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Kathy Christy

Position: Instructional Coach / Intervention and PD Leader
School: East Montpelier Elementary School
School District: Washington Central Unified Union School District
City, State: East Montpelier, VT

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Kathy Christy was nominated by her colleague, Beth Parker.

Mrs. Christy has been a pillar of the East Montpelier Elementary School (EMES) community for the last 30 years!  She has been recognized as Teacher of the Year in her district. She has received her National Board certification, serves on many committees, and leads by example every day. 

Mrs. Christy began her career at EMES as a fifth and sixth grade teacher. Then, she taught for many years in the second/third grade unit.  She's currently the instructional coach and professional development extraordinaire, and she steps in to be an interventionist, classroom teacher, or anything else she might possibly be needed for. She teaches and models perseverance!

More important than any career accomplishments is the way she makes the students and her colleagues feel each day.  She creates a culture of rigor, enthusiasm, and caring.  When students work with Mrs. Christy, they come away with a depth of knowledge and self-confidence that will stay with them forever.  

"I first knew Mrs. Christy as my son's 2/3 teacher, then my daughter's teacher," said Parker. "They are now 19 and 21. To this day, they can recite songs that Mrs. Christy taught them, talk about books they read in her class, or share that they always knew how much she cared about them.  This is true for every student she has taught.  She receives emails, text messages, and Facebook messages from students who share their experiences with her and how they have impacted them."

Mrs. Christy is in her last year at East Montpelier as an educator.  She will retire in June.  However, her legacy will live on.  Mrs. Christy has brought her school to a place where educators crave learning!  This filters down to a rich environment for students. Her passion for teaching and learning is contagious! Recently, she started teaching at the collegiate level.  Her students will learn so much from her!

"Kathy is a LifeChanger," said Parker. "She enriches the lives of her students, her colleagues, and our entire community."

Comments (2)

Amber Neddo Posted over a year ago

Chandler and Zayn and I are very appreciative of all the support that she has given. Very patient and good at her work.

Jillian Zeilenga Posted over a year ago

I have had the privilege to know Kathy as a colleague and my both my children where lucky enough to have her as their teacher. Kathy pours her heart and soul into everything she does and makes our school a better place each and everyday. Kathy is always available for a colleague both professionally and personally. We are so fortunate to have such a dedicated and caring professional in our school community but I feel even luckier to have her as a friend.