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Sandra Johnson

Position: Principal's Assistant
School: Walt Whitman Elementary School
School District: Tulsa Public Schools
City, State: Tulsa, OK

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Sandra Johnson was nominated by her principal, Jana Rodriguez.

Ms. Johnson transitioned from a student at Walt Whitman Elementary School to a teacher's assistant, and now serves as the school secretary. She is the face of stability and familiarity to students and families, possessing a great reputation in the community and serving her school with high levels of integrity. Ms. Johnson has coached the girls pom squad for over ten years. She has made a difference in the lives of numerous families, as well as students.  

Ms. Johnson is an asset and leader in her school. She is able to calm parents, console and mentor students, and support both younger and experienced teachers. She is definitely a positive factor in the development of her schools culture and climate.

"Ms. Johnson has her finger on the pulse of the school and has been a leading contributor to my success as a principal," Rodriguez said. "Each member of the school community trusts and seeks out Ms. Johnson for guidance. She keeps everyone in check, and if Ms. Johnson says it needs to happen, then it usually happens."

Ms. Johnson is extremely professional and has a history of excellence. She has integrity and is trusted by all members of the school community. She excelled as a teacher's assistant and is crucial to Rodriguez' leadership team. She knows where everything is located, the history of key cultural milestones, and is well know by families and community leaders.

"She is committed to our vision of excellence for our students and holds high expectations for all members of the learning community, Rodriguez said. "She adheres to high moral and ethical standards, is a rule follower, and can be trusted by all members of the leadership team."

Comments (3)

Angie Posted over a year ago

I've known Miss. Johnson for a long time and all which is stated above is true. Great job Miss Johnson

Tiffany Posted over a year ago

Miss.Johnson is a wonderful person and she loves her job. She cares so much about those kids and will do whatever to help them and to make sure they succeed in the future. I have witness those kids running up to her outside of school huging her and so exicited to see her. Even the ones that are all grown up now ,and are now successful young adults. She is very well known at Walt Whitman and in the community. She is definitely a go getter. And deserver to be a Life changer of the year! It is well overdue.

Tina Posted over a year ago

This recognition is greatly deserved of Ms. Johnson. She has been loyal to her school and she has a genuine passion for the children there and the children have shown a deep respect for her. This is a quality you don't often find in our community. Great job Sandra!