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Victor de los Santos

Position: Band Director
School: Santa Ana High School
School District: Santa Ana Unified School District
City, State: Santa Ana, CA

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Victor de los Santos was nominated by Marsha Verdin, a member of the community.

Mr. de los Santos is an amazing band director! He uses his passion of music to mentor students who live in the city of Santa Ana. His school zone is considered a low-income community. He instills a passion for music and success in his students. He continues to teach with the same passion, even through the COVID-19 pandemic and school lockdown. It's as though his "kids" are sitting in a classroom right in front of him.

Comments (4)

Andrew Ascencio Posted over a year ago

When I first met Mr. Victor De Los Santos I thought he would be like the other band directors I have had. He is very outstanding to me and the community. He has done so much for us. Not only does he teach us about music, he also teaches us about life,about what our passion is, and many more things. Most of the students hold more than just a teacher and student bond with him. He's like family to us. Although he teaches at a low income school in a low income community, he always pushes us through and helps each and one of his students. I'm more than happy and grateful I met him. I'm glad I have him as a band director, a mentor, and as a friend.

Brandy Posted over a year ago

Mr. Victor De Los Santos was my high school band teacher ! He is such an amazing teacher and is always going above and beyond for his students. He teaches at a low income school and knows we struggle but he manages us to push through whatever obstacle we have. All the sacrifices he has done for each one for his students is amazing. I was lucky to have him as a mentor and a band director.

Gloria Maribel Rodriguez Posted over a year ago

Mr. de Los Santos es una persona y Maestro q da el 1000 % por nuestros hijos /as . Y siempre apoya en todo , siempre está ahí para apoyarlos , motivarlos a q nunca se den por vencidos y alcanzar sus metas. Como madre de familia siempre nos escucha y apoya en todo.

Marsha Verdin Posted over a year ago

Victor Thank you for being a great example to our kids and community. Your passion and the love and care you show our children has made a difference in so many lives. Keep being that beacon of light and hope.