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Kathleen Klecan

Position: School Counselor
School: Brunswick Elementary School
School District: Frederick County Public Schools
City, State: Brunswick, MD

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Kathleen Klecan was nominated by the Maryland School Counselor Association.

Ms. Klecan was named the Maryland School Counselor of the Year. Her colleagues say if they were to diagram the optimal school counselor, they could use Ms. Klecan as the model. She has a calm demeanor that resonates well with children, parents, and other adults at Brunswick Elementary School. During the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, Ms. Klecan was still available remotely to the BES families and staff. She continued her social groups with students through Google Meet, which made those children feel loved and special. She contacted families for teachers who she was concerned about, or families who normally wouldn't return calls, but were receptive to her reaching out to them. Ms. Klecan showed concern for the staff's mental health during online distance learning, so she reached out and offered coffee chats and mindfulness sessions to help staff feel connected and centered. 

Comments (24)

Mandi Kearney Posted over a year ago

I have learned so much from Kathleen! She is an excellent leader with the patience and initiative to help her colleagues and continue to create innovative lessons and opportunities for her students.

Georgina D Engler Posted over a year ago

Kathleen is an amazing school counselor! She demonstrates continued commitment and dedication on a daily basis. She is a leader among the school counselors in our county by leading us in new developments with technology, organizing and running counselor meetings, and sharing her ideas. She works tremendously hard and has a warm and compassionate heart!

Sarah Elizabeth Olinger-Fawley Posted over a year ago

Kathleen is an exemplary school counselor. She is a leader in the Frederick County School district. She devotes countless hours designing classroom lessons, websites, self-care support for staff and students and small group instruction(These are just a few of all the great tasks she completes) She leads the Frederick County School Counselors with enthusiam and integrity. Katheleen displays extrodinary talents in the implementation of the school counseling curriculum. She is innovative with new ideas to provide for a comprehensive school counseling program. She is always willing to assist a collegue. Kathleen is a remarkable school counselor . The lives she touches are forever changed for the better.. She embodies the characteristics of a life changer

Ginger Hart Posted over a year ago

Kathleen is a true leader as part of our school counseling group in Frederick County. She is always willing to help colleagues, share her knowledge and virtual lessons with us.

Danielle Adams Posted over a year ago

Kathleen is an amazing School Counselor. She is always helpful to her fellow counselors. She is willing to jump in and help out in any way. Her School Counseling program is a model program for other schools.

Laura Jones Posted over a year ago

Kathleen is a model school counselor for not only Frederick County but for the state of Maryland. She is a leader and had taken on several impressive leadership roles such as president of the Frederick County School Counselor Association and serving as the Western Regional Representative for the MD School Counselor Association. She has offered webinars, organized elementary counselor meetings, participated in events and is creating a mentorship for new school counselors. She does all this in addition to the roles and responsibilities that a school counselor endures each and every day. And, she does all this with grace and enthusiasm!

Jessica Carter Posted over a year ago

I am a new school counselor this year, and even though we have never met in person she has been very helpful and supportive! She is a stellar role model.

Susan Cox Posted over a year ago

Kathleen is truly deserving of this recognition. She is everything that can be asked for in a professional school counselor. She is innovative, creative, caring and always strives to support her students, families, and professional colleagues. She makes herself available to each of these groups offering exactly what is needed in each situation. Kathleen is most deserving of this honor.

Cindy Huntt Posted over a year ago

Kathleen is just a wonderful school counselor and person. She always goes above and beyond for everyone. I always ask her questions and she gets right back to me because she wants me to succeed and to be the best that I can be. I asked her a tech question in the beginning of Distance Learning about Schoology and she took the time to make a step by step video just for me! This is the kind of counselor Kathleen is. The best character trait is that she is always humble and truly wants whats best for all of us. She is genuine, kind and so very smart:).

Chris Tressler Posted over a year ago

Kathleen is the consummate professional school counselor. She has been an invaluable colleague and tireless leader for all counselors in Frederick County. She's always willing to provide support and help to all of us. I've known Kathleen since she was a first year teacher at Hillcrest Elementary where I was the Intermediate Math Intervention teacher. Her growth as an educator is unparalleled and she is such an impressive visionary as a school counselor. Kathleen makes a positive impact on every student, parent, staff member, and school counselor with whom she engages. That kind of impact is certainly life changing so add that title to the list. She is the best!

Nikki Ramsay Posted over a year ago

It's no surprise Kathleen was nominated as a Life Changer!! She goes above and beyond to help her students, staff and community. Although I speak to the way she helps her fellow counselor colleagues. At the elementary level we do not have a team of counselors to work with each day. However, if any of us need to work through a situation or bounce an idea off of someone, Kathleen is our go-to-girl!! I am honored to work "along side" someone with such poise and a true innovator in our field:) Go Kathleen!!!

Jen ONeill Posted over a year ago

Kathleen is an amazing co-worker and team leader. She has excellent communication with students, staff, administration, and the community. Kathleen provides a calm, reassuring presence during this time of uncertainty. Brunswick Elementary School is a better place with her in it! Her love, patience, and expertise is beyond appreciated!!

Susan Klecan Posted over a year ago

Always so proud of you and your accomplishments. Wishing you best of luck in winning this award. You always go above and beyond in your duties. Children and families are so lucky to have your love and support!

Susan Klecan Posted over a year ago

As a former teacher of 43 years, now retired, I am always impressed with the hard work, impressive activities, and care Kathleen has for her kids and school. She is so kind and very creative. I am so proud of her accomplishments. She is my daughter-in-law.

Shane Price Posted over a year ago

I have had the privilege of working with Kathleen throughout my time at Brunswick Elementary School and am honored to work with someone who has such dedication to her position. Her door is always open for daily conversations or trying to understand the best approach for dealing with a difficult situation. Thanks Kathleen for helping me be a better educator and person!

Heather Putnam Posted over a year ago

Kathleen is so deserving of this nomination! She works to support everyone in her community: students, families and staff. She is a sounding board to many and works to hear every perspective to work through a situation. Kathleen is a LifeChanger!

Carmen Lescure Posted over a year ago

I have worked with Kathleen since before she became a school counselor! She is a natural, Kathleen has so much compassion for children. Her demeanor is so calm and is so comforting for students, parents and staff.

Jessica Barron Posted over a year ago

As a coworker of Kathleen's, I am thrilled to hear of this nomination! Kathleen works hard to support the students and staff of Brunswick Elementary. Many times I have been able to witness her ability to provide comfort and understanding to a student in crisis. I am confident in the knowledge that I can look to her for support for my students or myself any time it is needed. Brunswick Elementary is blessed to have her on staff.

DFowler Posted over a year ago

BES students, parents, families and staff are the luckiest community to be supported by such a wonderful person. Ms. Klecan goes above and beyond for our children and it is definitely not unnoticed.

Jamie Aldridge Posted over a year ago

Kathleen is an amazing guidance counselor. We work closely together to support the social/emotional/behavioral well being of our students. Kathleen is always willing to support our staff and students with anything we need! As a BES parent, Kathleen has provided support for my own children during some of life’s hardest moments. She is a true blessing to our school and community.

Amanda Solomon Posted over a year ago

Kathleen is absolutely the best. I have the honor of working with her for five years at Brunswick Elementary and she takes care of not only the students but is also there if any staff needs support or someone to talk to. She is always willing to listen to input from coworkers and is more than willing to help whenever advice is asked for on how to help a student in need. She is kind to everyone she meets and is continually seeking ways to educate herself and others on working with children. During distance learning she has made herself available to both staff and students, encouraging them and helping them. She was there for me when I had a rough moment last year and is truly a life changer.

Amanda Fishel Posted over a year ago

What a well deserved nomination! Kathleen consistently goes above and beyond to provide care and support to the students, staff, and community. She will often provide solutions to problems before the problems themselves are even apparent. Kathleen works hard and works smart. Her collaborative efforts within the school as well as in the greater community help get things done and meet the diverse needs in our diverse town. She's amazing!

Libby Taylor Posted over a year ago

Kathleen is so supportive to students and staff. She works hard to build relationships and community. She loves her school, staff and students.

Jonathan Cook Posted over a year ago

Kathleen is a wonderful role model for the Brunswick community. Kathleen is paramount to our school to family outreach and developing relationships. Thank you Kathleen!