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Colleen Lagoueyte

Position: Colleen G Lagoueyte
School: Waresboro Elementary School
School District: Ware County School District
City, State: Waycross, GA

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Colleen Lagoueyte was nominated by her principal, Jenny Barnes.

Mrs. Lagoueyte is a student-centered teacher who works tirelessly to ensure that every student learns. Barnes has worked with many educators over the years, and has never known another teacher who truly cares about each and every student like Mrs. Lagoueyte. She does not see race, poverty level, or learning ability as a barrier to success in her students.

Mrs. Laguoyete believes every student under her instruction can learn and succeed. She has earned certification over the years in multiple areas so that she can best meet the needs of every student (ESOL, SPED, and Gifted).

"She is a positive change agent in our school and a leader among her colleagues," Barnes said.

Comments (8)

Michelle A. Lagoueyte Posted over a year ago

I have to tell this story because it must be told. My mother is a life changer. I’ve seen it happen so many time that I couldn’t possibly list them all here. So, I’m going to just tell this one story because it did change a boy’s life. Actually, it changed his destiny. In 2005, my brother came home with some friends, Jimmy and Stacey. He asked if they could stay a week or so because their family had been evicted from their home and had nowhere else to go. Of course, she said yes, even though she had never met them before. They moved in that night with their clothes in bags. My mom treated them just like they were part of the family. It was more than just dinners and bedrooms. She welcomed them into the whole family, including grandma’s and grandpas. Even the Easter bunny brought their baskets to our home. It took nine months for their family to recover enough to find a place to live, but they only had room for Stacie. The first nine months was already a financial hardship considering all four of us, my brother Charly, me, Jimmy and Stacie, were all in high school, but my mom said we would make due and Jimmy would stay with us. Some of my mother’s friends told her she was crazy. Some people said she was hurting both me and my brother by taking him in, and one person even said that allowing Jimmy to stay in our home would ruin my reputation. You see, we live in a small South Georgia town, and some people just had to talk about it because Jimmy is black and we are white. My mom held her head high, weeded those friends out, ignored the naysayers, and carried on. Mom treated Jimmy just like she treated us. Because we couldn’t afford yearbooks for all of us, none of us got them. She did work it out to get all of us to the prom though. My brother and I were involved in a lot of school activities, and so was Jimmy. She made him play football (he made MVP), participate in community theater, sing in the choir, and keep his grades up. She helped him write term papers, guided him through school projects, and helped him memorize facts for history. He graduated from high school and went to the community college in our town, all the while living with my mom and Dad, even though, my brother and I moved off to other college towns. After trying college, Jimmy decided it wasn’t for him and moved to Florida with one of his sisters. In a couple of months, it didn’t work out and my mom brought him back into our home. She helped him to see that the military was the best option for him and helped him get a job while he waited to get his paperwork through. She helped him every step of the way. She always encouraged him and told him he was worthy and lovable. I guess he believed it because now, Jimmy at 26 years old, is an artillery mechanic in the United States Army. He is married with one child and another on the way. He is the picture of success. It was my mom who changed the course of his life. She didn’t give up on him, even through hard times. He is out in the field, as military men often are, but he told me I could and should write this story because he would tell you that my mom is a lifechanger and deserves this award.

Holley Todd Posted over a year ago

Colleen has been my colleague for three years now. Her passion for her job is inspiring. She works tirelessly for her kids and is always looking for just the right way to reach them. She is a teacher who takes her work home with her, physically as well as spiritually, because I know she hurts for the children who are hurting, struggles alongside the kids who are struggling, and celebrates with the children who are celebrating. Colleen, you are more than enough.

Andrea Guardado Posted over a year ago

She is the best person I have ever known. I remember coming to this country 4 years ago, without knowing any English. Wanting to cry everyday ,because i couldnt understand the language and kids used to make fun of me. She is the only person who really cared for me, who did stand up and looked for a solution to stop the bully. She was the one who used to walk with me to every one of my classes just to ask how well I was doing or what I needed to do. She not only helped by teaching me how to speak a new language , but giving me support. She is an amazing person. Thanks to her I didnt give up on high school and got graduate on 2016. I can not think of a better teacher than her.

Dinah Myrick Posted over a year ago

Mrs.Lagoueyte is my hero! You will not find an educator, or human being, for that matter, who is more knowledgeable and well-rounded. She teaches with a passion that ignites a contagious desire for MORE! A true servant-leader, Colleen exhibits dedication to her craft and values the importance of RELATIONSHIPS among students and colleagues, in order to optimize excellence. Mrs. Lagoueyte embraces you with the perfect mixture of professional candor and social sensitivity. Life Changer??? Absolutely!!! Colleen Lagoueyte is that and.So Much More!! Life Changer, Heart Changer, Vision Changer,....I could go on and on! Way to Go, Colleen! An honor well-deserved!

Pam Paolantonio Posted over a year ago

A most deserving nomination, for a very caring, inspirational, teacher. Congratulations on this nomination.

Tammy Gardner Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Laguoyete is a teacher who makes a difference! She leaves a positive mark on all who are fortunate to have their paths cross with hers. She not only invests wholeheartedly into the children she teaches, but into everyone around her. She goes the extra mile in everything she is asked to do, never settling on mediocre, and encourages everyone around her push for new heights. Positivity is her trademark and the mark she leaves behind. She chooses to keep her focus set on the positves in a situation rather than the negatives, even when the positives are the most difficult to see. Mrs. Laguoyete possesses a perfect combination of expertise, wisdom, passion, and wit all woven togther and poured out through her daily into the lives of others.

Brenda Posted over a year ago

Colleen, is Awesome with her students she isn’t only there to teach but to also Love ?? her students...She goes out of her way to show them how she feels about them and I truly believe this helps them to be willing to learn.Colleen is Awesome at her job.

Khrista Hurst Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Lagoueyte is such a GREAT teacher! She is kind and supportive and makes the lessons fun for her students, which encourages them to try harder. She is truly concerned about her students inside and outside of the classroom and is always available for advice or help. She is a very upbeat, fun and outgoing teacher and makes learning a wonderful and entertaining experience! She is the teacher that kids look forward to seeing everyday! Mrs. Laguoyete's devotion is not limited to the classroom... her door is always open to other students, her colleagues and parents. She is committed to making Waresboro the best school it can be and it shows through her everyday actions!