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Ricky Almeida

Position: Seventh Grade Counselor
School: West Sylvan Middle School
School District: Portland Public Schools
City, State: Portland, OR

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Ricky Almeida was nominated by the Oregon School Counselor Association.

Mr. Almeida was named the Oregon School Counselor of the Year. He quickly builds strong bonds with students, teachers, and community members. He is supportive, yet honest and to the point. Students respond well to him and know he is an ally. For many at-risk students, Mr. Almeida serves as their "person," their support. That support extends beyond the school day or work week. There have been a number of times when a student has been in crisis in the evening or over the weekend. Mr. Almeida is available, responsive, and driven to get students support through family, district, or community resources to ensure those students are safe. 

Comments (8)

Katy Posted over a year ago

Ricky has been kind and supportive to me and my students since he first arrived at our school, several years ago. During our current distance learning, I can count on Ricky to get back to me and to respond thoughtfully if I contact him, and when we were in the building, I can't tell you how many times I "popped" into his office to ask for help, and his response was always positive- even early in the morning when he was having his breakfast. I think that the students love Ricky because they can see that they can trust him to respect them as people, and to take them seriously. He is always connecting with kids, and I notice that in the "counselors' weekly video," he consistently models humility and understanding when he shares his thinking with students. I am also very proud to have Ricky at my school, because I know that he has been introducing initiatives and taking the lead in the Portland area with MECHA and with reaching out to members of historically underserved communities. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to share our appreciation for Ricky! :)

Alicia Posted over a year ago

Ricky has helped many children in his career, as well as in life. There are many times when at risk children were in trouble, and he didn’t hesitate to help. He has helped minorities in extreme ways as well. His whole life he has been a reliable supportive, caring man, and definitely deserves to receive this award. He has helped changed the lives of many children, as well as influence people in his life. He has dedicated his career to helping the lives for others. He is an amazing brother, and has helped change my life as well. Please take a moment to read his bio, and share this nomination as well. Take a moment to leave a comment if he has helped change lives of people/children that you know.

Taylor Wolf Posted over a year ago

Ricky is an outstanding leader and educator in the Portland area. Truly cannot find a more genuine or giving person!

Cappy Mack Posted over a year ago

He is awesome with everything he does especially for the students he supports. I am lucky to work in the same building!!!

Sharne Motley Posted over a year ago

Mr. Almeida is an amazing counselor and a very kind and thoughtful person. He always goes above and beyond to help students, families and staff. We are very lucky to have him at our school. Thank you for ALL you do Ricky!

Valerie Crosby Posted over a year ago

Mr. Almeida is a great counselor. He always goes above and beyond with the students. He has even taken time to send me resources when I had a family member in crisis. It's wonderful to work with such a strong advocate for students who is also so helpful and caring with his colleagues.

Michelle York Posted over a year ago

I would agree that Mr. Almeida is a person who supports students 100%. He is always willing to share his insights on how to connect with students and he has earned the trust of students, families and staff. He is such a strong advocate for students and their needs. We are very lucky to have him at West Sylvan!

Jenni Posted over a year ago

Ricky is wonderful!!! He helped a student in crisis immediately who reached out to me over Winter Break. Our students are so lucky to have him! Thanks Ricky!