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Ashley Belt

Position: Third Grade Teacher
School: W.C. Reavis Elementary School
School District: Lansing School District 158
City, State: Lansing, IL

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Ashley Belt was nominated by an anonymous colleague.

Ms. Belt has been with Reavis since August 2018. In that short period of time, she has taught first, second, and third grades. Every year, she has had to start all over as far as lesson plans and planning for a new grade level. Ms. Belt has never complained about doing this. She has had some students for two, even three years in a row. The parents love her dedication and passion for her job. She is always trying to get grants and money to update her room as she moves up to a new grade level. Reavis is a low income school with over 70% of students receiving free lunch. Many students start out the school year with no supplies, and Ms. Belt always makes sure they have what they need.

Ms. Belt has never shied away from doing a pilot program or anything else the administration has put on her plate.  Her classroom is very inviting to enter, and she decorates for all holidays.  Because of all the extra things she does, she often stays after school until dinner time, even though she has a husband and two children of her own.

The staff members at Reavis School have come to her many times for ideas and suggestions. She is always giving 100% to what is asked of her by the other staff.

"Ashley deserves this award for many reasons, and I know she would take the money to better her classroom for years to come," said her nominator.

Comments (7)

Marty Mondragon Posted over a year ago

I’ve known Ashley from her 1st year of teaching and I watched her develop into an Amazing teacher who was always adapting to her students needs. Her work ethic and commitment to her students is evident when you see her classroom.

Lauren Schell Posted over a year ago

Ashley is my GO TO girl for any help that I need. As a second year hire at Reavis elementary, Ashley is usually one of the people I go to for any questions I have. She goes above and beyond to make you feel welcome and I immediately connected with her. When this pandemic hit, Ashley immediately educated herself so that she could help others. Her students absolutely love her. She is beyond organized and it shows in her work ethic. I strive to be just like her one day!

Shannyn Dockery Posted over a year ago

I met Ashley when she joined our Reavis family in first grade. Since then she has traveled to 2nd grade and now 3rd grade. And even though she's on a different grade level, she's still finds time to help us in first grade and share ideas and learning resources. Ashley is an amazing teacher, colleague, and person all around. Anytime we have any questions or any out of the box thinking, Ashley is always there to give her skillful input. Ashley is a life changer. She has positively impacted the lives of not only her students, but all of her colleagues, and all of the parents that she works with. We are so proud and honoured to have her as part of our Reavis family!

Donna Leahy Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Belt, Ashley, is just an amazing force of nature! Nothing comes between her and any action to help the kids in her life! Meaning her students, her own children, and the kids in her her hometown's school district! She so deserves to be rewarded for the heart and soul she pours into every new endeavor! All schools should have an "Ashley" to make them want to be better and to show the students what success feels like!

Nicole Boss Posted over a year ago

I am on Ashley’s 3rd grade team, and while I was only able to work with her for a few short weeks before I went on maternity leave, she was always extremely helpful. Like... a drops everything to help you kind of person. Her head is always filled with ideas and suggestions to share too! It is so evident that she loves her students and coworkers! I am glad she is part of our Reavis Family! You go girl!!!

Laura Biegel Posted over a year ago

Ashley goes beyond and above to reassure her students succeed in and out of the classroom. She is a strong and supportive team member to all the staff at Reavis. This award is well deserved to someone who is so compassionate to the calling of teaching!!

Kelly Rhodes Posted over a year ago

So we’ll deserved! Whether you’re in her grade level team she there for you as a member of the Reavis team. She is always there for the children . She goes over and beyond with extended day activities to being a Girl’s on the Run coach. Amazing teacher!!