paine Mountain Joint Leadership Team, and as a new teacher mentor. She is continually looking toward student-centered growth within her work and within the system as a whole. Ms. Chamberlin has proven to be a capable facilitator, leader, problem solver, and advocate for students. 

Ms. Chamberlin is an incredibly caring, compassionate individual.  She strives to make personal connections with all of her students.  They know she cares for them and will work her hardest to ensure their success.  She holds her students to high standards and finds ways to support them in reaching their highest potential.  She has an admirable balance of structure and fun in her classroom.  The engagement in her class is high, and students greatly enjoy being in her class.   

"I believe that Jody Chamerberlin demonstrates the attributes of a LifeChanger.  I am honored to work with her and to be able to call her my colleague," said Badeau.

Comments (23)

PAMELA R DOYLE Posted over a year ago

I had the privilege of being in Ms. Chamberlin's class as part of my teacher education program for NVU. It was clear from day one of walking into the classroom that Ms. Chamberlin cared deeply and was invested in seeing her student succeed. She possessed a wealth of knowledge and experience in her profession, and I found my time with her to be a valuable learning experience.

Maddy Lynch Posted over a year ago

Ms. Chamberlin is a hard working teacher and she loves what she does. She is an amazing teacher and deserves so much, she spends many hours doing things to help her students and she is someone to go to if you need a supporting teacher. She has pushed me to be successful and persevere through middle school. She loves watching her students use information to back up their thinking and have discussions about the topic she is teaching. Congrats!

Jessica Poe Posted over a year ago

I have worked with Jody for the last five years and I can confidently say that she is the most dedicated teacher I have ever met. Without hesitation, Jody goes above and beyond for our students and community. She is always student-centered - building long lasting, trusting relationships with our students. Jody's commitment to our students and their successes is evident in the long hours she devotes to building creative, engaging lessons for each student. She is constantly challenging herself and growing her craft as an educator. Jody will brainstorm ways to connect and support a student. She is an incredible role model and leader in our school - students and staff rely on Jody as they know they will always feel safe, supported and respected by her. Jody models compassion, empathy, resiliency, unconditional positive regard and acceptance for all. I am forever grateful to have had the opportunity to know and learn from Jody Chamberlin.

Abby Hill Posted over a year ago

Ms. Chamberlin is an AMAZING teacher and i can't express that enough, she is hard working and very driven, she wants nothing but to help you and watch you succeed. She has the biggest heart and I don't know what I would've done without her last year! She has a very unique way of teaching and she really does take you by surprise she is the reason i'm so successful today, Thank you!

Maria Saldi Posted over a year ago

Ms. Chamberlin is a great teacher. she gives multiple sources and summatives during the school years, and doesn't stop until we get an exemplar. She spends a lot of time working with students, and lets us use supplies from the classroom. she teaches her students in a fun way of understanding, and she works to keep her students safe. An awesome teacher, so glad ive had her for a middle school teacher.

Janet Chamberlin Posted over a year ago

Jody loves what she does and she expresses that in all she does. Always thinking of her students and how she can serve them better. I have seen her work hard for her students and co workers outside of her classroom and school time. Her energy and dedication to teaching is amazing.

Delcinea-Sue M Avery Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Mrs. Chamberlain you are truly a inspiration to all of your students and us parents in these hard times nice to see you and others going the extra mile to truly make a difference. God Bless

Abby Posted over a year ago

Ms,Chamberlyn is A awsome teacher! She has tought us a lot this year but in a fun way. She has been awsome with suporting us. It would be hard to learn half the things I have learned without her.

Elizabeth Hallock Posted over a year ago

Ms,Chamerberlin has been help out my class since the day we have came up to this school. She makes learning funner and cool. And not to say in 5th grade we went to remote so this year could not be essay to teach but she has and we have learned a lot just in a few moth of benign in school.

Mackenzie Grochowik Posted over a year ago

Ms. Chamberlin is the best teacher. She supports her students when students need help. She makes the work that we do very clear. She works hard to keep everyone safe because of covid. She brings masks that her mom makes to school. She not only is the best teacher she is an amazing person. She makes sure her students know what to do and when the deadline is. She also brings fun to the classroom, which is necessary during covid. She should win because she deserves it.

Gage Woodard Posted over a year ago


Justice Bracken Posted over a year ago

Ms. Chamberlin is the best Social Studies teacher ever!! I think Ms. Chamberlin also helps her students out with essays and more. Our school loves Ms. Chamberlin a lot. she is amazing with school and students.

Lily Pierce Posted over a year ago

Ms Chamberlin is an amazing person and teacher she is very suportive and loves to help. she always makes the class laugh. she always has a positive attitude. She always knows the answers to peoples questions. Every class she has a plan and extra plans if things go wrong ( like we go into online learning). As my advisor we always play games and we have a kind of relax time before online working. on stressful tests or summatives she does breathing exersizes with the class.

Justin Joyal Posted over a year ago

You are the best Ms.Chamberlin

Jesse Wolfe Posted over a year ago

I've worked with Jody as part of the 6/7 team for many years. She always goes above and beyond for her students and coworkers. I really can't overstate the impact she's had on our school community and am truly grateful to call her my teammate.

Aubrey Verdon Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Chamberlin, you are an amzing teacher and you are funny.

William Codling Posted over a year ago

You are an amazing teacher and you are a hard worker

Justin Joyal Posted over a year ago

Go, Ms.Chamberlin!!!!!!!!!!

Kyle fleury Posted over a year ago

Jody chamberlin is a kind and thoughtful teacher. She will help any also go out of her way to make sure people have everything they need to be safe.

Jordan Rock Posted over a year ago

I have worked with Jody for 3 years now and she as been an wonderful role model for a newer teacher like myself. Her number one priority is her job and her students, and she cares for her students like her own children. She works tirelessly to provide the best opportunities for these kids and puts in so much effort to be an amazing teacher! Our team at school would be nothing like it is if it wasn't for Jody, and I am proud to be on a team with such an amazing educator!

Brooke Nadzam Posted over a year ago

I have known Jody for years, and I can honestly say that she is one of the most dedicated teachers that I have ever met. Jody gets excited about figuring out the just-right way to connect with students. She's the person who even when she's home sick, she's online because she doesn't want to miss a moment where she could be connecting with her students. She really loves the students she teaches and cares that they achieve to the best of their abilities. Jody teaches middle school. And for anyone who has ever spent any amount of time with middle school children, you know they are going through a tumultuous period. When you walk into Jody's classroom, a sense of calm washes over you. You know that you're entering a place where the expectations on you are high, but they are clear and the people in this room will support you in getting there. Jody creates this safe space for every student. Jody changes students' lives. She is a teacher.

elen wilkinson Posted over a year ago

I concur with Ms. Badeau's recommendation and only wish I were as eloquent because Jody IS the epitome of a compassionate, globally aware, and inspiring teacher. She has high expectations for herself and for her students, and her students rise to those expectations! She teaches them the skills and habits that will benefit students not just in the school setting but will benefit them throughout their lives. In addition, she creates creative and coherent assignments that push students to explore and to ponder and to synthesize. She is present for her students: she engages them and encourages them and loves them. If we were all so lucky to have Jody Chamberlin as our teacher!

Jennifer Kleindienst Posted over a year ago

I can attest to everything in here about Ms. Chamberlin's ethic and character. I've watched her plan and wish I could have had her as my middle school teacher! Every student is clearly valued and Ms. Chamberlin goes above and beyond every day.