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Kelley Firko

Position: Kindergarten Teacher & RCEA President
School: Richardson Park Elementary School
School District: Red Clay Consolidated School District
City, State: Wilmington, DE

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Kelley Firko was nominated by her colleague, Ashley Jones.

Ms. Firko has worked for the Red Clay Consolidated School District for over 20 years. She has taught at three elementary schools throughout the district. Ms. Firko has spent the majority of her career teaching kindergarten. Kindergarten is her first love. Ms. Firko truly cares about her students. She respects their feelings and is genuinely concerned with their welfare. She makes sure all of the students in her classroom and school feel comfortable, and she realizes the impact a safe environment has on student learning.

Ms. Firko not only teaches, but she is also the president of the Red Clay Education Association. She work tirelessly on a daily basis to make sure educators in her district are heard and treated fairly. Ms. Firko also makes sure that educators are informed about district decisions and gathers feedback from educators to share at her weekly meeting with the superintendent. 

Overall, Ms. Firko is a hard-working, caring individual. She does all of the above while also taking care of her daughter, Autumn. She goes above and beyond each day. Ms. Firko has always handled herself in a professional manner.

"I heartily applaud her outlook and determination," said Jones.

Comments (2)

VJ Leonard Posted over a year ago

I echo, 100%, everything that Lori Dworsky stated here before me. Kelley has all of these attributes/traits, as described, and is very fair-minded, which is important to me in my role as RCEA Grievance Chair. She makes the added time consumption of RCEA much more bearable, and she is always willing to listen to all involved, and to make sound, reasonable decisions. She captures the mood of the various groups we work with very effectively, and in doing so works towards reasonable resolutions. It is a real pleasure to do this work with Kelley, and to learn from her, not just about Union, but about life and about building effective relationships, in general. I'm sure she is a heck of a teacher, too, based off of these attributes!!:) Kudos, Kelley! And, Thank You!!:) Sincerely, -VJ

lori dworsky Posted over a year ago

Kelly is a hardworking co-worker that puts her own needs aside to care for others. She is a good listener and supports each Redclay employee. She is fair and stays away from drama. Kelly sticks to the facts and truly wants the best for all. When I think about Kelly this is what makes her stand out: Kelly is full of gratitude. She moves away from people that want to make change by being negative, rudley vocal and loud. She demonstrates knowledge and understands that people need respect no matter their opinions. She appears to have empathy for each person. Kelly quietly and thoughtfully does her job as president. She never shames people about their passions and convictions. She is inclusive and accepting of all. This is rare in todays climate. I am grateful to have a leader such as the hardworking, kind spirited- Kelly Firko. Kelly ofcourse treats her own students in an exceptional manner.