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Amanda Bomstad

Position: School Counselor
School: Mankato West High School
School District: Mankato Area Public Schools
City, State: Eagle Lake, MN

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Amanda Bomstad was nominated by the Minnesota School Counselor Association.

Ms. Bomstad gives each student the time they need so they feel valued and know how much she cares. Even while working with more challenging issues, she has an amazing ability to remain calm and collected. She can help students navigate through tough situations so everyone involved feels like they're being heard while working towards a resolution. Ms. Bomstad is a consummate collaborator with her school, and she works seamlessly with teachers and other support staff to help her students. 

Comments (2)

Steven Posted over a year ago

Who wood ever think,Great job Amanda,proud of you

Tanis Henderson Posted over a year ago

Yay Amanda! Congrats!